SUP boards Dove Lake
SUP boards Dove Lake

Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) has gained immense popularity worldwide, and Australia offers some of the most stunning locations for this water sport.

Among these, Dove Lake in Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania, stands out as a fantastic spot for SUP enthusiasts.

This article will explore the best places to SUP in Australia, with a particular focus on Dove Lake and Cradle Mountain National Park, as well as provide essential tips for an unforgettable paddle-boarding experience in this beautiful part of the country.

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What are the Best Places to SUP in Australia?

If you are a paddle-boarding enthusiast, Australia offers many breathtaking locations to explore. Regarding SUP, diversity is the key, and Australia’s diverse landscapes cater to all kinds of paddle-boarding experiences, from tranquil inland waterways to exhilarating coastal environments.

Exploring Dove Lake in Cradle Mountain National Park

SUP enthusiasts are in for a treat at Dove Lake in Cradle Mountain National Park. The crystal-clear waters of the lake, surrounded by the majestic Cradle Mountain, provide an awe-inspiring backdrop for a serene paddle-boarding experience. The serene ambiance and the picturesque scenery make Dove Lake a must-visit destination for any paddle-boarding enthusiast.

Favorite SUP Spots in Tasmania

With its rugged coastlines, pristine beaches, and tranquil inland waterways, Tasmania offers a diverse range of SUP opportunities. In addition to Dove Lake, Tasmania boasts numerous other paddle-boarding hotspots, making it a haven for locals and tourists seeking a rewarding SUP experience.

Choosing the Right Paddle Board for Australian Waters

When considering paddle boarding in Australia, it is crucial to choose the right equipment, especially when exploring remote and challenging environments such as Dove Lake and Cradle Mountain National Park. Inflatable SUPs, known for their portability and durability, are recommended for these adventures, providing paddlers convenience and peace of mind.

How do you enjoy SUP at Dove Lake Circuit?

Embarking on a SUP adventure at Dove Lake demands careful planning to ensure an enjoyable and safe experience. From choosing the best time of the year to paddle board at Dove Lake to exploring the surrounding mountains while paddle boarding, there are several aspects to consider to make the most of this breathtaking location.

Best Times of the Year for Paddle Boarding at Dove Lake

Australia’s seasons greatly influence the paddle boarding experience at Dove Lake. While summer generally offers warmer weather and calmer waters, the autumn and spring seasons also present favorable conditions for paddle boarding. Planning your visit according to the time of year can significantly enhance your enjoyment of this stunning destination.

Recommended Inflatable SUPs for the Cradle Mountain Area

Given the remote and rugged terrain of Cradle Mountain, it is advisable to choose an inflatable SUP that can withstand the challenges of the environment. High-quality inflatable paddle boards designed for stability and maneuverability are ideal for navigating the waters of Dove Lake while ensuring a safe and enjoyable paddle-boarding experience.

Exploring the Surrounding Mountains while Paddle Boarding

One of the unique aspects of paddle boarding at Dove Lake is the opportunity to merge water sports with hiking amid breathtaking scenery. Stand-up paddle boarding here allows you to experience the beauty of the lake and its surroundings from a distinctive perspective, combining the thrill of water sports with the tranquility of the natural environment.

What to Know Before Paddle Boarding in Tasmania?

Aspiring paddle boarders planning to explore Tasmania’s stunning waterways must be well-prepared to make the most of their SUP adventure. Whether seeking adventurous SUP tours or leisurely and relaxing paddle boarding spots, Tasmania offers a diverse range of experiences for paddlers.

Adventurous SUP Tours in Tasmania

For those seeking an adrenaline-fueled SUP adventure, Tasmania has plenty to offer. From exploring rugged coastlines to paddling through wildlife-rich reserves, embarking on guided SUP tours in Tasmania provides an exciting way to embrace this breathtaking island’s natural beauty and exhilarating waters.

Relaxing SUP Locations for a Leisurely Experience

If a more laid-back paddle-boarding experience is what you seek, Tasmania also presents numerous serene and calm waterways for a relaxing time on the board.

Whether it’s the spectacular waters of the Derwent River or the 200km of protected coastline, Tasmania’s tranquil locations offer paddlers the perfect setting to unwind and connect with nature.

Local Tips for Paddle Boarding in Tasmania

Seeking advice from locals can provide valuable insights into Tasmania’s best paddle-boarding spots and hidden gems.

Locals often share precious tips about lesser-known paddle-boarding locations, allowing enthusiasts to discover off-the-beaten-path spots and make the most of their paddle-boarding escapades in Tasmania.

Why is Cradle Mountain National Park an absolute SUP adventure?

Cradle Mountain National Park is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts, and SUP fans are no exception. The unrivaled beauty of the park, with its stunning beaches, captivating bays, and diverse landscapes, offers an absolute adventure for paddle-boarding enthusiasts looking for a memorable experience in Australia.

Best Beaches and Bays for Paddle Boarding in the National Park

Exploring the serene beaches and captivating bays within Cradle Mountain National Park is a dream come true for any paddle-boarding enthusiast.

From the iconic scenery to the calm waters and the diverse marine life, paddling in these locations presents an opportunity to immerse in nature and enjoy the tranquility of this remarkable national park.

Guided SUP Tours vs. Self-Exploration in Cradle Mountain

Whether to embark on a guided SUP tour or explore the waters at your own pace is a decision to ponder when visiting Cradle Mountain National Park.

Guided tours offer the advantage of local expertise and the opportunity to discover hidden gems, while self-exploration allows for a more personalized and intimate paddle-boarding experience.

Camping and Paddle Boarding: A Perfect Combination in Cradle Mountain

Camping amid the remarkable scenery of Cradle Mountain National Park provides an unforgettable backdrop for combining paddle boarding with an enriching outdoor experience. Waking up to the stunning vistas and taking a sunrise paddle on the pristine waters of the park’s lakes and bays is a perfect way to start a day filled with adventure and relaxation.

At Cradle Mountain’s foot, Dove Lake is circled by a 6-kilometre track that provides one of Tasmania’s top walks.

The walk contains Cradle Mountain views, unexpected beaches on the lake’s side, the ancient Ballroom Forest, Tasmania’s notorious horizontal scrub patch, and the occasional platypus or echidna.

Dove Lake Tasmania

Dove Lake is on the northern side of the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park. It is easy to drive vehicles to the lake anyway. Parking may be restricted.

Your park access fee contains free use of the Dove Lake shuttle bus, which departs the visitor center for Dove Lake regularly.

Although this lake is small, few other locations provide such exceptional tranquillity. Placed within a national park, it is the best escape from urban life.

Beach trees, dynamic pines, and the prominent snowcapped peaks of Cradle Mountain frame its shore.

Flatwater paddlers will want to take their time as they gradually move via this oasis, where the water shows the pebble-covered base and mirror-like reflections of the best landscape.

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Getting there

Cradle Mountain is located at the northern end of Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park.

It is a 2.5-hour drive from Launceston through Sheffield and a 1.5-hour drive from Devonport. From Sheffield, take the C132 and C136 to the park entrance.

No direct road is attached via Cradle Mountain-lake Clair National Park to join the park’s two ends.

The Cradle Mountain visitors and transit trinomial is the departure point for the Dove Lake bus shuttle.

The shuttle bus service aims to save the World Heritage Place’s significance values and preserve the visitor experience by restricting vehicle numbers in the park.

One of Tasmania’s Best Walks

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