Sevylor 12v 15 SPI SUP Pump
Sevylor 12v 15 SPI SUP Pump

If you’re a regular reader of my articles, you know that I am a big fan of inflatable SUPs. Though, there’s one obvious drawback of inflatable boards. They’ve to be pumped up…

Giv3en that I pump inflatable SUPs a couple of times a week, I figured it was time for an electric pump. I bought the Sevylor 12v 15 SPI SUP Pump and hoped it’d make my life easier.

Overview Sevylor 12v 15 SPI SUP Pump

Like most 12v electric pumps, the Sevylor 12v 15 SPI SUP Pump does an excellent job at removing the labor out of the pumping operation. Though, it is undeniable that a few electric pumps do the job better than others. So, where does that spot the Sevylor SUP pump?

The air pump at hand is a full-on single-stage pump. Hence, unlike most air pumps within its price tag, this is one can completely inflate a 15PSI board, boat, or kayak in a matter of minutes.

The air pump can get the task done faster than manually, but you should not expect supersonic speed either. The Sevylor 12v 15 SPI SUP Pump mightn’t be the best. However, it still features an adjustable auto power-off setting that stops the pump at a selected pressure, letting you do other things besides watching over the pumping procedure.

Also, surprisingly enough, the pump comes with a 12volt car cigarette lighter plug that will enable you to be sure your car power it instead of fetching new batteries or having to open up your hood in the case of alligator clips.

In extensions, the air pump comes with a low-pressure solid extension hose and an adapter whose purpose is to ensure the hose fits most paddleboards out there.

The Sevylormeans, a solid electric SUP pump as a SUP manufacturer brand, makes it, which already puts it an advantage.

Sevylor High Pressure Pump Kayak Dinghy SUP 12V - 14714

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In terms of functionalities, you could not ask for more. The controls are straightforward and inductive. To inflate your paddleboard to the right PSI, you will use the included plus and minus buttons to set the PSI level desired, then push the power button an additional time to activate inflation.

The air pump can inflate a SUP to the max 15PSI in nearly 10 minutes, which might look too long to some users.

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The air pump comes equipped with a rugged 12V motor. If you’ve multiple boards to inflate, when you will appreciate this model’s power, you can inflate any SUPs, back to back, without pump struggling or overheating.

It might start to get a bit war after the 2nd board, but this is pretty common and does not indicate that the pump is beginning to overheat.

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Sevylor 12v 15 SPI SUP Pump comes with a versatile adapter that’ll work for most types of paddleboards. It is effortless and straightforward to use.

Inflation Time

Most paddler’s purchase an electric pump because they are easier and faster to use as compared to a manual pump, so the fact the pup can take as long as you manual air pump to inflate your paddleboard is somewhat of a drawback, though, the fact that you can unload your other gear while the air pump works its magic certainly a plus. But for some paddlers, the average 10 minute inflation time might be a big deal-breaker.

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Sevylor SUP and Water Sport Electric Pump, 12V, 15-PSI

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This model comes with a few hoses. The primary is a lock and turn hose that you will use for high-pressure boards, such as SUP. The low-pressure hose comes with various attachments and is made for pool toys and other sorts of low-pressure SUPs.

Unfortunately, this hose feels flimsy and cheap. This extreme pressure hose is solid and measures 13ft long, so it can simply reach from your card to your board.

There have been a few reports that despite the more extensive hoses’ durable design, they can start to leak over time. If you run into this issue, you just need to get creative with a few tapes to prevent the loss of pressure and airflow.

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Automatic Shutoff

When you dial in the desired PSI level, you will connect the hose to your paddle board’s valve, hit power, and let the air pump handle the rest. Once the air pump’s sensor detects that the paddleboard has been inflated to the right PSI level, it’ll shit off automatically.

This is a convenient safety feature to have and a must for beginners. But not only does this safety function prevent the user from over-inflating their SUP, which can cause severe damage, but it allows you to switch the air pump and concentrate on other jobs as your paddleboard inflates.

As you can imagine, this can save you a great time compared to using a variant without this function which would need you to sit by and monitor the PSI level, shutting the air pump off manually to avoid overinflation. This is by far the most attractive feature of the pump.

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What I like

  • Powerful
  • Lightweight
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Automatic shutoff
  • It comes with 2 hoses
  • Affordable

What I don’t like

  • Can only reach 15 PSI
  • The central hose can leak over the time
  • Long inflation time
  • A low-pressure inflatable hose is a bit flimsy

End words…

If you’re looking for a solid electric pump that can air up your paddleboard the way it’d be, so you can paddleboard with your pet, without the SUP sagging or sitting too low in the water, then this Sevylor 12v 15 SPI SUP Pump is it.

The pump comes with some remarkable features and accessories, including adapter two hoses for high pressure and low-pressure boards and an automatic power-off that’ll switch the pump off once it is reached the desired PSI level.

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