iRocker 12v Electric Pump Review
iRocker 12v Electric Pump Review

These days full paddle boards come with a decent hand pump. But the Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard electric pumps are an absolute game-changer regarding the overall convenience issue.

In case the notion of automatically inflating your Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard within 10 minutes or even in less time sounds way better than the idea of an intense 5 to 10 minutes of pre-paddle workout done with manual hand pump inflation, then you can keep reading this article!

Undoubtedly, inflatable stand-up paddleboards are the finest choice for anybody searching for the best in convenience and extreme portability. Unluckily, that portability comes with a trade-off — having to handle the hassles of inflation.

We are huge fans of inflatable SUP electric air pumps and believe they are among the most significant investments an inflatable SUP owner can ever make.

While it is true that the electric air pump isn’t a needed accessory, it is a luxury that you will never want to go without as soon as you have possessed one.

The Electric SUP pumps let you push a button and wait & relax to see a fully inflated paddleboard within just a few minutes or so. Additionally, the auto-shutoff technology of the Electric SUP pumps makes them tremendously safe to use. You will also conserve plenty of otherwise misused energy for your valuable time on the water.

One such electric paddleboard pump is the iRocker 12V electric pump.

Today, in this review article below, we will discuss all you need to know about the iRocker 12v electric iSUP pump. So, let’s dig deeper to know further details of the iROCKER pump…

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Overview Of iRocker 12v Electric Pump

The iRocker electric pump inflates a typical stand-up paddleboard in less than 10 minutes using its inflation limit of a max of 20 PSI. There are two options for power sources available: plug into a typical car lighter or straight to a 12V battery along with the comprised alligator clips.

iROCKER 12V electric air pump is a compact model with a box shape that helps store and protects the power cords when you do not use them, thus keeping things from getting twisted.

This electric pump from iRcoker can both inflate & deflate the SUP and naturally inflate two paddleboards before taking a break. You can set your desired PSI limit and control your progress through a digital LCD under the operational button.

It also comprises an auto shut-off system, ensuring you get only the exact amount of air into the iSUP.

The iROCKER 12V Electric Pump provides rapid inflation and is backed by the most trustworthy producers in the industry. Finally, we can say that this electric pump from iRcoker has all the things that a paddler would like to have.

With the iROCKER 12v electric pump, you will get a cigarette lighter connecter, top-notch expansion hose, and alligator clips (interfacing with the car’s battery).

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Specifications iRocker 12v Electric Pump 

Specifications iRocker 12v Electric Pump 
Specifications iRocker 12v Electric Pump

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Dimensions: 10″ * 7.5″ * 4″ (L*W*H)

Weight: 4.2 lbs

Maximum PSI Capability: 20 PSI

Required Voltage: 12V direct to a car battery or Cigarette Outlet

Required Cool Down Period: 30 minutes

Total Constant Use Time: 20 minutes

Automatic Shut-off: Yes

Stages: 2


Auto, once required PSI is reached

PSI selection:



1-year from the time of purchase

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Features Of iRcoker Electric SUP Pump

iRcoker Electric SUP Pump
iRcoker Electric SUP Pump

Inflates & deflates any paddleboard from NAUTICAL to BLACKFIN or iROCKER quickly

It needs a 12-volt battery which is not included.

It easily fits all BLACKFIN, iROCKER, and NAUTICAL Inflatable Paddle Boards.

Automatically stops after it reaches the selected pressure setting (15 PSI is recommended)

Compact, High-Pressure, and Lightweight Piston Pump

Connects through the cigarette lighter or the alligator clips straight to a 12V battery

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Automatic shut-off as soon as the pump reaches its set PSI

Inflate & deflate quickly

The thick hose will not melt even under high heat

Compact and Lightweight

Great Durability or Dependability

Optional 12-volt battery

Way faster than a manual pump


It takes 30 minutes to cool down after continuous use for 20 minutes.

No case included

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Review Of iRocker 12V Electric Pump

The iROCKER 12v electric pump is now the top electric pump available in the market. It’s a refreshed version of the Seamax SUP20D to some extent, which makes it the worthiest electric inflatable paddle board pump for maximum buyers.

Among the faster electric pumps available on the market, the iROCKER 12v electric pump has dependably worked under irresistible use. While testing, the electric pump came in 15 PSI in only 9 minutes 34 seconds and reached 20 psi within 14 minutes. Generally speaking, the loudness was according to different pumps at 90 to 99 DB.

The iROCKER electric pump features an excellent computerized display instead of a customizable dial and a conventional pressure gauge typically noticed on most other electric pumps available on the market.

We have also seen it to be the most accurate in blowing up to the required pressure we set it. It’ll naturally close off when it hits the set pressure, a noteworthy safety highlight.

The iROCKER 12v electric pump generally inflates iSUPs within 12 minutes or less and deflates them whenever needed. It is complete with a cord storage compartment and a convenient carry handle.

To use this product, you must set the desired PSI electronic pressure gauge and press the start button. When the pump reaches the desired PSI, it will stop automatically and let you enjoy a hassle-free ride on the water!

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We all know the iROCKER brand for its excellent quality and electric pump. They maintained the rate so well. When searching for a slightly inexpensive electric pump for your paddleboard, you can trust the iROCKER 12V electric pump.

iROCKER not only produces great paddleboards but also does an excellent job with its iROCKER 12V electric pump.

The iROCKER electric pump is very compact and lightweight. iRcoker 12v electric pump is way better than most electric pumps like Nixy elite electric pump, Thurso surf electric pump, Shark air pump, etc.

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Q. How long does the iROCKER electric pump take?

A. The iROCKER 12v electric pump generally inflates iSUPs within 12 minutes or even less and deflates them whenever needed.

Q. Can you inflate a paddleboard with an electric pump?

A. YES, of course, you can inflate a paddleboard with an electric pump. That is why companies like iRcoker made such products as their iRcoker 12v electric pump.

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