iROCKER SUP Cleaning Kit
iROCKER SUP Cleaning Kit

With time your inflatable SUP gets dinged, stained, dirty, and scratched. There are quite a few simple and easy steps to follow to keep the board clean, vital, functioning, and looking good as it should be.

Customers create a buzz about taking care of their inflatable board. That’s why we will take a glance at how to clean the paddleboard properly and how to store your inflatable stand-up paddleboard in this article below.

irocker sup cleaner and protection
iRocker SUP Cleaner

How To Care For Your iROCKER SUP


Maximum of the time, you can clean the SUP using a simple garden hose – as well as – occasionally clean it using a mild soap water solution. To dispose of stubborn scratches, you can use a variety of methods and


Different scratches will vanish with varying processes of cleaning.

It is significant to understand that sinch stand-up paddleboarding is an outside activity; thus, mud, dirt, sand, and nature are all part of your fun game. However, cleaning the board after each use with a fast spray down will improve its life and enhance and keep its condition better for the next time you use them.

So, here are a few tips to care for your iRocker SUP…

How To Care For Your iROCKER SUP
How To Care For Your iROCKER SUP

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Clean The Base

Cleaning the base of the paddleboard first is proving to be the best action as it’s less likely to attract more dirt when you tend the deck pad side of the board.

Try to clean the board when it is inflated, as the inflated board is way easier to clean than the uninflated ones. However, it is not necessary. The choice is always yours!

Turn The Deck Pad Side Up

Repeat the procedure on your board’s deck pad side with a soft scrubbing brush on areas that have any remainder from your paddling.

Wash With A High-Pressure Spray

It will clean the maximum of the board quickly. Use a hose to spray high-force water across your board and the rail section.

Let It Completely Dry

Leave the board for 10 to 20 minutes in the sun to completely dry it. Don’t leave the board in direct sunlight during hot weather. Instead, you can leave it in the shade. And to dry the base of the board, use a soft towel and wipe it down.

For Stubborn Scratches

To clean the marks, you can use PVC Non-abrasive cleaning products like mold remover, baking soda, and magic erasers. However, DON’T uses these on your board’s deck pad or on areas that feature graphics.

Instead, you can use soap and water for the deck pad and use a toothbrush or scrubbing brush to clean stubborn marks.


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How To Clean & Protect Your iRocker Inflatable Paddle Boards

How To Clean & Protect Your iRocker Inflatable Paddle Boards
How To Clean & Protect Your iRocker Inflatable Paddle Boards

Whether you plan to take an impressive winter paddleboard vacation or not, giving the board an in-depth clean is always a good idea. You must do this at least two times each year or even better if you do it after every use.

However, we know that cleaning takes time. But with simple steps, you can do it in less time. Let’s learn about an easy way to clean your paddleboard. Just work correctly to get the job done.

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Step 1

Take a fresh water hose and use it to get all debris and sand off your board. Do not scrub the board while there is any debris present on it!

Step 2

After that, use a mild, eco-friendly, and paddleboard-friendly cleaner to clean up your paddleboard from one side to another. Do not forget the sides of the board and the fin while cleaning! While you are at it, make sure to clean up the accessories too.

Step 3

Give the board a good rinse after soaping it up. Better if you can give it two good rinses.

Step 4

When everything is highly cleaned, use a decent quality shammy or towel to dry everything.

How To Store iRocker SUP

How To Store iRocker SUP
How To Store iRocker SUP

You can store your iRcoker iSUP while it is inflated or emptied. This isn’t an issue at all.

BUT before you store the board, ensure that the inflatable board is clean as well as completely dry, with attachments removed from it.

The Storage spot should preferably be indoors, dry, under shade, and the place should NOT be too hot.

As soon as stored deflated & rolled up, the base part of the paddleboard should be placed against the floor instead of standing up against the wall on its rails (side).

However, if you store it inflated, don’t place other items on the top of the board, no matter how lighter objects you put on them – inflatable SUPs are more likely to form pressure dings. Quite deformations you’ll feel while paddling will ultimately become weak points for your iSUP’s integrity altogether.

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Lastly, show your iRocker SUP a little extra care and love! Do not drag the board over gravel, drop it on the floor, or sit on it when its fin is on land – or else the fin will break quickly.

Of course, stuff occurs, and for the top part, these paddleboards can endure a fair amount of mishandling. But, with a bit of extra love and care, your iRcoker inflatable SUP board will last for a longer time!!

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