Best Electric Air Pump for Inflatables SUP
Best Electric Air Pump for Inflatables SUP

Do you enjoy paddleboarding on the water with an inflatable paddleboard? It is a fun activity gaining popularity at the speed of light.

But the problem with inflatable paddleboards is that you must inflate and deflate the board before and after every use.

And if you have a manual pump, there is nothing more painful than pumping the board by hand.

Electric air pumps are the best equipment you can get for your paddleboard. Using a manual pump will wear you out before getting on the paddleboard. However, it would be best if you got an electric air pump for the inflatable paddleboard to ease the process.

But an electric air pump will deal with all the work on your behalf while you rest. Sounds great, right?

Well, here we will discuss the top 3 best electric air pumps in the market in 2022.

Keep reading the article below for the top 3 picks of electric air pumps, including reviews and tips for safely inflating your stand-up paddleboard.

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Helpful Tips To Inflate The Paddleboard Safely

Inflating a paddle board is a straightforward task. And it gets even easier when you use an electric air pump over a manual pump.

Keep some things in mind when you blow up your iSUP. So, here are tips for inflating the paddleboard safely using an electric air pump.

Inflate On A Tarp or Blanket

electric sup pumps
Inflate On A Tarp or Blanket

Gravel, concrete, rocks, debris, and brush on the floor can puncture or scratch your paddleboard. So, to keep the inflatable SUP board unaffected and look brand new, you must put a blanket or tarp under the board while inflating it.

This keeps the board from getting damaged or scratched while inflating. So, always keep a blanket or a tarp when extending the board.

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Do Not Over-Inflate The Board

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Do Not Over-Inflate The Board

Nothing will damage your iSUP quicker as compared to overinflating it. If you excessively put air inside, then there are high chances that you may permanently damage your board. When the air pressure is too high, the drop-stitch threads or seams may break or separate.

If you break the seam, you might be capable of repairing it with repair tape. However, if you damage the drop-stitch threads, then the SUP will no longer hold its shape and isn’t repairable.

As soon as you see a bump in the paddleboard or any other buckled shape, there’s a high chance you broke a few drop-stitch threads. So, be very careful.

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Check The Electric Paddle Board Pump Temperature Before You Inflate Another Board

air pressure preset ability

Overheating can kill an electric stand-up paddleboard pump. Maximum electric pumps are great for inflating 1 or 2 paddleboards in a row before you need to cool them down.

Before you hook your stand-up paddleboard electric pump to another paddleboard, check how hot it’s. Maximum pumps come with built-in overheat protection; however, not all. So, check for this feature in your SUP pump before buying it.

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Top 3 Best Air Pump for Inflatables SUP

The finest electric inflatable paddleboard pumps are popular, widely available, and convenient, but not every paddler has them.

In case you’ve got an electric pump for an inflatable paddleboard, all you have to do is attach the valve and watch it expand in no time— no strain, no sweat, stress-free, and super convenient.

When you are done with paddling, maximum electric pumps will likewise deflate the paddleboard.

Here are the top 3 best electric air pumps for an inflatable paddleboard to buy in 2022.

Let’s look at the list of best electric SUP pumps below…

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iROCKER 12V Electric Pumps:

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iROCKER 12V Electric Pumps

The 12V electric SUP pump from iRocker is worth remarking on for its instant inflation speed and compact design. It features an inflation capacity of 20 PSI. This means this pump can inflate a normal stand-up paddleboard within just 15 minutes or so.

Thanks to its double power source options, you can easily plug the pump into a standard vehicle cigarette lighter or a 12V battery using alligator clips (It comes with the pump).

This electric iRocker pump comes with a box shape designed to stop the power cables from getting twisted and to store when you do not use the pump.

It can quickly inflate two paddleboards in a row before taking a break, and it can easily do both inflation and deflation jobs.

This electric pump from iRocker also has automatic shutoff machinery to ensure you get the proper amount of air inside the paddleboard. Although the 12V electronic pump from iRocker weighs around the same as several other pumps from this brand, this one takes way less space because of its convenient design and shape.


Dimensions: 10″ * 7.5″ * 4′ (L*W*H)
Weight Of The Pump: 4.2 lbs
Voltage Needed: 12V direct to a vehicle battery or Cigarette Outlet
Maximum Use Constant Time: 20 min
Maximum PSI Limit: 20 PSI
Cool Down Period: 30 min
PSI Selection: Button
Stages: Two-stage pump
Shut Off feature: Automatic, as soon as the desired PSI is reached
Warranty: 1 year from the time of purchase


Speedy inflation times with deflation feature

Great durability/dependability

Compact and lightweight

The maximum pressure limit is up to 20 PSI

The thick hose will not melt under high temperature

Double-stage pump for fantastic speed

Built-in overheat protection

12V adapter and pump hose are included in the box

The auto-stop feature is there when the pump reaches the selected pressure

12- months Warranty


More expensive as compared to the manual pumps

Needs a cool-down period of 30-minute after around 20 minutes of continuous use.

iROCKER 12V Electric Pump for Stand Up Paddle Boards

$97.49  in stock
as of December 4, 2022 5:15 pm

iROCKER Portable Battery for Electric Pump

$74.99  in stock
as of December 4, 2022 5:15 pm

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OutdoorMaster Shark II 12v Electric Pump

electric isup pump marine grade engineered ABS
OutdoorMaster Shark II 12v Electric Pump

OutdoorMaster brand has done a fantastic job in manufacturing an electric pump for inflatable paddleboards that works wonders compared to most other electric pumps available on the market now. It comes with a few huge advantages that make the pump a great choice to consider, as it similarly happens to be among the fastest for iSUPs.

The Shark II 12V electric pump from OutdoorMaster is fantastic. The Shark II lets you get on paddling without wasting your energy pumping a paddleboard. If you’ve got an iSUP, this’s the electric pump you want for your board.

As far as the speed of inflation goes, this Shark II electric pump is faster. To inflate a standard-sized iSUP takes around 7 minutes & 22 seconds only.

Based on the inflatable stand-up paddleboard size, the Shark II electric pump is 6:30 minutes to 7:30 minutes. You will hardly see this pump going for more than 8 minutes, even after inflating several different inflatable stand-up paddleboards. With this Shark II electric pump, you’ll be on the water for paddleboarding faster than ever.

However, the only downside is that the package does not come with a carry bag.


Dimensions: 11″ * 10′ * 4.5 * (L*W*H)
Weight Of The Pump: 3.6 Lbs.
Maximum PSI Limit 20 PSI
Power Source 12V DC Connector comes with a 12A fuse for security.
Speed Takes only around 7:30 minutes to inflate a standard-size inflatable stand-up paddleboard.
Shutoff Automatically shuts off after reaching the selected pressure
Valve Connectors C7 valve, H3 valve, Pinch valve, and Boston valve


Cooling System

Integral frost active system for cooling

Package Included

Shark 11V Electric Pump, 4.5’ Hose, 9’ DC Power cord, Four Valve Connectors, Three Gaskets, One Manual


20 PSI limit and quick 2-stage inflation.

30 minutes of nonstop inflation

Inflate three paddleboards in a row without stopping

Automatic shut-off system

Easy, simple to use a button, digital screen, and touchpad.

Solid, great inclusive build

Deflation nozzle

Carry handle built into the pump’s body

1-year warranty as well as a 90-day guarantee


Heavier and more significant than maximum other electric pumps

OutdoorMaster Shark High Pressure SUP Pump - Electric Air Pump with 20 PSI Active Cooling System Dual Stage Inflation & Auto-Off for Inflatable Paddle Board, Boats, Water Sports Inflatables -2nd Gen

$139.99  in stock
7 used from $92.50
Free shipping
as of December 4, 2022 5:15 pm

OutdoorMaster 16PSI High Pressure SUP Air Pump with Rechargeable Battery The Whale - Intelligent Dual Stage Inflation & Auto-Off Feature and Deflation Function for Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

$239.99  in stock
as of December 4, 2022 5:15 pm

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NIXY Ventus Inflatable SUP Electric Pump:

electric paddle board pumps
NIXY Ventus Inflatable SUP Electric Pump

NIXY brand has made a few significant advancements with their innovative Ventus Paddleboard electric pump, forcing us to mention it in our top picks.

The biggest problems you may have with these pumps are that so many breaks down in case you do not handle these pumps properly; however, NIXY has included numerous features that are probable game-changers in the stand-up paddleboard electric pump space.

You will be most impressed and intrigued with this pump because it features Active cooling technology. This’s essentially a cool-down system for the motor. Since electric pumps are most likely to overheat, the cooling down feature helps prevent that and lets you pump up more paddleboards at a time.

It is a super easy-to-use pump. You can adjust its PSI level easily to whatever your paddleboard needs, and this pump can go around 20 PSI – thus, it’ll work perfectly with any paddleboard out there.

As soon as you’re done pumping up, you can wrap the cord around the pump’s bottom and tuck the whole pump into the included bag. This’s among the many electric pumps that feature its bag.

With this Ventus electric pump, you’ll be capable of inflating your inflatable stand-up paddleboard in just 10-15 minutes. 2 options are involved for powering the NIXY electric pump. These are alligator clips for 12V batteries and a plug-in for vehicle lighters. With a 12-month warranty, you will have a little time to test and ensure that the NIXY inflatable stand-up paddleboard electric pump works perfectly for you!

The NIXY Ventus SUP electric pump’s two-stage pumping function is automatic, permitting a speedy inflation process at a low PSI level and more cautious inflation as the pressure level builds in the iSUP. Two separate nozzles are presented here for the inflation & deflation process, placed on the pump’s front & side.


Dimensions: 10″ * 5″ * 8″ (L*W*H)
Maximum PSI Limit: 20 PSI
Voltage Needed: 12V Car Battery or Car Outlet
Cool Down Period: 10 minutes
Maximum Constant Use Time: Around 20 minutes
PSI Selection: Digital display
Shut off: Automatic
Stages: Two-stage pump
Warranty Period: 1 year


Automatic shut down when the pump begins to overheat

Built-in cooling device to keep the electric pump cool as well as help improve its durability

Lots of dissimilar nozzles for every kind of inflatable board

Included carry bag

Automatic 2-stage pumping function

Multiple power selections

The digital display makes things easy to check progress and get the correct pressure readings.

Lightweight and portable build permits for convenient transportation and user-friendliness

It comes with a pretty quick inflation speed.

The deflation feature means you do not have to spend time after your journeys deflating your inflatable stand-up paddleboard.


It gets a little noisy throughout the 2nd inflation stage

SUP Pump, Electric Air Pump for Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards by NIXY – 1 to 20PSI High Pressure, 12V Dual Stage & Auto-Off Function - 7 Nozzles Great for Inflatable SUP, Kayaks, Boats & Rafts

 in stock
1 used from $113.84
Free shipping
as of December 4, 2022 5:15 pm

awesafe 20PSI Electric SUP Air Pump with 7800mAh Rechargable Battery for Inflatable Paddle Boards, High Pressure, Dual Stage Inflation, Auto-Off, Deflation Function, AC Adapter & 12V DC Car Connector

 out of stock
as of December 4, 2022 5:15 pm


Hopefully, this complete buying guide on electric pumps will help you pick the best SUP pumps, depending on your needs, preference, and budget.

Per our research and multiple trials, the stand-up paddleboard electric pumps listed above in this article are the best on the market nowadays.

However, in case you’re confused and can’t decide, we recommend you go with the OutdoorMaster Shark II 12v Electric Pump.


Q. Can you inflate SUP with an air compressor?

A. All inflatable stand-up paddleboards can be inflated using an air compressor. However, transportable inflator gears are precisely made for inflatable stand-up paddleboards. A less common selection is to use any typical air compressor along with the valve adapter. But this may damage the stand-up paddleboard. So, we recommend using either an electric or hand pump.

Q. Can I use an air mattress pump for SUP?

A. Yes, it is possible to use the air mattress pump for inflating a SUP board.

Q. Can you use an electric pump on a SUP?

A. Of course. An electric air pump can blow up the paddleboard simply quicker than a manual pump without effort. Electric pumps also help deflate the iSUP, ensuring all the air is out and you can pack up the board super tight in the end.

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