Sevylor SUP Pump
Sevylor SUP Pump

If you are a big fan of inflatable stand-up paddleboards, then you already know that maximum paddleboards come with manual hand pumps in the package. This is because the fun ride comes with the hassle of inflating the board every single time you use it.

But when you use a manual pump, you will have to be involved in an intense pumping workout and waste both your time and energy. That is why Sevylor has come with its 12V SUP Pump to make your paddling journey a little easier.

The pump from Sevylor is among the most inexpensive electric stand-up paddleboard pumps you can purchase. With a $69.99 price tag, it does not break your bank. It isn’t the cheapest yet.

There are a lot of negative reviews of this product on Amazon, but similarly, a ton of good reviews too, so let’s know in detail to find out the truth of the product in this review article below.

Overview Of Sevylor SUP Pump Review

electric pumps for inflatable paddle boards
Sevylor SUP Pump


The Sevylor electric paddleboard pump is among the cheapest models. Yet, it inflates a board surprisingly faster than most other electric pumps available on the market at this price or even more pricy ones. This pump may give you a cheap feel. However, it is still the most appropriate pump for any paddler at this price range.

This 12V portable electric air pump will let you quickly inflate the paddleboard within just a matter of a few minutes. The Sevylor SUP pump has some great features, including adapters and a low-pressure extension hose specially designed for low-pressure inflatable paddleboards.

The 13-foot-long hose of the model will let you quickly set up this pump by simply plugging the pump into a 12-volt outlet of your vehicle, with more than sufficient length to reach the paddleboard.

This pump from Sevylor is a very beginner-friendly product that comes with an easy inflation procedure, complete with the automatic shut-off system that will not need you to monitor the level of PSI strictly.

This product’s easy inflation procedure, built-in safety features, and intuitive controls make this pump one of the best electric SUP pumps available in this price range.

Here are some of the most noteworthy highlights of the pump that you need to know before deciding to buy one.

Sevylor SUP and Water Sport Electric Pump, 12V, 15-PSI

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Single-stage inflation

The Sevylor electric SUP pump comes with a single-stage inflation feature. While it is not the best one when it comes to pumping up a sizeable inflatable paddleboard, it does a great job inflating a small board, and it keeps your paddleboard rigid and inflated.

For people planning to inflate multiple boards or larger boards, we would like to suggest you find another SUP pump.

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Auto Shut-Off Feature

This pump also features an automatic shut-off system. The feature offers a hands-free approach to its users, allowing paddlers to set & forget the whole inflation procedure.

While using it, you have to dial in the desired pressure, and that’s it. The pump will automatically shut off when the board reaches the desired pressure level.


The intuitive layout and simple control make it simpler even for newbies with no idea of pumps and how to operate one with relative ease.

Low-Pressure Extension Hose

It also comes with a complete low-pressure extension hose and several adapters to function with Mini Double Lock TM, Boston, pinch valves, and Double Lock TM.

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Features of Sevylor Electric Pumps

electric sup pump dual stage pump
Sevylor SUP Pump


  • The button for unit selection allows you to choose from PSI or KPA
  • Heavy-duty extension hose that comes with high-pressure valve and it is fit for steadfast high-pressure utilization
  • 12V plug those powers the electric pump from your car outlets
  • Inflate boats as well as floats from a vessel or vehicle
  • A high-pressure pump is there to inflate up to 15 PSI for firm SUP boards
  • Adjustable automatic shut-off feature stops the SUP pump as soon as the pump reaches the selected pressure


  • Powerful
  • Lightweight
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • Affordable
  • Beginner-friendly
  • The central hose is 13-feet-long
  • It comes with two hoses


  • The pump feels cheap
  • The central high-pressure hose of the pump may leak over time
  • The low-pressure blow-up hose is weak
  • Can reach only a 15 PSI level
  • It takes a long time for inflation

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Review Of Sevylor Stand Up Paddle Board

Review Of Sevylor Stand Up Paddle Board
Review Of Sevylor Stand Up Paddle Board

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The Sevylor 12V SUP Electric Pump is perfect for inflating an iSUP a breeze. The adjustable automatic shut-off lets you connect its high-pressure hose to the board, select the required pressure and let the Sevylor electric pump do the rest. After reaching the desired pressure, this pump stops automatically.

Since this pump gets its power source from your vehicle’s outlets, you can transport the board packed up in your car and inflate the board just within a few minutes after reaching your destination.

This pump from Sevylor can also inflate low-pressure inflatables, for example, lake floats and boats.

There were some issues I came across, such as the long inflation time, the cheaply made low-pressure hose, and the fact that the central hose can begin to leak over time.

However, the powerful 12-volt motor, beginner-friendly design, and auto shut-off feature make this product worth the purchase.

The only downside with the electric pump is that the model takes a little longer than the regular inflation time, as well as the hose needs replacement or taping over time since it is prone to leaking.

However, the downsides aren’t huge deal breakers seeing the price and the advanced features this pump offers. It is an excellent buy for any paddleboarding lover who has to upgrade from a typical manual SUP pump on a tight budget.

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The SUP electric pump from Sevylor is durable, affordable, and has a few great features. The simple, intuitive controls of the pump make it quite beginner-friendly, whereas its long 13-foot hose delivers plenty of reach.

This pump’s powerful motor lets you inflate several boards back-to-back, even though the manufacturer doesn’t recommend this. It does have some problems, such as it takes a little longer than regular inflation time, and the hose will need to be replaced or taped over time as it is prone to leaking.

However, in case you are searching for an electric pump that can blow up your paddleboard correctly so that you can go paddling with your mate, without the paddleboard sitting or sagging too low while you enjoy your paddling on the water, then this pump is the way to go!

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Q. Can you use a bike pump to inflate a paddleboard?

A. If you want to do some workouts before paddling, then yes, you can use a bike pump to inflate your paddleboard. It will take way too longer than usual. That is why it is better to buy an electric pump instead.

Q. How long does it take to inflate a SUP with an electric pump?

A. Well, the time it takes to inflate a SUP entirely depends on several factors like the type of pump you are using, the length of the paddleboard you need to inflate, and so many other things. Taking a manual pump will take around 10 minutes, but an electric pump will take only 5-6 minutes.

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Sevylor SUP and Water Sport Electric Pump, 12V, 15-PSI

 in stock
3 new from $32.33
10 used from $22.18
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as of June 18, 2024 12:57 am

Sevylor High Pressure Pump Kayak Dinghy SUP 12V - 14714

$95.58  in stock
3 new from $95.58
as of June 18, 2024 12:57 am

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13 used from $16.83
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