SEARANO Inflatable SUP 320 Paddleboard Tom Leithner SUP Board Gear
SEARANO Inflatable SUP 320 Paddleboard Tom Leithner SUP Board Gear

When we discuss cheap products, including standup paddleboards, the manufacturer will always try to corners somewhere. Still, the performance of the SEARANO Inflatable SUP 320 Paddleboard is so solid that you would not believe it costs so little.

Are you worried about falling off your board every time? Then forget about it now because it is highly stable.

Its thickness of 6” and robust material make it ultra-durable and hence pretty steady.

SEARANO Inflatable SUP 320 Paddleboard

Another great benefit of that it’s incredibly lightweight. Although I don’t recommend racing, it’ll still let you achieve a pretty good speed to have a great time.

A great feature that amazed me is that a whopping 120kb weight capacity is surprising for a paddleboard at this price tag. Will it simply carry you without any issues, perhaps your dog?

Several times, to keep the costs down, a few manufacturers cut corners with the accessories like a carry bag and the pump.

Still, it is good to know that all the essentials that come with the SEARANO Inflatable SUP 320 Paddleboard are top of the line for such a low price tag.

It would not take you more than a few minutes to fully inflate this. It’s pretty fast and straightforward. And the similar goes for defeating it.

It has a lightweight paddle. It’s solid and brings you full control, which is complete. It would help if you started efficiently paddling your way via the water. On a side note, it seems pretty great.

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PURE Standup Paddle Board (SUP) 320

We all look forward to taking some time to kick back, relax and take refreshing drinks if we do not have a care in the world. It is always a great idea to take some break from the busy and bustle of life and relax your mind and body while having some fun.

What better way to have relaxation and fun than paddle boarding?

According to a study, SUP paddling is a water sport derived from surfing and is said to have its roots in Hawaii. It takes you away from the warmth of dry land and onto the cool, refreshing water to provide an enjoyable experience.

Paddling helps your body shape while being exciting and fun, so you can be assured that you will not gain more calories than necessary over the holidays. It is a great fun activity and a better yoga choice. One of the top things about paddling is that you do not need to go to the enormous ocean to connect in this fun activity.

How well do we think the SEARANO Inflatable SUP 320 Paddleboard is?

If you do not know how to paddleboard, no worries, it is super easy to learn, and once you do, you will be gliding across the water quickly. You can paddle individually or with your family and friends.

All you have to do is stand on the board and use the paddle to propel yourself. For this ease, you need the “beast” of all inflatable standup paddleboards.

You can get single and multi-rider boards from SEARANO. These can fit multiple users and is very wide and sturdy. And SEARANO Inflatable SUP 320 Paddleboards are great for fun activities, recreation, and yoga.

The SEARANO Inflatable SUP 320 Paddleboard is an 11ft long board that can conveniently carry an adult, plus an extra bag, a child, or your cute little pet that seems to enjoy outdoor activities more than you do.

It is 33” wide, which guarantees it to be stable and rigid even when it hits maximum weight capacity. We don’t want any crazy accidents while you’re having fun, so we ensure that it has an additional PVC layer on the board’s rails, which not only help with stability and rigidity and increases durability and performance.

Even in life, stability is the one thing that humans value. Stability is essential with paddleboards. If the board isn’t stable enough, there’s a high risk of accidents. This inflatable SUP is easy for beginners to navigate.

And even when you fall, you can be caught by the tender arms of your inflatable paddle, which will cushion your fall. The SEARANO Inflatable SUP 320 Paddleboard is very practical as it can be used on any water surface, such as rivers, lakes, sea, etc.

It is also easy to travel with. All you have to do is deflate and fold. It fits right into any space, including your backpack! It makes it super convenient to carry. It has high speed and maneuverability. So, for all you speed lovers, SEARANO is here for you.

SEARANO Inflatable SUPs have traction pads to help to maintain friction while gliding on your ISUP. The SEARANO all-around paddle board has diamond grooved traction pads that cover more than half of the paddle board’s back to ensure that you get a firm grip on it while standing.

This makes surfing more accessible and comfortable and increases your water time. One of the most exciting things about the SEARANO is the complete package that comes with the paddle board and guarantees optimum satisfaction.

The paddle board comes with a travel backpack with exterior pockets, a waterproof phone case, an adjustable aluminum paddle, a safety leash, and a high-pressure pump with a gauge and other unique additions.

All are provided to give you the ultimate water experience. Isn’t that exciting? The paddle board rails of the SEARANO brand have an additional PVC (polyvinyl chloride) layer, which strengthens the body and makes it harder, sturdy, and rigid.

The SEARANO brand can be carried both inflated and deflated. This also increases the board’s performance and durability. All of these features guarantee your safety while using these boards.

The board contains a central carry handle which you can use to transport the board even while it’s inflated. You can also deflate and fold it. It can fit anywhere. The panel allows you to carry an extra bag, including your weight. So, if you have a backpack, maybe for a water bottle and a few junks, you can carry it along.

The SEARANO brand provides a two-year warranty for customers. So you don’t have to worry if the paddleboard has a malfunction on its own. The two-year warranty will cover it!

What I like

  • All-inclusive package
  • Diamond grooved traction pad
  • Easy mobility
  • Extra PVC layer
  • Two-year warranty
  • Extra cargo

What I don’t like

  • Lacks a repair kit

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End worlds…

The SEARANO Inflatable SUP 320 is fully equipped with all you might need for a fun or recreational activity on the water. It is adequate for both beginners and experts. The board is excellent for touring, recreational paddling, yoga, and racing.

A navigation system can easily be attached to it, so you don’t have to be worried about getting lost at sea. The SEARANO Inflatable SUP 320 has been constructed to be very flexible to different maneuvering skills to fit perfectly with you.

It also contains drop stitch technology that makes the board look slender and smooth. So, whether you’re paddling, racing, or surfing, rest assured that the SEARANO All-Round Paddleboard has covered you. You can get one of the boards, complete with its total package, for a reasonable price.

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