Premium Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board – Ideal Option for Anyone
Premium Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board Review

This South Bay Board Co. Premium Inflatable SUP offers some pretty exceptional accessories such as small cooler, backpack, leash, fin set, kayak seat, finishing rod holder and paddle.

The fin system of the board includes 2 linked fins and one removable fin, good for swift tracking to your fishing point.

Measurements Premium Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board

Premium Inflatable SUP boards measure solid 10.6ft in length which I would call the ideal size for all different uses and rides.

It is known fact the length the SUP the faster it will be, though there’re other some factors that contribute to speed.

Talking wideness, Premium Inflatable SUP board is 31” wide and 6” thick which will forever remain the finest you can get because there’s only a few SUP that’d exceed this number.

Premium Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board Review
Premium Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board


The brand follows a simple rule that good customer services and great quality that is why you are highly to get all South Bay Board CO’s clients pretty satisfied and pleased.

The Premium Inflatable SUP board is a very lightweight that can simply be packed and transported anyplace, but it is also to the marking challenge of maintaining its performance and shape against human and natural effects.

The Premium Inflatable SUP is made of best quality PVC and drops stitch material that is ideally known for its performance to stretch up to 15PSI making this nearly as-solid-as an authentic one.

Moreover, the wood grain form on top as well as bottom is so elegant, appealing and classy, making this board a strong, durable and attractive option.


With its unique rounded point, the Premium Inflatable SUP glides easily in flat water.

Getting yourself balanced on the peak of it’s not a solid thing to do thanks to its great wideness and the solid grip traction pad.

The fins of the board make tracking so much great as you cut through the water, and it is so smooth to control this and guide it utilizing your body weight and the paddle.

The Premium Inflatable SUP board is very responsive to maneuvers and fast turns, which will keep you away from feeling frustrated and bored paddle boarding.


  • High weight allowance
  • Lots of accessories
  • Stable
  • Soft-textured top deck


  • No anchor
  • No paddle pocket

Final words

All in all, I would blindly recommend this Premium Inflatable SUP board for anybody who’s looking for durable, stable, smooth and well-built SUP.

I would personally name as one of my most favorites.