Airgymfactory Inflatable sup
Airgymfactory Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards Review

Everything was simple to put combine.

The twin-action pump was an included bonus. The paddleboard was inflated and ready to go in no time at all.

The kids took it away and are having fun with it. Simple to balance and the adjustable paddle is perfect. The paddle is lightweight.

The bag is very heavy duty with the best zippers.

An inside partition for the pump would be perfect, but every item fits in the bag amazing.

There are within straps to hold the deflated board in place while it is in the bag.

Airgymfactory Inflatable sup
Airgymfactory Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards Review

Features Airgymfactory Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards

Simple to handle and very stable

The extra-wide tail helps the full 32 wide board gained further stability, and the shape of the board delivers perfect tracking experience.

Outfitted triple bottom panel fins provide the stand up inflatable paddle board more manipulation flexibility – simple to steer and manage.

Best for beginners, improved surface material to stop slippery.

Twin action bravo hand pump

High velocity + limited effort (hundred percent quicker and fifty percent easier than the standard pump ) to inflate a high force.

Manual switch from twin to single action.

The pump can inflate and deflate.

Professional backpack carry bag

Airgymfactory Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards is the most relaxed iSUP bag in the market.

The backpack has sufficient area to save the DCS SUP and all the accessories.

Not just you can find adjustable shoulder straps and waist support belt, but also the interior buckled straps to keep the SUP fixed and the outer belt to keep the bag stay fastened.

100% carbon fiber paddle

Real hundred percent full carbon fiber paddle has just half the weight of a standard aluminum paddle.

Edges of the blade are constructed of rubber stuff, rightly reject hurting.

In order to simply fit into the given bag, you can break the paddle into three pieces.

All the details are made to make you enjoy your paddle session.

Best material and excellent technology

DCS inflatable paddle boards adopt 3 layers laminated fusion stuff outside, drop stitch Glass Fiber stuff in the middle, Bravo gas valve, the improved bonding technology.

Airgymfactory Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards can withstand up to twenty PSI force and bearing 400lbs as the hardboard, but just half the weight.

Additional features

It has powerful support and stability after inflation. Powerful, not simple to bulging and leak. It can bear 500LBS.

It is more durable and will not simply leak and crack. The side is bonded with three layers of high-density PVC material.

Under high pressure and high-temperature situations, high-density bonding is rejected by using a machine.

Inconsistent issues in the manual bonding process make the board durable and lighter.

True hundred full carbon fiber paddle some paddles will sink for the reason that they are not a hundred carbon fiber.

The blades are made of top carbon nylon and the edges of the blades are covered with rubber to stop scratches.

The Airgymfactory Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards use a spring-load air control device that deflates only by pressing the spring key of the air to fast deflate.

Equipped with a packing rope for the simple folding of the paddleboard.

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