Xspec Inflatable Standup Paddle Board
Xspec Inflatable Standup Paddle Board

The Xspec inflatable standup federal board is manufactured by keeping the Rider’s convenience and safety in mind.

The durable and double-layer, drop-stitched PVC offers stiffness.

Its wide and anti-slip surface gives security and comfort.

Features Xspec Inflatable Standup Paddle Board

It can be used in several ways, from ocean suffering to fitness and yoga for flat water cruising.

This standup paddleboard is engineered to withstand maximum stress and pressure using the highest quality material.

The durable double-layered military-grade PVC provides durability and stiffness.

Additionally, the non-slip form provides the best traction, comfort, and stability so that you can have the best experience with the paddling board.

This incredible standup panel board comes with a leak-proof valve we can hold pressure for many days. The handle makes it very easy to transport and carry. You don’t need to worry about the leakage problem as well.

This Standup paddleboard by Xspec can deflate very quickly so that you can save it in a secure place.

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Xspec Inflatable Standup Paddle Board


  1. Product Dimensions: 120 x 30 x 6 inches
  2. Weight of Board: 25.5 lbs
  3. Rider’s weight: 360 pounds


Wide design

The standup paddling board by Xspec is 10 inches, long and the width of the deck is provided to offer improved stability and better balance while standing on the sup board.

This makes this standup paddleboard the best option for those who are a beginner.

This Standup board by Xspec best fits all skill levels. And work best in all conditions.

Non-slip Deck:

This board is the best option for beginners. Keeping the problems of beginners in mind, this standup paddleboard is manufactured.

Great for all! Perfect for beginners! This paddleboard by X spec is made for early learning with fewer injuries or accidents that happen to us suddenly when we fall, but its non-slip soft top deck ensures that when you fall while riding, you don’t have severe injury or accident.

Xspec Inflatable Standup Paddle Board


We are making this Surfboard a part of our reviewing West because this premium Federal board is to experience the best Adventures of water.

The boat is specially designed to offer a better stand UP Board option for beginners and all skill levels. White design weather non-slip soft talk that features to provide a better balance and stability for every Rider.

The sliding glides across the surface are effortless. This is only for a single person, and we think that should be improved to make it the best product ever.

  • Inflatable paddleboard with PVC.
  • Highly portable and durable.
  • Ensures fewer injuries and accidents with its non-slip soft and expansive deck
  • Kit includes paddling essentials.
  • Customer care service is average.


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This paddleboard can be carried in even as it quickly gets in fat. It has an excellent storage capacity.

This paddleboard package comes with an air pump, ankle cuff storage bag, and safety Lash.

The triple panel at the bottom helps get better speed and steer for adults and kids.

Plus, its non-slip anti-accident expansive and soft deck makes it a perfect option to spend money on.

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