Hyperlite Alki 11' Stand Up Paddleboard
Hyperlite Alki 11' Stand Up Paddleboard

For years Hyperlite has been mastering the top methods for board construction.

Our exceptional standard and performance in wakeboards and wake surfers have translated into our first hard shell SUP – The Alki, one of the lightest and most strong SUPs on the market today.

Using our DuraShell technology, the Alki is super lightweight and buoyant without sacrificing power to get it.

The shape and fin configuration make a stable platform in water situations.

Whether you plan a quiet cruise on your preferred lake or catch a wave at the shore, the Alki has you covered.

The Alki is a remarkable board newcomer and experienced paddlers-boarders alike.

The comprehensive design is best for cruising via rough waters.

Hyperlite Alki 11 Stand Up Paddleboard
Hyperlite Alki 11 Stand Up Paddleboard

The removable tri-fin design permits a customizable setup for the river, lake, and ocean applications designed with stability and versatility. In mind, the extra expansive deck allows riders of any size and capabilities to relax cruise.

An oversized EVA foam deck pad makes a grippy and relaxed surface over an extended coverage place, permitting multiple stances.

Improved rail durability saves against unwanted scratches and dings, keeping your board looking best after each use.

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Features Hyperlite Alki 11′ Stand Up Paddleboard

The Hyperlite Alki 11′ stand-up paddleboard is a winner. This is one of those SUPs that everyone will love right of the package. Besides having a beautiful design, it’s very functional and comes with a few fantastic accessories.

The size makes it highly versatile, and we feel that it’ll suit many different riders. The paddleboard is long enough and wide enough to feel secure and stable, yet not very bulky that it drags.

We had no complaints with overall performance, and the whole Hyperlite Alki 11′ stand-up paddleboard package is pretty great. It looks remarkable, feels good, and is super fun to paddle.

  • Duracell composite exterior shell saves from dings and scuffs oversized machined EVA traction pad EPS foam core with fiberglass interior, contains Bungie gear tie-down, adjustable paddle, and ankle leash weights less than thirty lbs.
  • 11 Alki stands up paddleboard telescoping paddle stretch ankle leash with Biolite soft ankle strap three-piece fin kit accessory tie-down.

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The SUP inflatable paddleboard

The SUP inflatable paddle board is highly portable with a carrying handle, which is simple to move, and the stand-up paddleboard comes with a big-size weekender travel backpack.

Additionally, the big package is designed to store all your SUP necessities while providing more storage areas for extra gear.

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Why Paddle Board?

As a recreational activity, stand up paddleboarding provides fantastic health and fitness advantages ranging from a full-body workout engaging several of the core muscles albeit in a low impact way to improved balance and stability, improvements in stamina and endurance, weight loss, injury rehabilitation, and improving our cardiovascular health.

It is an exciting way to decompress and unwind while at a similar time engaging with nature. As one of the quickest growing water sports globally, if you’ve access to water, then it is certainly worth giving it a go.

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Board Overview

The Hyperlite Alki stand-up paddleboard measures 11 feet by 35 inches by 4.2 inches thick and weighs 30 pounds. This paddle has a maximum carrying capacity of 300 pounds, but the recommended weight limit is 280 pounds.

The Hyperlite Alki 11′ stand-up paddleboard is built to be the ideal cross among a touring board and all-around model. I recommend checking other models by Hyperlite.

The design team of Hyperlite did not take any shortcuts when designing the Hyperlite Alki 11′ stand-up paddleboard.

Featuring a stunning look, sleek likes, and throws a premium touch. We look at the look of Hyperlite stand-up paddleboards, which certainly stand out in a market that’s filled with stunning designs.

Hyperlite Alki 11 Stand UP Paddleboard
Hyperlite Alki 11 Stand UP Paddleboard


Like many inflatable paddleboards in the market these days, the material used and the design and the build methods employed have come a long way over recent times, so much so that several inflatable paddle boards now mimic the stiffness and rigidity of their epoxy cousins.

Hyperlite Alki 11′ stand-up paddleboards are among the most rigid and durable paddle boards within all inflatable board categories.

The paddleboard’s core is dense drop stitch, which uses tons of polyester threads linked to layers of high tenacity fabric.

This fabric is then laminated with a high-quality military-grade PVC material to protect its core. This core is then coated with a further l double layer of the PVC material on both sides.

These PVC sheets are combined with solid composite adhesive before the side reinforcement seams, and carbon reinforcement rails are connected.

Main Features

  • The wide-body on the Hyperlite Alki 11′ stand-up paddleboard also has a spanning deck pad textured for grip and comfort. Standing up on a fine deck cuts down on fatigue in the feet and ankles, making this quality worth nothing.
  • The quick lock fin system provides you with some versatility. All three fins are steering the paddleboard straight and true when starting or touring. The gentle toe in the two smaller fins gives a better grip. But being capable of using only the prominent fin provides the paddleboard with more maneuverability, and performance is extraordinary.
  • Maybe the most surprising and better bit of this Hyperlite Alki 11′ stand-up paddleboard is the paddle. The nylon blade is perhaps on the heavy side, but the double concave, the dihedral form creates both lift and thrust. It is fantastic. Once you take a few strokes with this shaft, you never want to pick up a paddle again.
  • You can get superb traction from this paddleboard. How? The combination of the diamond deck pad and the kick tail facilitates it. The new upgrade did not take the performance matters lightly – instead, it emphasized the value of having a sleek paddling surface that makes it simple to cut via waves and make tricky turns.
  • There’re plenty of d-rings for cargo and a growing list of things available to riders. Dry bags and a cooler are welcome.

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Having tried and tested hundreds of different paddleboards, we can still pick our favorite inflatable paddleboards. The Hyperlite Alki 11′ stand-up paddleboard is one of the best and most fun paddle boards we’ve managed to get our hands on.

It paddles the same as several other all-around paddleboards but holds its characteristic, making it a bit special. At 35 inches wide, the paddleboard is stable enough to host a picnic yet elegant enough to dance around the water easily on much shorter river-specific paddleboards.

This Hyperlite Alki 11′ stand-up paddleboard is excellent if you travel a bit. It mightn’t be the quickest through the water, but the lifted shaped bow lets it cut through the water with a lot of ease and grace found on several longer touring or expedition paddleboards.

As an all-around paddleboard goes, they’ve always been hard to differentiate, and that was until the Hyperlite Alki 11′ stand-up paddleboard hit the market.

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Accessories included in the package

  • 11′ Alki Stand Up Paddleboard
  • Telescoping Paddle
  • 3-Piece Fin Kit
  • Stretch Ankle Leash with soft Biolite Ankle Strap

What I like

  • Beautiful design
  • The traction pad of the paddle is deep and provide a solid grip
  • Good value for the money
  • It comes with all needed to start the journey
  • Well build construction

What I don’t like

  • The thickness of the paddleboard is significantly less as compared to other paddle boards on similar price tag we can buy
  • heavy board

Multi-purpose and for all-around use

Our stand-up paddlers are an all-around multipurpose board perfect for all expertise levels to use the sup for paddling, surfing, yoga, and fishing.

The stand-up paddleboard comes with a safety leash for the starter that keeps your SUP close by if you fall off. Additionally, make sure a safe watering thrill.

The slightly pointed bow promotes speedily paddling for expert surfers, making it best for racing.

Hyperlite aims to share the fun of surfing and being with the sea with all of you through the latest technologies and well-designed boards and equipment.

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Hyperlite Admiral Inflatable SUP
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