Lifetime Horizon 100 Paddle board Review

Lifetime Horizon 100 SUP review

Lifetime Horizon 100 is one of the more fashionable decks on the list. It is pretty good for teens, young adults and those who enjoy a pop of color. The deck covering the board is a non-slip deck, which means that you can do yoga, fitness and many more things without worrying about your health.
The front deck bungee makes this board ideal for fishing and cruising because you can bring along many things and make the whole thing work together. Many people like to bring their pets along as well, but you need to make sure that you don’t surpass the weight limit, which is not that high on this one.
The 230 lb weight capacity this board takes is usually enough for a heavier person or two light ones, as well as a light person with a pet.

The board has a center carry handle which makes it perfect for easy transport and you can bring the board around wherever you want to. The board itself is 10 ft long and 34 inches wide and it has a 5-year limited warranty.
You will notice that the board is UV-protected, which means that you can leave it in the sun, but it’s still not recommended because long-term exposure can lead to various problems. The material this one is made of, called high-density polyethylene (HDPE) is a great material which is also used in the military sometimes.
The board itself weighs a bit more than a regular one, it’s about 45 lbs heavy. This means that kids shouldn’t really use it on their own, as well as teens. Many people say that the weight is really well balanced when it comes to the central handle and that it’s no issue to bring it around.


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