All You Need To Know About iRocker SUP Leash
All You Need To Know About iRocker SUP Leash

Whether you are an experienced Stand-Up Paddler or a beginner, the SUP leash is something you must have while going for paddling.

You should pay the most attention to your safety, and the SUP leash is the way to do that.

The iRocker comfortable ankle cuff or leashes are great as they offer perfect fit and comfort. It is durable to provide you with enough support.

Besides, the SUP leash from iRocker is reasonably priced so that you can get yourself a SUP leash without having a second thought about it.

So, let’s now dig deeper into the topic to see the importance of SUP leash in this article below…

Overview Of iRocker SUP Leash

All You Need To Know About iRocker SUP Leash
All You Need To Know About iRocker SUP Leash

Your SUP leash or leash for inflatable paddle boards is perhaps the most significant piece of gear, after your paddle and commission, of course, for a safe and fun paddleboarding experience.

Depending on your local area and country, laws may want you to have/wear a life jacket on board or any personal floatation device, i.e., PFD.

However, the SUP leash is comparatively a better piece of life-saving equipment since it keeps the paddler attached to the giant floating board.

That is why iRocker has launched its SUP leash. Let’s know more about these leashes below…

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It is Comfortable To Wear:

iRocker Paddleboard leash feels like you aren’t wearing any leash whatsoever! This ankle strap from iRocker is padded with Neoprene and fits every ankle size (women and men).

iRocker wants to ensure you glide on the river, lake, or ocean in absolute comfort and ease.

iROCKER SUP Premium Ankle Leash 10' Coiled Super Strong 7 mm Cord

 out of stock
as of September 27, 2023 10:07 pm

Minimal Drag While Paddling

Glide farther and faster easily by reducing drag in the water using this iRocker coiled SUP leash. This coiled leash from iRocker won’t drag in the water, get caught, or tangle around your ankle.

iRocker has added a dual swivel feature to make sure you face minimal hassle and drag while paddling.

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Supreme Quality Of The Leash

The SUP leash is manufactured from heavy-duty materials for durability and sturdiness. iRocker has tested the leash features in numerous conditions and settings.

Their leash can captivate the impact waves while stretching five times the standard length. It is ready to undertake the elements of any water body.

Key Holder

This leash from iRocker features a convenient key pocket inside the ankle strap that is very useful.


The iROCKER or blackfin paddle board lightweight straight leash is exactly what you need during SUP board paddling.

Specifications Of The iRcoker Leash for Inflatable Paddle Boards

Parcel Dimension: ‎25.4 cm x 11.94 cm x 5.33 cm

Item Weight: ‎204 g

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Why You Need A SUP Leash

Why You Need A SUP Leash
Why You Need A SUP Leash

Being a paddleboarder, you need to be very careful about your safety. It is common for paddle-boarders to experience an accident while paddling on the water. For this, you need to have or wear a SUP leash.

Using a simple SUP leash, you will be able to avoid many types of water accidents while paddling. It takes just a few seconds to tie the board with your ankle using a SUP leash. This simple equipment can avoid a big accident on the water.

To better understand the importance of a SUP leash, we’ve listed three undisputable reasons that show you should have a leash.

Here are the reasons:

The Paddle Board Doesn’t Float Away

The first and foremost reason to wear a SUP leash – you’ll never be parted from your paddleboard. The paddleboard can escape from you within seconds if there is a strong wave. Particularly when you lose control or you take a flip.

Hard SUPs typically have a lower surfboard leash plug to attach the tress string. This tress string will then provide you with a larger ring to attach the rail saver firmly to the board.

iROCKER SUP Premium Ankle Leash 10' Coiled Super Strong 7 mm Cord

 out of stock
as of September 27, 2023 10:07 pm

You Can Have More Fun & Enjoyment

Now, this might sound like an absurdity, but with protection ensured on your SUP, you can experience much more enjoyment on the water.

When you are in the mood for adventure and want to lose beyond the horizontal waters, the SUP leash makes sure that you can handle challenging situations without any fear.

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Have A Safer Experience

One can never guess the weather accurately. You might start with no breeze or a gentle breeze at all and then come across choppy waters or a strong gust down the lake or river.

The SUP leash makes sure that you stay protected, irrespective of the water conditions or the weather.


Safety should be our first and foremost priority while going on a water adventure. Whether you get a longer or shorter leash, it will protect you from water.

Along with a SUP leash, you must wear a great quality life jacket.

You can purchase a complete kit from iRocker, which is packed with a convenient carry handle as well as a cord storage compartment that easily fits in the top pocket of your new Paddle Board bags.

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iROCKER SUP Premium Ankle Leash 10' Coiled Super Strong 7 mm Cord

 out of stock
as of September 27, 2023 10:07 pm

Abahub Premium Coil SUP Leash, 10 ft Black Coiled Paddle Board Leashes, 7.2mm Thick Legrope Strap for Longboard Surfboards, Stand-up Paddleboards, iSUP Replacement Leg Rope

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Santa Barbara Surfing SBS 10' Coiled SUP Leash - Guaranteed for Life - Ultra Premium 10 ft Paddleboard Leash

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Frienda Sup Leash Coiled, 6 Feet Stand Up Paddle Board Leash Surfboard Strap Surfing Bodyboard Ankle Leash with 2 Waterproof Phone Case Wallet

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OCEANBROAD 10' Coiled Leash for Paddle Board Surfboard SUP Leash Leg Rope with Adjustable Thigh Ankle Cuff

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as of September 27, 2023 10:07 pm
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