Body Glove Performer 11
Body Glove Performer 11

Body Glove Performer 11 iSUP

It is a flatwater touring SUP designed by Body Glove ambassador and whitewater paddler Luke Hopkins to do as well as pros on the river as it does for the full family on bays or lakes, and it provides nuanced specs that better upon many of the weak points.

The initial thing we noticed about the performer 11 is its thickly reinforced rubberized nose, added to save against the wear and tear that comes with portaging, banging into shallow rock, or running aground on the sand.

The performer 11 specs a triple-layer stringer and heavy-duty poly-vinyl stuff that also works as reinforcement to make the board the best choice for families that will put its durability.

Body Glove Performer 11 SUP
Body Glove Performer 11 SUP

Beyond a hard-as-nails layup, those specs are added to improve the board rigidity for a stiffer, stable ride.

The performer 11 provides 6 lash points that can be strung with webbing to stow belongings for touring outings and longer paddles.

Another novel spec of the performer 11 that is special to Body Globe inflatables is its carrying handle.

This paddleboard can support users who weigh higher than 320 pounds, and you can even bring a pet along because the material used to produce this item is that tough.

The deck pad is crafted of EVA foam, and you can use save gear through the bungee tie-down spec.

Save your cell phone within the dry bag that comes with this board and use the repair kit for fast fixes. Grab your paddle and get going.

Hyperlite Admiral SUP

The Hyperlite admiral offers an eleven-foot platform for those who love a perfect amount of area to paddle around or undertake a yoga workout that needs ample room to be performed rightly.

The universal shape provides people of all expertise levels room to maneuver while engaged.

Hyperlite Admiral SUP
Hyperlite Admiral SUP

Construction is a mixture of machined EVA foam in concert with rigid drop-stitch construction that permits unlimited deflation and inflation activities for this paddleboard’s life.

The paddle is made of aluminum, and it comes in 3 parts so you can manage the length to match the person at the helm.

There is a removable shoulder strap that can be employed to relocate the inflated board if you do not want to fold it down and repack it, and the high-force hand pump specs a PSI force gauge that is right and reliable.

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