Retrospec Weekender 10' Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard iSUP
Retrospec Weekender 10' Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard iSUP

Nowadays, everyone loves to surf over the shores of water and stand up paddling has gained fame over a short period of time. Just because it is very easy to do, kids are also attracted to this stand-up paddling and it is considered completely safe for it. Making a perfect choice for stand-up surfing is very difficult although. You don’t know which one is best and which one is just a waste of money. This sup board by the Retrospec is the sup board that actually worth it. Its numerous amazing features are the sign of it quality and standard.

Furthermore, it is very easy to carry. Take your time to explore the up and when you are done, just deflate it and pack your bag! All set! That all you need to when you are traveling with your sup board. The Retrospec iSCUPs never let the inconvenience of the transportation to ruin your next trip.

Editor’s rating:


It has one year of warranty.

Weight: 250lbs

Key Features:


If you feel instability while stand-up paddling and heartbroken because of this, then don’t spoil your mood! This sup board is exactly what you need. It is the most stable inflatable stand-up paddling board recommended for the people of all skills level. It is recommended to do not put weight greater than 250 lbs.

High-Quality Material:

It is made up of high-quality Military grade rock solid material. Plus, an additional PVC layer makes it sure that sup board is strong and sturdy. It is virtually far superior and indestructible and much more durable than any other single- and double-layer Paddleboards. Durability and long-lasting behavior of this sup board make it superior to other similar brands.


To hold up a heavy sup board is difficult in terms of traveling and surfing as well. A good sup board must be lightweight and portable. It has an aluminum paddle that is highly lightweight. It also has 3 nylon fins that are removable, so remove them when you are about to leave. This will increase the portability of the sup board.


This portable, adventure-ready durable and long-lasting sup board is part of our list because it has all the things anyone needs to do stand-up paddling. This sup board good to give at as a gift to your girlfriend, kid or best friend also. Although some customers have to complain about this it is due to delivery issues. The product is fine overall.

  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Very easy to install
  • Very easy to use and makes you an expert surfer very soon
  • Best stand-up sup board ever
  • The board is very sturdy
  • Sometimes, broken parcel is received.


Well, this board by Retropec can be your best buddy in summers for surfing once you own it. It can be used more than 15 times in the summer and can be saved to use in the next summer also. It can bear weight up to 250lbs that means even slightly bulky peoples can also enjoy stand-up paddling on this sup board.


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