High Society Paddleboards
High Society Paddleboards

Whether you’re spending your only free Saturday on the river or lake, taking a lazy visit trip down the lake, or you wish to pack an additional activity for your 5-day camping trip, taking your iSUP from High Society Freeride is an absolute must for all water lovers of the outdoors.

This High Society Paddle Board was designed for boarders of every skill and level; professionals and beginners will enjoy how simple it’s to set up and use this Inflatable Standup paddleboard.

Take a deep look at why the High Society Paddle Board has received a good ranking.

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They offer five different variants ranging from 800 to 1300 USD depending on the model with prices in among.

Their paddleboards feature a length of 10.6 inches and a height of 6 inches. They vary in width for various stability and profiles from 32 to 36 inches.

Nothing beats lying on your back and taking in the sun lights as you blissfully float on the lake.

Or superior yet, cruising down the river with your best buddies while you crack jokes about all your fond childhood moments.

May you even start a game of paddleboard chicken, knocking all your opponents into the lake until you can crown yourself ruler of the water?

No matter how you pick to use your paddleboard, you’re guaranteed to build up a relationship and make unforgettable moments you’ll never forget.

High Society Paddleboards
High Society Paddleboards


  • Fantastic customer service
  • Best quality paddleboards
  • Very stable boards with extreme maneuverability


  • High Society Paddleboards are costly compared to other brands.

Why should I buy it?

An iSUP is perfect for the weekend warrior, the laidback adventurer, and even the outdoor devotee.

It’s a gift from the heavens for those who enjoy fun outdoor activities and hate being inconvenienced by bulky supplies.

Whether paddle boarding is a once-in-a-while doings or every Sunday tradition, getting an iSUP is just what you need.

It can be conveniently stored and taken up as small as possible when you know you might not be breaking it out for a while, but it also has the durability to hit the water any chance you get.

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Why High Society Paddle Board?

High Society was designed in the heart of Aspen, Colorado, and has provided premium quality gear directly to its loyal buyers since.

Their paddleboards are handcrafted using a controlled multi-step finishing procedure after rigorous R and D testing in all reason weather.

Who does not love local supporting local? The company partners with local designers and artists for exclusive artwork on their boards. The team at High Society also prides itself on its impeccable client relationship management, so when you purchase the High Society Paddle Board, you receive high-class gear and the best service.

The High Society even backs all their boards with a full three-year warranty. With over fifteen years of expertise and a lifetime of passion, the company guarantees the most rider-friendly excellent performance gear.

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High Society Paddle Board Overall

High society company delivers with consistency you can count on. As they grow and make some excellent improvements, the heart of their paddleboards remains the same.

The 10 feet and 6 inches High Society Paddle Board is the older brother of ZG, with enough upgrade features to justify the higher price tag.

The High Society’s standard 32” broad base provides the stability you need to maintain balance in boiling waters or during your early morning sun solutions.

The High Society Paddle Board’s overall design and flattering rocker equip it to handle a wider variety of conditions with additional control of the ZG.

The 275 lbs weight capacity also means taking in a broader range of small and big, short and tall paddlers.

  • Length – 10.6 feet
  • Width: 32 inches

Width: 32 inches High Society Paddle Board: On the Inside

Consistency is a significant feature of High Society. At the heart of each of their stout SUPs is a drop stitch core. And the body is then encased in military-grade PVC material, and the solid rails are reinforced for further rigidity.

The original artwork on the High Society Paddle Board pays tribute to the artwork featured on the ZG. The top deck is covered in diamond Grooved EVA foam for an ultra-soft and secure grip even when things get slightly choppy.

The handle in the middle of the High Society Paddle Board is excellent for transporting the board when fully inflated.

A four-point bungee storage zone is at the nose of the paddleboard and has just enough space for a dry pack and small essentials or even a standup paddleboard cooler.

Down at the tail of the paddleboard, we see the premium quality inflation and solid stainless steel leash connect; this D-ring can also be utilized to tether or tow your paddleboard.

On the underside of the paddleboard, we have the tri-fin setup consisting of an adjustable middle fin with a thumbscrew and two fixed side fins. If you are worried about the fixed side fins bending or holding form, do not, they are malleable enough to fold down for packing and perk correct backup upon board inflation.

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The Whole Package

We like the accessory package from the High Society Paddle Board. It has all you need to unpack and hit the water.

The travel backpack was smartly made with mesh sides to allow your paddle board to breathe after a long time on the water. The additional airflow helps when you do not have time to dry your paddleboard completely.

A dual-action pump that also fits your bag includes a collapsible travel paddle, repair kit, and ankle leash.

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Setup and Board Performance

The High Society Paddle Board is the best board to have in the vehicle’s trunk when you feel like taking a long lunch break or taking a hike up to your favorite secret spot.

The High Society Paddle Board’s increased thickness keeps your feet and high dry above the water, particularly on cold days. The broad base and the rounded nose give plenty of balance and smooth glide without feeling too wobbly and round.

The center fin helps keep the High Society Paddle Board tracking straight, but if required, the side fins work together to maneuver the High Society Paddle Board on their own in shallow waters.

The High Society Paddle Board mightn’t be coming to the initial competition stage soon. Still, if you are not looking to go anyplace fast, this is an excellent, ultra-rigid all-around High Society Paddle Board for novices, professionals, and even junior rippers. The deck pad is ultra-comfortable on long rides and even on the knees when you need a break.

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The Highs and the Lows

There is not much about the High Society Paddle Board that you cannot love, but we were forced to pick. It’d have to be the lack of grab handles at the tail or nose of the High Society Paddle Board.

Grab handles make the transition in/out of the water easier for novices and are usually a convenient feature to have for any border.

What I like

  • Incredibly durable.
  • Military-grade construction.
  • Extra buoyant.
  • Flattened rocker for more control.
  • Unrivaled stability.
  • Comfortable carrying handle.
  • Controlled turning.
  • Glides easily.
  • Comfortable deck pad.
  • Fast inflation and ease of use.
  • Bungee storage zone.

What I don’t like

  • I lack grab handles.

Final words…

As you might know, a High Society Paddle Board is the best or most vital thing someone can own or produce. The High Society Paddle Board is their best go-anywhere paddleboard and their favorite.

The High Society Paddle Board can take you to any place you want. The all-rounder design provides a more c, comprehensive range of paddling, so you can go from rushing rapids to river cruises and off to take on some very light water surfing on a similar SPU.

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