SUP Board Kingston upon Thames London UK
SUP Board Kingston upon Thames London UK

When it comes to stand up paddleboarding (SUP) in Kingston upon Thames, London, there are numerous options for enthusiasts to explore the tranquil waters of the River Thames and enjoy this refreshing activity.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paddleboarder, a vibrant community and a range of paddleboarding activities are available in this picturesque part of London.

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Where can I find stand up paddleboarding in Kingston?

Kingston upon Thames provides a delightful setting for paddleboarding, offering a mix of serene waterways and scenic landscapes.

Some of the best places to experience paddleboarding in Kingston include the various spots along the River Thames, where enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the beauty of the surroundings while indulging in this popular watersport.

Best places for paddleboarding in Kingston

The River Thames presents an ideal setting for those seeking the best paddleboarding spots in Kingston. Areas like Richmond and Teddington offer tranquil waters and stunning views, creating a perfect environment for paddleboard enthusiasts to relish their activity.

Community of like-minded paddleboarders in Kingston

Kingston upon Thames has a vibrant and welcoming community of like-minded paddleboarders who share a passion for the sport. Joining this community provides opportunities to paddle with others and fosters a sense of camaraderie and support among enthusiasts.

Join our SUP community in Kingston.

If you want to join a SUP community in Kingston, you’ll find various groups and clubs that organize paddleboarding events, group sessions, and social gatherings. Joining such a community can enhance your paddling experience and introduce you to new friends who share your enthusiasm for paddleboarding.

What are the popular paddleboarding spots in London?

London, being home to the majestic River Thames, offers a plethora of renowned paddleboarding spots that attract water sports enthusiasts from around the city and beyond. Within this expansive waterway are several sought-after paddleboarding locations that provide unforgettable experiences for paddlers.

River Thames paddleboarding locations

Along the stretches of the River Thames, numerous paddleboarding spots allow enthusiasts to traverse the iconic waterway and revel in the historical landmarks and scenic beauty that line its banks.

Richmond paddleboarding spots

Richmond, situated along the River Thames, boasts popular paddleboarding spots that blend natural beauty and urban charm. Paddleboarders can explore the serene waters around Richmond and witness the captivating views from a unique vantage point.

Teddington paddleboarding areas

Teddington, another picturesque riverside location, provides excellent paddleboarding areas where enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the tranquillity of the Thames and enjoy paddling amidst stunning surroundings.

What paddleboarding activities are available in Kingston upon Thames?

For those seeking paddleboarding activities in Kingston upon Thames, diverse options cater to different interests and skill levels. Whether you’re looking for taster sessions, yoga on a paddleboard, or beginner-friendly experiences, you can engage in various paddleboarding activities within this idyllic setting.

Stand-up paddleboarding taster sessions.

Individuals new to paddleboarding can participate in stand-up paddleboarding taster sessions, where they can learn the basics of paddling, balancing, and maneuvering the board under the guidance of experienced instructors.

Paddleboard yoga sessions along the Thames

For those seeking a unique and refreshing experience, paddleboard yoga sessions along the Thames offer the perfect blend of tranquillity and fitness. Participants can engage in yoga practice while floating on the water, immersing themselves in the soothing ambiance of the river.

Beginner paddleboarding sessions in Kingston

Beginners can take advantage of the accessible beginner paddleboarding sessions available in Kingston, designed to introduce the fundamentals of paddleboarding in a supportive and encouraging environment.

How can I join the paddleboarding community in Kingston?

Joining a paddleboarding community in Kingston allows enthusiasts to connect with like-minded individuals, access group activities, and stay informed about the latest paddleboarding events and initiatives. Whether you’re looking to join an established community or locate paddleboarding groups, there are opportunities to become part of the vibrant paddleboarding scene in Kingston upon Thames.

Joining SUP4, a community of like-minded paddleboarders

SUP4 is a prominent community of paddleboarders in Kingston, offering opportunities for paddlers to come together, share their experiences, and participate in various paddleboarding events and activities.

Locating paddleboarding groups in Kingston upon Thames

Enthusiasts can locate various paddleboarding groups and clubs in Kingston upon Thames, providing a platform to connect with other paddlers and engage in group paddling excursions and social gatherings.

Finding nearby paddleboard rentals and events

For individuals seeking paddleboarding activities and events, various rental and watersport centers in Kingston offer access to paddleboard equipment and information about local paddleboarding events and gatherings.

What are the recommended paddleboarding activities along the Thames?

Exploring the scenic routes and riverside locations along the River Thames provides paddleboarders with captivating experiences. Whether you wish to indulge in riverside paddling, discover the picturesque river routes, or engage in beginner-friendly paddleboarding experiences, the Thames offers a diverse range of activities for enthusiasts.

Best places for Riverside stand up paddleboarding in Kingston

Kingston offers some of the best places for Riverside stand up paddleboarding along the Thames, allowing paddlers to enjoy the serenity of the river and appreciate the enchanting riverside scenery.

Exploring the scenic river routes for paddleboarding

Explorers can delight in exploring the scenic river routes for paddleboarding along the Thames, providing a unique perspective of London’s waterways and historical landmarks.

Paddleboarding experience in Surrey for beginners

For beginners, the Thames presents a beautiful setting to embark on a paddleboarding experience in Surrey, offering calm waters and breathtaking surroundings for an enjoyable and accessible introduction to the sport.

Take a trip on the river.

This stretch of the Thames is used all year round by domestic rowing clubs, and from March to October, the passengers boast about starting their hot month’s schedule of leisurely journeys from Kingston to Hampton Court and Richmond.

A round tour of Hampton Court will take seventy minutes to reject the inevitable traffic jams for the Hampton Court Flower.

Hampton Court Rail Station is a hop away from the river opposite the palace for a fast trip back. You can enjoy SUP boarding at the Thames.


You cannot honestly talk about things to do in Kingston without mentioning shopping. Like most market towns, Kingston’s layout makes it simple to navigate, and much of it is pedestrianized.

It has a critical high street, a remarkable ancient market square, a shopping mall, and a vintage shopping place on London Road, all linked by little streets with cafes and little independent shops.

Kingdom is hugely famous as a shopping place that has truly blossomed in the last couple of years with the refurbishments of the Market Palace and the explosion of great new locations to eat.

SUP Board Kingston upon Thames London UK
SUP Board Kingston upon Thames London UK

Do a riverside cycle.

Starting in Kingston, go to Kingston Bridge and turn left up the town path.

You can cycle to Hampton Court, and if you are feeling dynamic, cross Hampton Court Bridge and follow the river up to Walton on the Thames.

You cannot go wrong with any of the cafes on Bridge Road at Hampton Court, and do not forget the Tiltyard Cafe.

Eat al fresco by the Riverside.

The riverside development opened in Kingston last year, and it is a fantastic location to spend a summer evening.

The best selection of pubs and restaurants provides food and drink, all with a riverside view.

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Paddleboarding the length of the River Thames

Tigerxbang SUP Board 10'6" Stand Up Paddle Board | 320x80x15cm | for Adults/Kids| ISUP Surfing Complete Kit

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  • 【Classic Black Tiger Collection Paddle Board】TigerxBang Classic Black Tiger Paddle boards are a tribute to freedom and the spirit of adventure. Manufactured with High-class Material , this SUP board is handcrafted through several steps and come with premiun accessories. The paddleboarding is decorated with the iconic Tiger print in black and white, full of classic elements of the brand, it has become a must-have item for paddleboarding, greet to a adventure tour.
  • 【Perfect Size Combination】Made of double-sided sandwich fabric and high-density drop stitches to make the board more sturdy but the weight is only 11.5kg (25lb).32 inches in width makes for greater buoyancy and sufficient area to support stand or sit down, it is the ideal size for many SUP paddlers. The thickness is 6 inches, will not easily deform in water even under weight, our SUP board provides more stable driving and better performance.
  • 【Various Leisure Methods】 All around SUP board is suitable for novices,beginners and intermediates paddler.The paddle board is 320cm long and 82cm wide and 15cm thick.Recommed Capacity is 330lbs, the biggest capacity is up to 550lb, You can take the SUP board to lakes,seas,rivers,for surfing,yoga, fishing,or sit back and enjoy the scenery of nature.
  • 【Complete SUP Accessories】 Tigerxbang paddle board provide everything needed for SUP adventure.SN005-SB(board+fins+repair kits) SN005-NS(board+single-blade paddle+hand pump+backpack+leash+fins+repair kits) SN005-A/B/C+SN038(board+single-blade paddle+seat+hand pump+backpack+leash+fins+repair kits) SN005-DHP(board+double-blade paddle+seat+hand pump+backpack+leash+fins+repair kits) SN005-DEP(board+double-blade paddle+seat+Electric pump+backpack+leash+fins+repair kits)
  • 【Reduce Chance of Injury】 A large anti-skid EVA pad is installed in the middle of SUP board,which can avoid accidents to the greatest extent.The bungee cord on the paddle board allows you to easily store backpacks and other items.Safety leash ensure that you don't have to worry about accidents when paddling.We provide a 1-year warranty, you can contact us at any time if you have any questions.

Tigerxbang 10ft SUP Board Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board|6”Thick|Pump|Backpack|Adjustable Paddle|Leash|Repair Kit-300×76×15 CM

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  • 【PREMIUM&DURABLE MATERIAL】 Tigerxbang inflatable stand up paddle board is made from an extremely durable double-sided needle drop material, which can ensure maximum durability. When the pressure is expressed to 13-15 PSI, the inflatable board is like a piece of cardboard.
  • 【EXCELLENT BALANCE PERFORMANCE】 The thickness of 6 inches increases the buoyancy of the paddle board in the water and is not easy to deform. One central fin and two side fins provide excellent stability, making the board easy to turn and control.
  • 【LIGHTWEIGHT&PORTABLE DESIGN】 The central handle allows you to easily carry the board to the water shore.The air pump makes paddle boards easy to inflate and deflate.Carry backpack can accommodate inflatable board and all accessories.
  • 【COMPLETE SURFING ACCESSORIES】 You can get: a inflatable board, a ankle leash,a adjustable aluminum paddle, a hand pump with digital pressure gauge,a repair kit,a removable fin and a backpack.
  • 【ABOUT TIGERXBANG PADDLE BOARD】 Inflatable paddle board size :300x71x15cm and light 10.5kg (23lb), max load 220lb,max psi 15,our board is suitable for novice sportsmen and beginners skill,and suits in most water environments.

AQUAPLANET ALLROUND TEN SUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Kit | 3M | 10’ Long | Adjustable Paddle | Carry Backpack | Dual-Action Pump | Ankle Safety Leash | Repair Kit | Waterproof Dry Bag

£279.00  in stock
3 new from £279.00
Free shipping
as of June 23, 2024 9:08 pm


  • A VERSATILE SUP: Our Allround Ten is the ultimate standup all-rounder: perfect for kids, teenagers & adults (up to 85kg), this board comes into its own whether you're floating on lakes, rivers, canals, or calm seas.
  • MADE TO LAST: Our paddleboards are built with ultra-tough high density laminated drop stitch material. Double layered reinforced side rails for high pressure inflation & increased stiffness.
  • ✔️ INCLUDED IN THE KIT: Paddleboard & accessories including: adjustable paddle, ankle safety leash, removable fin, waterproof dry bag, SUP carry strap, sturdy backpack, repair kit, premium dual action air inflator pump.
  • SIZE & MEASUREMENTS: Dimensions: 10 ft (3m) long, 30in (76cm) wide, 5in (12cm) thick. Recommended max. paddler weight 85kg, max total payload 120kg. For best performance inflate to 15-17psi (boards pressure tested to 25 psi+).
  • ✨ OUR PROMISE: Aquaplanet Sports is a UK based company & our team of SUP experts are always on hand to help with customer service, buying advice & paddleboard expertise. Our boards are built to last & backed up with our rock solid full year warranty.

Bluefin SUP Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board | 6” Thick | Kayak Conversion Kit | All Accessories | Multiple sizes: Kids, 10’8, 12’, 15' (Blue 15')

£674.10  in stock
as of June 23, 2024 9:08 pm


  • 15' - LOOKING FOR THE MOST STABLE, VERSATILE, ALL-INCLUSIVE SUP PACKAGE ON THE MARKET? Only Bluefin uses 1000 Denier Exo Surface Laminate PVC & Pro Weave Drop Stitch. These materials make our boards so tough they are can hold up to 28 PSI and are the most rigid and stable inflatable SUP you’ll ever buy.
  • WE PLANT A TREE FOR EVERY PURCHASE - The environment is at the heart of everything we do at Bluefin. While we seek to use recycled materials in our manufacturing processes, Bluefin remain committed to planting a tree for every purchase made, helping to give back to our planet’s natural resources.
  • KAYAK CONVERSION KIT & HELMLOCK ATTACHMENT POINT Use our D-rings to transform your SUP into a SUP kayak in seconds! Clip on our comfortable padded seat & swap the SUP handle for our specialist kayak paddle blade. Integrated Helmlock attachment point is universal and makes capturing the action easy with our Action Camera and Action Camera Mount (each sold separately)
  • DURABLE TRAVEL SUP BACKPACK and LIGHTWEIGHT FIBREGLASS PADDLE - The most comfortable SUP backpack available with loads of extra padding and super wide straps. Our 2 piece paddle has an ergonomic fibreglass shaft weighing almost 45% less than standard SUP paddles. Noflutter polyurethane composite blade is impossible to chip or damage. Both float
  • SMART LOCK FIN and DOUBLE ACTION PUMP - Our versatile 8” centre fin with optimised rake provides ultimate glide and versatility for day to day paddling. No metal parts to lose, clip it in securely in seconds. Double action pump inflates Cruise on both the UP and DOWN portion of every pump.

Portofino Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, 10ft x 33" x 4.75" SUP, All Round Paddleboard With Accessories, Backpack Bag, Adjustable Aluminium Oar, Pump, Pressure Gauge, Leash, Removable Fin

£249.99  in stock
as of June 23, 2024 9:08 pm


  • EXCELLENT ALL-ROUND SUP FOR EVERY SKILLSET & ALL CONDITIONS: Searching for an all-round SUP that’s perfect for kids, newbies, and experienced paddlers alike? Then the Portofino 10ft Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board from Trail Outdoor Leisure is the SUP for you. From riding small waves to exploring canals, lakes, and rivers, it’s a top SUP for all conditions. The SUP measures 10’ x 33” x 4.75”, weighs 7.8kg and supports a max weight of 120kg.
  • SUP STARTER SET COMES WITH ALL THE KIT YOU NEED: The Portofino comes with everything you need to hit the water, so there’s no need to splash out on any extras. A high-pressure pump with pressure gauge allows you to accurately inflate it to 15 PSI in less than 5 minutes whilst an easy-load backpack with padding makes it comfortable to carry. It also includes a coil leash, aluminium paddle and slide-and-click removable fin for simple storage.
  • PERFECT COMBINATION OF LENGTH, WIDTH & THICKNESS: Like many all-round SUPs, the Portofino measures 10-feet long. But that’s where the similarities end. With a width of 33-inches, it’s wider than most all-rounders for greater buoyancy. It’s also 4.75-inches thick, rather than the 6-inches favoured by many SUPs. This makes it easier to carry, faster to inflate, and gives you a lower centre of gravity for a stable ride and more confident performance.
  • DESIGNED FOR SUPERIOR RIGIDITY, STABILITY & TRACKING: There’s far more to the Portofino than style alone. Its inflatable drop-stitch construction makes it incredibly lightweight when deflated and extremely rigid when inflated. Flex is further reduced by a laminated shell and internal and external rails for ultimate durability. A Griptech deck makes balancing a breeze whilst its extra-long 18cm x 20cm removable fin helps it track straighter on the water.
  • ALL THE FEATURES YOU NEED FOR A SUPREME SUP EXPERIENCE: No stone has been left unturned when designing the Portofino. Among the extra features incorporated in its design are a padded handle to easily carry it when inflated, an elasticated bungee cord to secure onboard essentials, and two D-ring tow hitches to connect a rope and pull it along. You can also convert it into a sit-down kayak using the SUP to kayak conversion kit (sold separately).

AQUA SPIRIT iSUP Inflatable Stand up Paddle Board for Adult Beginners/Intermediate with Backpack, Leash, Paddle, Changing Mat & Waterproof Phone Case

£229.99  in stock
2 new from £229.99
1 used from £179.99
Free shipping
as of June 23, 2024 9:08 pm


  • A TOP ALL-ROUND CHOICE FOR RIDERS OF ALL LEVELS AND SIZES: This 320cm iSUP should be inflated to 15 PSI to be solid yet light, perform better on the water and have a more stable feel. With the Tempo, you can rest assured that you have everything you need to get on the water right away.
  • IMPROVED STABILITY AND MANEUVERABILITY - This inflatable stand up paddle board features triple bottom fins, a wide 81cm design and a non-slip EVA deck pad that allows for better stability and easier steering. The redesigned deck pad offers more traction and comfort when paddling, sitting and kneeling.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & EASY TO CARRY: The Aqua Spirit Tempo is one of the most adventure-friendly paddle boards on the market. Our paddleboards are designed to be easy to store, use and take anywhere. So when the sun comes out and you want to get in the water, the Tempo Paddle Board is your comfy companion.
  • FROM THE FORWARD-LOOKING UK SUP EXPERTS YOU CAN DEPEND ON: When you choose an Aqua Spirit SUP you can be assured of fast dispatch times, fully tracked delivery and a UK customer service team ready to help you to support your order. Aqua Spirit have sold over 100,000 boards worldwide and we are confident in the quality of our SUPs.
  • SPEED IMPORTANT STATISTICS: Size (inflated): 320x81x15cm/10”6ftx32"x6" | Volume: 309L | Maximum driver weight: 120 kg | Go-Pro mount: Yes | D-rings: 8x | Pump: Double Action | Paddle: aluminum shaft and nylon blade | central fin | Suitable for: lakes, rivers, canals and calm seas | Recommended inflation: 15 PSI | Panel Material: High quality high density PVC drop stitch
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