Best KARLTION Sup Paddle
Best KARLTION Sup Paddle

This is the ultimate buyer’s guide to the Best Karltion Sup Paddle.

We recommend using Karltion SUP Paddle – Adjustable 3 Pieces Stand-Up Board Paddles Floating Aluminum Alloy Shaft Easy Packable Travel SUP-Black as available at a reasonable price.

The Karltion Sup Paddle is excellent for any beginner or intermediate surfer.

This product has ergonomic comfort in mind, making it more comfortable to hold onto for more extended periods.

It also features an anti-slip grip, so you can feel confident about your purchase no matter how long you’re surfing!

These are just two of the many reasons why this is one of the best SUP paddles today.

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Review contents

The Best Karltion Sup Paddle

Karltion Sup Paddle is the first of its kind to offer a protective layer for your paddle shaft.

Its patented design provides an essential barrier against corrosion, salt water, and other harsh elements that would otherwise cause irreparable damage to the wooden shafts on any board sports equipment.

The company’s mission is simple-to keep people in touch with their passions by providing high-quality products while also preserving them for generations to come.

If you are looking for a complex working product that will stand up to anything you throw at it or need help finding one tailored specifically for your needs, please call us today!

We have been manufacturing superior paddles since 1984, so we know what works best when designing gear.

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Karltion SUP Paddle – Adjustable 3 Pieces Stand-Up

With the ever-increasing popularity of SUP boarding, the demand for the availability of various types of SUP paddles has risen. Several SUPs brands like KARLTION stand-alone SUP paddle companies have developed a wide range of paddles.

For most when starting something new, budget is often a consideration. This means for several buying an Alloy SUP paddle. Alloy paddles are solid, fine, and durable paddles that’ll forever get you on the water without a huge expense.

While the shaft of the SUP paddles is alloyed, usually the blades are a PU/nylon, again highly durable. Alloy paddles do have a few shortcomings, most notably the build’s heavyweight. Typically speaking, the lighter the SUP paddle, the less effort is needed to paddle, meaning the further you can travel and spend a lot more time on the water.

PU/Nylon plastic blades also tend to flex, meaning that they do not deliver the total amount of power from your paddle stroke. While we’re happy to have many returning customers, we find most to upgrade their paddles for lighter options.

So in answer to the question, which KARLTION paddle is best for starting? My answer would make paddling the easiest and, therefore, most enjoyable. Alloy paddles are fine and do all you’d expect, but if you’re going to be swimming more and more, it’s worth going for the lightest build you can.

If it is your paddleboard and you spend a lot of time exploring your local flat and smooth waters, you aim to find something super light and blade surface area resulting in an effective and potential stroke.

Whereas if you share SUP among family members, small or large, you will probably want something adjustable and ultra-durable like a KARLTION paddle.

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What length should my KARLTION SUP paddle be?

Standup board paddle length is the main factor to getting the most from your tie on water. KARLTION paddles provide a fine starting point but do not be shy about tweaking this to find what is ideal for you.

You’ve to factor in the paddleboard you’re using and the paddling you’ll do. The eventual goal is to have the KARLTION paddle blade wholly engaged at the point of your stroke called the catch when you’re first engaging your KARLTION paddle into the water – think no splashing, while your top arm is no higher than shoulder height. To this rightly, a thicker SUP will need a long SUP paddle length.

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What is dihedral on standup paddle?

A dihedral paddle has a spine on the blade, offering the power side of the blade a peaked counter, usually starting from the top blade and fading towards the bottom edge. The primary purpose of a dihedral blade is to boost the paddle’s stability throughout the stroke.

As your KARLTION SUP paddle enters the water, the dihedral spine makes way for the blade and causes the water to shed off both blade forms to prevent fluttering.

Fluttering is when the SUP blade wobbles from side to side during a stroke. If you’ve issues with blade fluttering in your stroke, the dihedral blade might be an excellent option.

As minor fluttering means, you’re less to bang the rails of your paddleboard with your paddle and are more likely to achieve a more even and efficient stroke.

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Is there any difference in paddling performance between a three-piece and fixed-length paddle?

Selecting a custom fixed-length paddle, a two-piece adjustable paddle, and a three-piece adjustable paddle does need some thought. If you’re looking purely for the most delicate performing paddle, then a fixed-length SUP paddle cut to fit you and your needs is best.

As the KARLTION SUP paddle shaft is a single piece and most likely to be glass fiber carbon composite or perhaps 100 percent carbon, then made flex in the post will be consistent and as intended by the designer. Though, as the paddle is fitted to you, it does mean that it simply would not suit others.

Two pieces paddles do let for use by a border range of people and be shared amongst the family as they can adjust to suit. These KARLTION paddles also retain almost all of the design characteristics of the shaft, as the adjustable part is only in the top 3rd of the paddle.

Though, these paddles are a bit heavier than their one-piece counterparts. Though both the fixed length and two pieces adjustable KARLTION paddles are considered when looking to store and transport your paddleboard and paddle.

This is where three-piece adjustable SUP paddles come into their own, especially when paired with an inflatable SUP. Made to fit the least accommodating of inflatable bags, three-piece SUP paddles are incredibly simple to transport live with.

Considering the expansive brand of brands also provides their top-end SUP paddles in a three-piece variant, it’s not like your overall weights are marginally higher.

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Why are some paddles offered with various-sized blades?

The size of a paddle’s blade can be compared directly to the gears on a bike – the higher the gear or the slight the edge, the less effort stroke needs with less forward motion generated. The lower the equipment, the larger the blade, the more potential is required, and the more forward motion is generated.

Yet, it’s possible for two paddlers, one on a small blade and one on a bigger blade to travel at a similar pace. If you look at this over a space of a couple of miles, anyone on a bigger blade will tire instantly. Whereas if they were on to more minor an edge, the paddler is simply not getting the desired balance on an effective forward motion from every stroke.

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Karltion SUP Paddle - Adjustable 3 Pieces Stand-Up Board Paddles Floating Aluminum Alloy Shaft Easy Packable Travel SUP-Black

$19.95  in stock
as of May 27, 2024 6:25 pm


  • DURABLE MATERIAL: Strong aluminum shaft construction is lightweight, responsive and can withstand the wear and tear of river paddling , and the durable PP & fiberglass blade delivers long-time durability for all the paddling adventures in your future
  • THREE IN ONE PIECE : This paddle is made in a 3-piece construction that makes it easy to fit your length and it is easy to pack. After assembling, it is stronger and more durable. It has buoyancy, does not sink, prevents accidental falling into the water and cannot be salvaged
  • ADJUSTABLE: The Easy Clip adjustable ferrule lets you precisely adjust the paddle length anywhere within its size range. It is adjusted easily from 65’’ to 87’’ (165cm to 220cm) Highly adjustable length will fit the whole family
  • CLEVER DETAIL DESIGN: T Handle Ergonomic palm grip increases paddle contro, non-slip and difficult to fall off . In addition,the teardrop blade shape efficiently translates your power to the water and its midsize reduces torque on the body for less paddling fatigue
  • A MUST CHOICE FOR BEGINNER OR EXPERIENCED : Whether you are a beginner or an experienced paddle boarder, having a quality SUP paddle is an important part of the experience. This paddle is a real allrounder for flat water and small waves . The Tower 3-piece adjustable sup paddle will fit almost all paddle boarders needs at a value price

Karltion SUP Paddle - 3 Pieces Adjustable Aluminium SUP Paddle Alloy Shaft Paddle Board Paddles with Glass Fiber Blade for Surfing, Floating,Water Sport-Turquoise

$22.95  in stock
as of May 27, 2024 6:25 pm


  • DURABLE&FLOATING: It is built with a 3-piece strong marine-grade aluminum shaft and a though Plastic blade. The Plastic blade is great for paddling in shallow waters and rocks because it's shock proof, and cannot be easily damaged. Has an internal floater to not sink in the water when fully assembled.
  • ADJUSTABLE &LIGHTWEIGHT: It weighs only 1.88 lbs (0.87kg) and can be height adjusted from 65 to 87 inches (1,52 to 2,2 m), which makes it suitable to a very broad range of paddlers from 4' to 6'4" tall (1.22 to 1.92 m). An easy click & go system enables you to share your paddle with friends and family.
  • PORTABLE: It's very portable and suitable for traveling around with your SUP and it takes only seconds to assemble or break down. When not assembled it's only 33.85 inches tall (86 cm) and can be packed in a small box/bag.
  • HIGH COST-PERFORMANCE: The Karltion 3-Piece Adjustable Travel Paddle is affordable yet durable, a good quality paddle, it's a great choice for who don't want to spend a significant amount of money on a full carbon sup paddle.
  • A MUST CHOICE FOR BEGINNER OR EXPERIENCED : Whether you are a beginner or an experienced paddle boarder, having a quality SUP paddle is an important part of the experience. This paddle is a real allrounder for flat water and small waves . The Tower 3-piece adjustable sup paddle will fit almost all paddle boarders needs at a value price.

YVLEEN Alloy SUP Paddle - Adjustable Stand Up Paddle Board Paddle - 3-Piece or 4-Piece Floating Kayak Paddle

$43.99  in stock
as of May 27, 2024 6:25 pm


  • HEAVY-DUTY - 4-pieces combination paddle board paddle.It can be separated freely.This paddle is made of high quality aluminium alloy, light in weight, easy to carry, and the aluminium rod is strengthened so that the force will not deform. T-type handle with ergonomic design, good grip, laser scale, more grade, stand up paddle weight is only 2.13lb (968g) ,height adjustable range 68-85inches (175-215cm)
  • FANTASTIC - This stand up paddle can also be converted into Kayak Paddle, which can be used for surfboards/inflatable boats/ fishing/rubber boats/kayaks and other boats, making your taxiing more interesting, especially for all kinds of oarsmen, beginners and teenagers.
  • DOUBLE ABS LOCKING DEVICE DESIGN - 304 stainless steel adjustable screw, special groove of aluminium tube, surface with reinforcing rib, increase strength, use process rod body will not rotate, with unique design, it can be more easily adjusted than most paddle blades, it can be assembled in a few seconds.
  • TOP-RATED - Equipped with two durable PP + fiberglass paddle blades, the blade has excellent material quality, strong endurance, strong stroke will not soften, more durable, this paddle can maintain a harsh environment, floating in brine and fresh water. so don't worry about losing it even if it falls into the water.
  • A FRIENDLY REMINDER - Before use, please rotate the paddle lock and tighten it to lock the handle tightly.We offer 2 Piece Paddle blades, 1 intermediate connecting shaft and 1 T-handle for a total of 4 pieces. If you encounter any quality problems, please feel free to contact our customer team.Our goal is to provide the paddlers with a reasonable price of high quality paddle.

Perception Kayaks Outlaw 3-Piece Kayak Paddle | SUP - Kayak Convertible | Nylon Blade | Aluminum Shaft (90.5 in), Black (8080064)

 in stock


  • Three-piece design allows paddler to easily convert from kayak to SUP paddle - so that Outlaw owners can more easily paddle their boat from a standing position
  • Comes with grip/shaft that can be exchanged with one of the blades for the standup paddling mode
  • 230cm base paddle with up to 20cm of additional length adjustment
  • Kayak assembly has an adjustable length range from 230cm to 250cm
  • SUP assembly has an adjustable length range from 188cm to 208cm

Overmont Aluminum Alloy SUP Paddle - 3 Piece Adjustable Stand Up Paddleboard Paddle

 out of stock


  • PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS, CASUAL PADDLERS AND RENTAL SHOPS--- Overmont SUP paddle is guaranteed to float in both salt and fresh water when all pieces are assembled, a great and safe choice even for those who have never stand up paddleboarded before. It is also of great help for paddling stronger and more efficiently.
  • BUILT TO LAST: Overmont SUP Paddle delivers a lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum shaft, a durable polypropylene blade and a super comfortable ergonomically designed handle.
  • ADJUSTABLE FOR ALL PADDLERS: Overmont 3-piece paddle is easy to adjust to your desired height from 67 to 85 inches (1.7 - 2.15m) within seconds, making it ideal for all paddlers above the height of 4 feet 8 inches. Weighs only about 2 lbs, even children can handle it easily.
  • EASILY CARRIED: Go on a local or international adventure with Overmont SUP paddle! Break it down into 3 pieces and throw it in the back of your car or carry it on to a plane. Our paddle travels and stores like none other.
  • OUR PROMISE -- Stand-up paddleboarding is part of our lifestyle and our mission is to provide affordable, high-quality paddles to casual paddlers. Contact our customer service team if ever you are not fully satisfied with your purchase, we’ll definitely find a satisfactory solution for you within 24 hours.

Abahub 3-Piece SUP Paddles, Lightweight Stand-up Paddle Oars for Paddleboard, Adjustable Aluminum Alloy PU Coated Shaft 68" - 84", Black Plastic Nylon Blade

$26.95  in stock
4 used from $29.66
Free shipping
as of May 27, 2024 6:25 pm


  • PERFECT CHOICE FOR BEGINNERS: A large 102 square inches with concave grooves design, this blade ensures a powerful and stable stroke, by reducing flutter during the paddling. The ergonomic handle also helps reduce fatigue on the shoulder. It floats in both salt water and fresh water(When the whole paddle is assembled), and thus is a perfect choice for beginners, casual paddlers, and rental shops.
  • THOUGHTFUL DESIGN FOR DURABILITY: The shaft is made of 1.3mm thick aircraft grade aluminum alloy; the UV-stable blade is made of polypropylene and reinforced with fiberglass. The anti-twist clamp and locking pin system prevents loosening in the water. Assembled with mature craftmanship, this affordable SUP paddle sustains punishing environment. On top of that, the lower shaft is coated with a PU layer, which provides more comfort on grip, esp. for long distance or cold weather paddling.
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE TO DIFFERENT USE: Can be assembled and adjusted easily from 68’’ to 84’’, this paddle is designed to fit most paddlers with different use. Our recommended paddle length is your height plus 6-8” for SUP surfing, plus 8-10” for flatwater and plus 10-12” for SUP racing. *Important: The screws on the clamps need to be checked and tightened if needed before using.
  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY: When broken down into 3 pcs, this SUP paddle is 34.5” in length and 8.2” in width, and weighs about 35 oz (1 kg), thus an ideal option for carrying around and travel for both local and international excursion.
  • WHY SHOP ABAHUB: We've been manufacturing paddles for over 10 years. We know what we're doing and we stand by our products. If you're not happy with our products, we'll offer you replacement or refund with "No Question Asked”.

SUP Paddle - 3 Piece Adjustable Stand Up Paddle Board Paddles - Lightweight & Floating Paddleboard Oar - Durable & Packable for Travel - High-Grade Aluminum Shaft & Nylon Blade for Efficient Strokes

 in stock
as of May 27, 2024 6:25 pm


  • THE GO-TO ENTRY LEVEL PADDLE: Get ready to conquer the waves with our top-notch entry-level paddle - it's lightweight, durable, and is super easy to use! With a marine-grade aluminum shaft and a nylon blade, our adjustable paddleboard paddles will take you places without weighing you down. Get ready to paddle in style and make a splash with this awesome sup oar stand up paddle.
  • CONQUER THE WATER YEAR AFTER YEAR: Our Adventurer SUP oar for paddle board are durable paddle board paddles designed to withstand the punishment of beginners and renters. The Adventurer stand-up paddle has a Marine Grade Aluminum shaft and a durable polypropylene blade. The result: a durable paddle sup that will last for years.
  • ADJUST SIZE IN SECONDS: Say goodbye to the hassle of paddle sizing and hello to adventure with the Adventurer adjustable sup paddle! With just a click, this paddle can be customized from 61 inches to 81 inches - perfect for the whole family, whether you're a towering giant or a little tyke. Weighing in at just 2lbs 2oz, even the kiddos can handle it with ease! Plus, it makes for a great replacement paddle for sup needs. Get ready to paddle your way to fun in no time!
  • EFFORTLESS PADDLING DESIGN: The Adventurer stand up paddle board paddles feature a symmetrical blade design that provides balanced and efficient strokes, making it easy for any level paddler to navigate on the water. Whether you're exploring calm lakes or tackling moderate waves, this paddle will make your paddling experience effortless.
  • PADDLE ANYWHERE, ANYTIME: The Adventurer stand-up paddle is a 3 piece paddle which makes it easy to store away and can easily fit in the trunk of any car. Adventurer paddle board paddles adjustable feature is convenient and can be broken down and reassembled in seconds and packs down to just 38 inches in length.

NIXY Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle – 88 sq in Blade, Adjustable 3 Piece Pro Paddle with ABS Blade Edge for Stand Up Paddle Board – Durable, Lightweight Floating Paddle - 3K, 3K Bamboo, or 12K Finish

$229.00  in stock
as of May 27, 2024 6:25 pm


  • REINFORCED 100% FULL CARBON FIBER PADDLE: Experience the ultimate in paddleboarding with our paddle, entirely constructed from carbon fiber and reinforced with an ABS edge. This design offers an unbeatable combination of lightness, durability, and strength, providing an enhanced performance for all paddleboard enthusiasts.
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE WITH ANTI TWIST SYSTEM: With an adjustable height range of 175 cm - 215 cm, our paddle can be easily assembled and adjusted to fit your height and paddling style. The shaft is also secured with a premium latch lock to ensure no movement during your paddling session, making adjusting the paddle a breeze.
  • SUPER LIGHT, PORTABLE AND FLOATS: Weighing approximately 22 oz (624 gm), our paddle is designed to help you paddle longer, further, or with less effort. It’s lightweight design and floats, making it easy to retrieve in case it falls in the water. It’s easy to assemble and disassemble design makes it perfect for taking on any adventure on the water, and it comes with a premium 37.5" paddle bag for safe storage and transportation.
  • SIZE SPECIFICATIONS: The paddle is tailored to meet the needs of all paddlers. For those under 145 lbs., the 86 size is ideal, providing a balance of power and control. The 88 size is perfect for those weighing between 140-190 lbs., offering a blend of strength and maneuverability. For those over 185 lbs., the 94 size is recommended, designed to deliver powerful strokes and optimal performance.
  • WHY NIXY: Based in Southern California, our team of experienced paddle boarders and kayakers is committed to crafting high-quality, premium paddle boards, kayaks and accessories that exceed your expectations. We take pride in providing outstanding customer support and fostering a community that shares a deep appreciation for the outdoors and the joy of being on the water. Start your water adventures with confidence, backed by our 1-Year Warranty and Risk-Free Returns within 30 days.

OCEANBROAD SUP Paddle Board Paddle 3 Pieces Adjustable Carbon Shaft Stand up Paddle with Bag

$69.95  in stock
as of May 27, 2024 6:25 pm


  • DESIGNED AND BUILT TO LAST: Made of carbon fiber shaft and tough nylon blade, assembled with water stoppers, this SUP paddle sustains punishing environment, floats in both salt water and fresh water.
  • STIFF FIBERGLASS REINFORCED NYLON BLADE: The UV-stable nylon blade ensures a stiff and durable paddle board paddle at a better price. Wtih the 98 square inches with curved and grooved design, you will feel the powerful and stable stroke of it, no worry of over flex or fluttering .
  • CARBON SHAFT WITH ANTI SLIP HANDLE: Carbon fiber shaft contributes to the light weight of the paddle at around 850g (30 oz). The shaft is also featured with an upgraded patterned oval handle , and an extra clamp to double secure the third section with almost zero tolerance. *Note: The screws on the clamps need to be checked and tightened up before using.
  • DETATCHABLE WITH FREE BAG: Adjustable from 67’’ to 86’’ (170cm to 218cm), it’s ideal for you to share with families and friends of various heights. You can take the SUP paddle apart to 3 pieces(Max. length at 37’’), and travel around or put away it easily with the travel bag .
  • WORRY FREE PURCHASE: OCEANBROAD offers complete customer satisfaction of replacement or refund for any quality issues.

BKC Combination 4 Piece SUP and Kayak Adjustable Ultra-Light Paddle with Maximum Stability

 out of stock


  • Stability: The blade wing is constructed slightly backward from the blade center which provides maximum stability no matter at which angle you paddle.
  • Multiple combinations: The combo paddle comes with four pieces that can be put together as an adjustable single-bladed SUP paddle or double-bladed kayak paddle. The SUP paddle adjustable length has an easy and reliable locking mechanism to keep the paddle at the proper length.
  • Superior Construction: The shaft is constructed with ultra light aluminum and plastic material with an EPE core to ensure flotation. The blow-molded handle reduces weight while providing maximum strength and grip comfort.
  • Lightweight and portable: The multi-piece construction allows for easy storage and the ultra-light weight construction won’t weigh you down.
  • Specifications: Constructed with a 16.5 x 8.5 inch nylon blade, adjustable aluminum shaft and polypropylene handle. The shaft can be adjusted between 5 feet 7 inches and 6 feet 10 inches for the single-blade SUP paddle combination and 7 feet 3 inches for the double-bladed kayak combination.

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