Flying Fish Bermuda Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board SUP
Flying Fish Bermuda Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board SUP

There are many reasons the Flying Fish Bermuda Inflatable SUP is an attractive investment for new paddlers. Firstly, an 11’ long paddleboard weighing 350 lbs is excellent for tandem days on the water. Thirty-two inches width helps stability and provides a smooth glide.

It is also made from top-quality PVC material, and the thoughts drop stitching is exceptionally durable and hard-wearing, even if you hit sandbanks and rocks.

Next, a non-slip deck pad keeps your super comfortable and secure, while safety d-rings and bungee cord systems keep your accessories safe.

Best of all, this package comes with all the essentials. This Flying Fish Bermuda Inflatable SUP includes a high-pressure pump, folding paddle, removable fin, a safety leash, and a storage backpack. It is all you need for a basic setup to get on the water go.

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Features Flying Fish Bermuda Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle

The Flying Fish inflatable Bermuda is the perfect solution for you.

This lightweight, compact inflatable SUP is constructed with the latest fusion technology, making it durable and ridged.

Bermuda features bungee tie-downs, cooler tie-downs, and an Air7 fin box, allowing you to use your favorite fin.

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Advantages for paddler

Ensuring the quality of the board needs to be the main priority, and this one makes the ultimate option. Made of top-quality military-grade stuff, this one is lightweight but solid. Starting from new paddlers to pros, it’s ideal for people of every skill level.

The 11 feet long, 31 inches wide, and 6 inches thick measurement of the Flying Fish Bermuda Inflatable SUP makes it perfect for all sorts of water-related activities, whether leisure or fitness.

This Flying Fish Bermuda Inflatable SUP weighs only 11.3 kg. You can carry it simply wherever you want. Also, this kit’s essentials ensure you do not have to look for additional equipment to complete your gear.

Convenience and comfort are what this Flying Fish Bermuda Inflatable SUP package provides you. The backpack makes it simple to carry a mobile phone and keys while tripping. Flying Fish has been a well-known brand in the stand-up paddling industry for quite a long time.

The brand ensures the premium quality of this Flying Fish Bermuda Inflatable SUP and provides a warranty without any additional cost.

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Why should you purchase this Flying Fish Bermuda Inflatable SUP?

Selecting the correct paddling kit might be challenging for most of us. 2 of the most vital factors you’d consider are how it’ll fit your body and how you want to handle the water.

This Flying Fish Bermuda Inflatable SUP is lighter and ergonomically designed to make a supreme companion that suits every kind of activity in the water.

Whether a new or pro paddler, a complete paddling kit prepares you quickly for a water adventure, firstly, this paddling kit includes all you need for a comfortable and smooth visit.

Secondly, the top quality of the materials makes sure performance and durability. You do not need to worry about the exchanges and repairs with manufacturing.

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Performance and versatility of the board

The measurement, design, and weight of the Flying Fish Bermuda Inflatable SUP are three main points that determine the performance. The 32 inches length of the inflatable paddleboard is for new and pro paddlers!

The better design with action mounts and d-rings ensures impeccable performance, and the 20 percent lighter weight makes it super stable on the water.

This Flying Fish Bermuda Inflatable SUP features an extra-wide, which makes it perfect for many activities in the ocean, rivers, and freshwater lakes. Sup racing, surfing, touring, fishing, and kayaking are all possible when you ride on the exclusive paddle.

Though, it’s recommended by the company always to use advanced technology and only use this paddleboard if you can swim. This is not a flotation product to save you from drowning.

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The 6” thickness of this Flying Fish Bermuda Inflatable SUP provides better stability than metals. Several Flying Fish Bermuda Inflatable SUP reviews highlight that the weight capacity of this one does not disappoint you while paddling.

They’re adorable inflatable SUP boards in the market, which ensure higher weight capacity. While paddling, you find out that it is on you to the market with this 300 pounds capacity paddleboard.

It provides you with 300 pounds capacity and is extremely simple.

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S5tability and maneuverability are a little incomplete with all others. Typically the SUP with good stability disappoints you regarding paddleboard maneuverability.

Therefore, you must look for an acceptable trade-off between maneuverability and stability.

This one makes an ideal balance between the two, and you don’t have to sacrifice stability too much. The oval form of this Flying Fish Bermuda Inflatable SUP helps you turn it and maneuver it what you wish across tides.

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The top-quality military-grade material makes this Flying Fish Bermuda Inflatable SUP the most durable compared to the Inflatable SUPs of the same price.

The manufacturing brand highlights that the material used in this Flying Fish Bermuda Inflatable SUP is the same as boards.

To ensure optimum durability, the manufacturing company also provides a warranty at no further cost in the long run. Hence, this one makes an ideal option when it comes to durability.

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The ability of the Flying Fish Bermuda Inflatable SUP straight is known as tracking. Unless you’re paddling in a lake or river with shallow spots, opting for the bigger fins is much better for tracking. SUPs with firm center fins give you a better search than those with slightly flexible fins.

The Flying Fish Bermuda Inflatable SUP features an extensive and solid fin that allows you to paddle straight and ultra-smooth in various water conditions.

This one provides excellent tracking if you compare it to the other boards.

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What I like

  • It has a high-quality EVA foam traction pad
  • Ideal for new and pro paddlers
  • It can bear up to 350 pounds
  • Good for calm waters

What I don’t like

  • Expensive option as compared to other models


Board: 11’x32”x6”

Rider weight: up to 300 lbs.

Kit Includes:

  • Inflatable Board

  • 2-way Pump

  • 3-piece paddle

  • Carrying Bag

  • Removable fin

Flying Fish Bermuda Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board SUP
Flying Fish Bermuda Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board SUP
  • Bungee tie-downs front and rear
  • High-quality EVA foam traction pad
  • 3 Piece fiberglass adjustable paddle, pump, carrying bag, and fin
  • Air 7 fin box, allowing you to use any standard fin (fin included)
  • Max Capacity: 350 lbs. 15 PSI

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