Retrospec Weekender review from Ten Toes Paddle Board

Retrospec Weekender SUP is not the typical board you may look into when you are buying SUPs. Why? Starting from the way it looks, this board is more round than the others. The shape makes it easy for those to stand on it to remain balanced, safe and sound.

It’s also great for those who enjoy doing yoga on the board since there is a smaller chance that the board may rotate.

This board is recommended for those who are less than 250 lbs, but you can be a beginner as well as an advanced paddle boarder, doesn’t matter.

It is made from military-grade PVC, which means that it lasts much longer than your regular board, but it isn’t a smart idea to leave this one in the sun since the heat can create a thinning effect on the material.

Package board set

The board can be rolled up so you can transport them easily and you are getting a paddle, a pump and a backpack in the set as well. The accessories all fit into the backpack, which is suitable for those are beginners or those who like to travel and bring the board around.

You can also adjust the paddle depending on your height.

In this  Ten Toes Weekender sup review we will also talk about the technical characteristics of the board. The paddle is made from aluminum and it’s lightweight, which means that it will float. The board has three fins, a repair kit, and a 2-year warranty as well, so you don’t have to worry.

It may be a bit exhausting to pump the board up manually so you might consider using a car pump or an automatic pump: many people choose them over the regular manual pumps, especially for bigger boards. This one is average, which makes it easier for young people and women to use them. Price of this board varies, but you can find  Ten Toes Weekender sale and get board under 500$.


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