Aqua Marina Breeze Paddle Board
Aqua Marina Breeze Paddle Board

If you’re looking for a real deal, a bargain, Aqua Marina Breeze may be the one.

Many people aren’t ready to invest in a premium board that can cost over $600: many are just beginning to get into paddleboarding, and some people find it currently inconvenient…

The Aqua Marina Breeze Paddle Board has been released. Its design has entirely changed, in line, with the whole looks of the New Aqua Marina SUP collection.

The Aqua Marina Breeze Paddle Board is still the smallest and only 4.7 inches thick, but the paddleboard has become much longer than the older version.

Where it was 9′ in the previous model, the Aqua Marina Breeze Paddle Board is now 9 feet and 10 inches long, making a critical difference in the balance of this paddle board. The max carrying capacity has increased from 90 to 100kg, which is still relatively low.

Because of the enormous size, the SUP is slightly heavier, but only 0.9 pounds. So, it now weighs 17.9 pounds instead of the old variant of 16.5 pounds.

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Features Aqua Marina Breeze Paddle Board

Breeze by Aqua Marina is great-looking and is very popular among teens and young adults.

It’s a double-wall drop-stitch PVC material board that won’t disappoint you even in challenging moments.
The non-slip deck pad is essential, especially to those who are just beginning to get into paddle boarding and fans of sup fitness, yoga, sunbathing, and other activities.
You are getting accessories as well, so the deal is even better.


You’re getting additional (three) detachable fins, which will significantly improve your balance, a paddle, a carry bag, and a 20 PSI high-pressure hand pump (but since many people find a car pump more useful, It is you should probably get that who…

Aqua Marina Breeze Paddle Board Review
Aqua Marina Breeze Paddle Board Review

The Aqua. Recreational, beginner-friendly multipurpose ISUP offers great portability without losing a hardboard’s features. It is still around.


The Aqua Marina Breeze is a very user-friendly board. It can be easily set up in under 10 minutes. Using an electric pump to make it even more accessible would be best.

It’s great for the solo paddler since it’s lightweight and easily carried around in the included bag.

The board is made out of double-walled stitched PVC.

This paddleboard offers a removable center fin for added speed and water performance.

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It is a specialized design for users who want maneuverability and multipurpose capabilities. Its deck is made with a honeycomb groove designed for added traction, which offers a stable experience, even for users looking to sit on the board for extended periods.

The pointed nose and narrowed back allow a fantastic gliding experience, especially in calm water.


The 9’9 “board is also an excellent choice for anyone who doesn’t want to get a giant board but wants a portable one.

The seven D rings and the onboard bungee make this board perfect for those who like to cruise, fish, have fun on the board, and take long trips.

The weight limit isn’t that high, though. It’s only 105 kilos (209 lbs), so it won’t be an excellent choice for those who like to bring a friend along.

People find it easy to transport and enjoy the durability, but they are not happy that this board is slightly narrower than your average choice.

However, if you don’t mind, you shouldn’t be having any issues.

Bear in mind that some people say that even 150 lbs can be rigid on this board. It’s more suitable for kids and teens.

  • Durable 10 cm thick ‘2-layer drop stitch material’.
  • EVA deck: foam surface for a pleasant feel.
  • Stainless steel D ring: at the rear to secure the safety lead.
  • Elastic bungee cords for the transportation of your items.
  • Optimum air pressure under all conditions, up to max. 15 psi.

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Measurements of Aqua Marina Breeze Paddle Board

Starting at the most critical variable amongst ISUP in general, size is quite an influencer of your choice, but it’s mainly the case for Inflatable SUP. Accordingly, here’s a detailed report on the properties and size of every dimension on the board.

The board at hand measures a generic 9.10 feet, almost ideal for entry-level Inflatable SUP.

Indeed, from teenagers and whole the way up to adults. Furthermore, the SUP’s length will impact even the performance of the SUP, making it a bit more poise and an excellent tracker.

As for the 2nd most vital dimension, the Aqua Marina Breeze Paddle Board remains within the safe room as it measures a subtle thirty. For the greater of your experience, Aqua Marina decided to hold with the universally approved width on the Breeze for multiple reasons.

First, the Standup paddleboard strikes a sweet length with a size ratio at this width, granting it further stability and responsiveness.

Second, the Aqua Marina Breeze Paddle Board is impressively roomy and stable, leaving space for you to move around and adjust suitably without falling off. Last but not least, the Aqua Marina Breeze Paddle Board goes with a rather humble 4.72″ thickness which is as much as you’d expect from a paddleboard within this price tag.

Indeed, the board thickness is not exemplary, but it’ll undoubtedly confirm the paddle board’s strength and keep you above water in most conditions as long as you respect the weight limit.

The SUP provides a maximum weight capacity of 209 pounds, which should be enough for average riders such as kids and women.

Suppose you are a giant adult like me or looking to take gear, pets, or small kids. In that case, Aqua Marina Breeze Paddle Board comes in a massive range that you can pick from, including – Magma inflatable SUP, Fusion Inflatable SUP, Thrive Inflatable SUP…etc.

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Outstanding Quality

Top quality is undoubtedly a relevant factor here, if not the most pertinent, as it examines just how reasonable or out of reason the price is. Luckily, this whole line of Aqua Marina Breeze Paddle Boards undergoes a similar creation scheme.

Therefore, just like every Aqua Marina paddleboard on the line, the Breeze model also exhibits a skin base of military-grade PVC, similar to the arm’s material to build its aquatic arsenal.

Indeed, military-grade PVC material is utilized to build military-grade swimsuits, zodiac boats, and even bulletproof vests, making this model virtually stronger than anything else on the market you can buy now.

Furthermore, the SUP at hand is even more enhanced through an industrial drop stitch construction utilized with every board to tightly seal the seams on the hull and leave no space for error. Indeed, this is an impenetrable build that makes the SUP virtually indestructible.


As far as board performance is concerned, one big thing is for sure: Breeze is one hell of an entry-level SUP.

Indeed, this mightn’t be the thickest paddleboard out there, but it is still highly reliable for anyone looking for fun SUP that would make their summer break a bit better.

Also, the navigation system on this inflatable paddle board is rather impressive. With three separate fins, you can expect a few responsive handling and improved straight-line tracking that can’t be said about most SUPs within this price tag.

Hence, please do not underestimate this paddleboard, as it can do whatever a high-caliber SUP can but to a lesser degree.


The Aqua Marina Breeze Paddle Board at hand features a wholesome package that includes:

  • A lightweight aluminum paddle
  • A hand pump with pressure
  • A carry bag that can fit all the above, plus deflated paddleboard
  • Removable central fin

What I like

  • It is made for entry-level paddlers
  • The Aqua Marina Breeze Paddle Board is an affordable option.
  • It comes in an all-inclusive package
  • It is a great all-around inflatable SUP.

What I don’t like

  • Limited weight capacity for additional gear, pets, or kids
  • The Breeze is just 4.7″ thick

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End words…

The Aqua Marina Breeze Paddle Board is only suitable for lighter, smaller riders that want to start with paddle boarding and have a strict budget or are not confident if they’ll want to continue inflatable Stand up Paddle Boarding for the long run.

If you’ve been stand-up paddling for a long time already or if you’re sure you want to continue doing this sport for a very long time, I’d recommend buying a paddleboard of better quality that’ll last longer and is ultra-durable.

This is an excellent deal for a fast and cheap beginner SUP because of the low price. Kids could use this paddleboard well until they grow taller, and it becomes very lightweight.

Aqua Marina Breeze SUP Review

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