iRocker 11 All Around review
iRocker 11 All Around review

iRocker 11 All Around review

If you’re looking for a premium set that seems to be great for everyone, iRocker 11 paddle board may be the one. It’s a really high-quality board made from great materials and it can be used by people of all ages and levels of experience.
It’s a regular 11′ board. It’s 6“ thick which is just about enough to give you enough balance, but it’s also a really good choice for those who wish to maneuver more with their board.
The weight limit of this piece is 210 kilos, which is exceptionally good and this is why teens love this model: two or even three friends can fit on the board together without any issues.
In this iRocker All-Around review, we have to mention that is very durable and banging against debris won’t be an issue for you. With the iRocker 11 sup board, you are also getting a great paddle. It’s not one of those „extra accessories” that you get in sets, which are usually mediocre in quality.

iROCKER 11 All Around paddle board Review

This is a great high-quality fiberglass paddle which has edges made from TVR rubber material. You can easily turn it into a kayak paddle as well, or break it into three pieces to put it in a bag.
The board itself is made from 7 layers, the core being a drop-stitch one and the outer layer being made out of PVC, which means that you shouldn’t let the board sit in the sun too much since it can alter in color a bit.
In the set, you are also getting an awesome triple-action high capacity hand pump that will help you inflate the board three times faster than a usual pump. Store these things in a great backpack you are getting and move on to have fun on any type of water, wherever and whenever.