irocker all around inflatable stand up paddle board extremely stable 10
irocker all around inflatable stand up paddle board extremely stable 10

When you do not use your paddleboard and all the other accompanying accessories provided with the paddleboard, you need a dry backpack for protection.

This ensures that the entire package stays in good condition and is easy to carry, irrespective of weight.

That is why iROCKER launched an upgraded version of a backpack with wheels. The wheels added with the iROCKER backpack are an advancement for 2021 so that you can wheel the iROCKER stand-up paddle behind you. Moreover, there are cushioned, supportive straps so that you can easily sling the iRocker SUP over your shoulder, and are good to go.

But the question is whether the product is worth your money or not. Let’s find all the necessary details about the iRocker backpack in this review below…

Overview Of iROCKER Backpack

iRocker premium wheeled backpack is a new and upgraded travel roller bag that is an excellent upgrade, letting you either use the cushioned, supportive straps to carry the Stand-Up Paddleboard or freely wheel the iROCKER Stand-Up Paddleboard behind you.

An extra bungee strap is placed on the front side for you to use for the pump if you find it too hard to fit. On this backpack’s side are numerous handles for portability and easy carrying and mesh pockets for carrying personal belongings.

An extra-large design is planned to easily fit the board and other gears inside, with room to spare. It has an internal dimension of 37 inches x 12 inches x 15.5 inches.

For further comfort, this product has Padded Shoulder Straps, Waist Straps, and Padded Back Support.

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There are inner and outer bag Settling Straps to evade board movement while packing it away. This bag has handles at the top for easy carrying and side mesh pockets at the side for extra storage.

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Features of The iROCKER Backpack

  • The backpack has padded waist straps, shoulder straps, and padded back support for further comfort.
  • The backpack has an internal Dimension of 37 inches x 12 inches x 15.5 inches.
  • Its extra-large design is for easy fit of the board and also other gears inside it with sufficient room to spare
  • Inner & outer backpack cinching straps are there to avoid your board’s movement while you pack it away.
  • Side mesh pockets are there for storing your extra personal belongings
  • Carry handles are also there at the top of the backpack and also on the side of the iRocker backpack

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Pros And Cons Of iROCKER Backpack For Stand-Up Paddle Board

Just like every single thing in this world, this iRocker backpack also comes with pros and cons. Let’s now check out the pros and cons of the iRocker pack below…

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  • Easy To Carry
  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • The extra-large design made it easy to pack the SUP

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  • Not available now
  • I need to buy a complete set for the backpack

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Honest Review Of iRocker Backpack For Inflatable Paddle Boards

New and upgraded for 2021, this backpack is the wheeled bag from iRcoker for SUP. This is a game-changer because you can easily carry your setup. It will always be slung over your shoulder or held as a duffel bag.

A super-stylish bag that made a good impression on your personality. This is a product that does not need a second thought before buying. It is easy to carry. It has enough space to pack your iRocker SUP and other accompanying accessories.

Although it offers a front pocket, it isn’t easy to fit your pump inside. However, you must not fret since the front of the bag features bungee webbing in case you decide it is too difficult. The backpack also comes color-matched to the board.

Thus, in case of style is your priority, you can now dress accordingly to match your water equipment. Isn’t it great!

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This iRocker backpack protects your SUP’s shape from excessive dust and heat. You can carry your iRocker SUP and inflatable paddleboard with you quickly.

Besides this, the iRocker backpack has padded shoulder straps, paddle attachments, handles, and extra fin and gear storage pockets, making it easy to securely carry your entire rig over longer distances and across rocky shores.

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iROCKER Nautical Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, Superb Maneuverability 10' Long 32" Wide 6" SUP with Roller Bag, Adjustable Paddle, Pump, Leash, Fins & Repair Kit, Dark Blue

 in stock
1 used from $197.99
Free shipping
as of July 20, 2024 3:45 pm

iROCKER Carry Strap

$19.99  in stock
2 new from $19.99
as of July 20, 2024 3:45 pm

iROCKER 12V Electric Pump for Stand Up Paddle Boards

$69.99  in stock
as of July 20, 2024 3:45 pm

iROCKER Cruiser Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, Extremely Stable 10'6" Long 33" Wide 6" Thick Premium SUP with Roller Bag, Carbon Paddle, Pump, Leash, Fins & Repair Kit, Orange

 in stock
as of July 20, 2024 3:45 pm

iROCKER Cup Holder

$5.99  in stock
2 new from $5.99
Free shipping
as of July 20, 2024 3:45 pm

iROCKER 45L Roto-Molded Cooler, Heavy Duty Ice Box Equipped with Quick Drain Water Release Valve, 26" x W 15" x H 16", Sky Blue

$115.00  in stock
3 new from $115.00
Free shipping
as of July 20, 2024 3:45 pm

iROCKER 25L Roto-Molded Cooler, Heavy Duty Ice Box Equipped with Quick Drain Water Release Valve, 18" x 14" x 13", Cooler Gray

 in stock
as of July 20, 2024 3:45 pm


$44.99  in stock
as of July 20, 2024 3:45 pm

iROCKER Inflatable Paddle Board Kayak Seat

$69.99  in stock
2 new from $69.99
Free shipping
as of July 20, 2024 3:45 pm

iROCKER Outdoor Backpack Cooler

$39.99  in stock
as of July 20, 2024 3:45 pm

iROCKER Waterproof Cell Phone Case

$3.99  in stock
as of July 20, 2024 3:45 pm

iROCKER Landing Mat

$39.99  in stock
as of July 20, 2024 3:45 pm

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Q: What is iROCKER Backpack?

A: iROCKER Backpack is a backpack-styled carry bag designed to carry iROCKER paddleboards and accessories conveniently. It is made of high-quality materials and has ample space to store all the essential gear.

Q: What is SUP?

A: SUP stands for Stand-up Paddleboarding, a water sport where you stand on a paddleboard and use a paddle to move through the water. It is a great way to stay active and explore the water.

Q: What is an iROCKER All-Around paddleboard?

A: iROCKER All-Around is a versatile inflatable paddleboard that can be used for various SUP activities, including surfing, yoga, fishing, and cruising. It is designed for riders of all skill levels and has a complete package of necessary accessories.

Q: What is the iROCKER All-Around 10′?

A: The iROCKER All-Around 10′ is a 10 feet long inflatable paddleboard with a width of 32 inches. Due to its versatility and stability, it is one of the most popular and best-selling iROCKER paddleboards.

Q: What is an iSUP?

A: iSUP stands for Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard. iSUPs are inflatable paddleboards that can be inflated and deflated for easy storage and transport. They are an excellent alternative to traditional rigid paddleboards.

Q: What is an iROCKER paddle?

A: An iROCKER paddle is a high-quality, adjustable paddle designed for use with iROCKER paddleboards. It is lightweight and easily adjusted to fit the rider’s height.

Q: What is an inflatable SUP board?

A: An inflatable SUP board is a paddleboard that can be inflated and deflated for easy storage and transport. It is made of high-quality, durable materials and provides excellent stability and performance on the water.

Q: What is included in the iROCKER All-Around package?

A: The iROCKER All-Around package includes a paddleboard, paddle, carry bag, ankle leash, hand pump, and repair kit. Some packages may include extra accessories such as a Kayak seat or roof racks.

Q: Is iROCKER a reputable brand?

A: Yes, iROCKER is a highly reputable brand that manufactures high-quality inflatable paddleboards and accessories. They are known for producing durable, stable, versatile paddleboards catering to all skill levels.

Q: Are there any customer reviews available for iROCKER paddleboards?

A: There are numerous customer reviews available online for iROCKER paddleboards. These reviews offer insight into the quality, performance, and overall satisfaction of iROCKER boards from actual customers.

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