sup history
Begining of SUP

When was stand up paddle boarding invented?

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) is a relatively new, but very popular sport that involves standing on

a specially shaped board and moving using a long paddle. According to historical sources paddling on the first board’s Peruvian fishermen calling them caballitos de totora. They used long bamboo sticks to get back to shore after catching fish all day. They’re in Hawaii natives back in 1778 used sticks of koa wood to cheer towards out in the open, after the surf, catching surfing waves. Many similar ones have mentioned the use of a board and a stick through Africa and South America and a closer example comes from Of England where P.H. In 1886, Emerson first recorded the use of a stick resembling a rowing paddle in a standing position.

History of Stand Up Paddling

The modern beginnings of stand up paddle boarding as a sport are back in Hawaii where instructors Leroy and Bob AhChoy paddled on the board in the 1940s give instruction to the trainees of the surfing course.

All of this led to the first competition in 2003 where the Buffalo Big World competition Makaha Beach has 49 racers in the event of windsurfing. Since that competition, windsurfing spread to California and very soon afterward to the whole world. The final confirmation of the significance of this new sport was in 2008 when U.S. Coastal the guard defined the paddle board as a vessel and ranked it with kayaks and canoes which suggests that sport has become massive and often practiced.

The appeal of this sport is perhaps best described by the fact that it is 2013 The Outdoor Foundation said in its annual report that “stand up paddle boarding is among the most popular sports with 56% of total recreational sports tested “, thus winning windsurfing and similar sports. It’s also interesting that “he’s average the respondent was 28 years old and users who opted for paddling were 6: 5 in the relation of men to women ”.

History of Stand Up Paddling Olimpic game

Today, this is a sport that attracts a large number of people and many federations have been established. It is worth noting the ISA, which as the main organization of the world stand up paddling championships, and was recognized by the International Olympic Committee. There are so many sports progressed that there was the talk of introducing paddle boarding to the Olympics, but it would only happen in 10 years. Also, there are various organizations associated with and we recognize the European Federation (EuroSUPA), Austria Federation (ASF) and similar organizations in all major countries.