Uenjoy Inflatable Sup Around Paddle Board
Uenjoy Inflatable Sup Around Paddle Board

The Uenjoy inflatable stand up paddle board comes in two different sizes; the 11′ L x 30″ W x 6″ T and the 10’L x 30″W x 6″T. both look actually the same idea for the extra foot you will obtain once you order the bigger version.

Speaking the best dimensions, one can confidently say that the Uenjoy SUP is one hell of a best all-around inflatable paddleboard because ten or eleven feet longboard will never fail to make your padding experience a good one.

Features Uenjoy Inflatable Sup Around Paddle Board

The ten Uenjoy iSup can hold up to 242 lbs while the eleven one can grip 286 lbs.

That being said, both these boards will do remarkable jobs supporting a completely grown adult with extra cargo on board without any struggle mainly that each of them is six inches thick making it almost impossible to witness the board submerge within the water.

Uenjoy Inflatable Sup Around Paddle Board
Uenjoy Inflatable Sup Around Paddle Board

Now the specs of any iSUP are something that actually adds up to both standard and performance. To spell it out, our first specs are:

  • The non-skip traction pad that covers most of the backboard, it is dense and thick including the board’s durability and stiffness. It decreases the possibilities of you slipping off the board as well as mainly if you are a beginner.
  • There is also the main carry handle, many times it comes quite handy when you try to get on the boards back though it is mainly there to help you transport the inflated board one-handedly with zero inconveniences.
  • What includes these traction pads is that it comes in charming different colors. You obtain four choices to pick from once you plan that the Uenjoy iSUP is your new board; Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow.
  • Final but not least, the Uenjoy has its own front storage place with four rigid D-rings and a bungee cord. This spec will permit you to secure your cargo, the paddle or anything you occur to need with you on board for a practical and secure padding excursion. Just one pretty thing to say here, forever ensure that your cargo/items are packed in a waterproof bag in case water would destroy them.

Testing the Uenjoy iSUP for couple


Regardless of the size you pick, Uenjoy iSUP will be delivered to you in an all-inclusive package with everything a board needs to be well managed.

  • To not make it any longer, the package contains:
  • A repair kit with glue
  • A hand pump
  • A wrap strap to keep the deflated iSUP in location
  • A storage bag
  • A fin
  • A value wrench
  • And an adjustable three-piece paddle.


  • The Uenjoy inflatable SUP comes in two different sizes and four different colors.
  • It is featured with a remarkable traction pad.
  • It comes in an all inclusive package.
  • It is extremely reasonably priced
  • And it is the best choice for both first-time paddlers and beginners.


  • Testing the Uenjoy iSUP for couple hours just cannot truly help one plan a certain con unless it was super clear.

Uenjoy Paddle board

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Package included

  • 1 x Inflatable Paddle Board
  • 1 x Backpack
  • 1 x Adjustable Paddle
  • 1 x Fin
  • 1 x Pump
  • 1 x Repair kit
10' Green iSUP 10' Red iSUP 11' Yellow iSUP 10' Upgrade Blue iSUP 11' Upgrade Blue iSUP 11' Upgrade Green iSUP
10′ Green iSUP 10′ Red iSUP 11′ Yellow iSUP 10′ Upgrade Blue iSUP 11′ Upgrade Blue iSUP 11′ Upgrade Green iSUP
Brand Name Uenjoy Uenjoy Uenjoy Uenjoy Uenjoy Murtisol
Dimentions 10’30″6″ 10’30″6″ 11’30″6″ 10’30″6″ 11’30″6″ 11’30″6″
Double-action Pump
Ankle Strap
MAX. Capacity 242.5 lbs 242.5 lbs 286.6 lbs 242.5 lbs 286.6 lbs 286.6 lbs
Net Weight 25 lbs 25 lbs 27 lbs 25 lbs 27 lbs 27 lbs


SereneLife Premium Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board (6 Inches Thick) with SUP Accessories & Carrying Storage Bag | Wide Stance, Bottom Fin for Paddling, Surf Control, Non-Slip Deck | Youth & Adult
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