Bluefin Stand up paddle board Review
Bluefin Stand up paddle board Review

If you’re looking for a simple, yet elegant board with a wonderful set of fancy accessories, Bluefin SUP  will surely catch your eye.

It’s a professional set that can be used both by beginners and those who are maybe a bit more advanced.

Features Bluefin Stand Up Paddle Board

In this set, you’re getting a dual-action pump for faster inflating (though many people like to use a car pump instead), a 3 piece paddle you can adjust, a carry bag, a board leash, a detachable fin that will improve your balance, a repair kit and a seat which will help you turn your awesome board into a kayak.

Fantastic, right?

The luxury kayaking seat can be adjusted as well as the paddle which can be altered to make it easier for you.

The board is 10’8“ x 30“ x 6“ thick. It’s a versatile board made for surfing, kayaking, touring, boarding, racing, yoga and so on.

Bluefin Stand up paddle board
Bluefin Stand up paddle board Review

Military grade PVC will make sure that you never scratch your board and that it stays sturdy.

However, it isn’t advised to leave it in the sun for too long because it can change color and thin out.
The deflated board is very small in dimensions and therefore you can transport it without any issues.

The maximum weight the board supports is 410 lbs, which is more than the average amount of weight board of this type can take.

You can inflate Bluefin it up to 15 PSI which gives you a great sense of control and you will see that the board will serve you better when inflated more.

It’s a great choice for adults as well as kids and you’ll notice that it’s really high-quality as well.


The Bluefin Cruise comes with many accessories.

Included in the delivery is the complete basic equipment needed for the first tours.

The Bluefin Cruise comes with a backpack, leash, kayak seat, paddle, instruction manual, repair kit, air pump and waterproof mobile phone case.

Compared to the single purchase of the accessories, the purchase of such a set can save a lot of money.



Only Bluefin uses 1000 Denier Exo Surface Laminate PVC & Pro Weave Drop Stitch.

These materials make our boards so tough they are can hold up to 28 PSI and are the most stable rigid, stable inflatable SUP you’ll ever buy.

Cruise 10’8 is perfect for 1 + dog or seated passenger: 327 cm x 15 cm x 77 cm


Use our D-rings to transform your SUP into a SUP kayak in seconds!

Clip-on our comfortable padded seat & swap SUP handle for specialist kayak paddle end.

Integrated GoPro mounts on the nose to capture the action.


The most comfortable SUP backpack available with loads of extra padding & super wide straps.

Our 2 piece paddle has an ergonomic fiberglass shaft weighing almost 45% less than standard SUP paddles.

No flutter polyurethane composite blade is impossible to chip or damage. Both float!

Smart Lock Fin

Our versatile 8” center fin with optimized rake provides ultimate glide and versatility for day to day paddling.

No metal parts to lose, clip it in securely in seconds.

Double action pump inflates Cruise on both the UP & DOWN portion of every pump.


Bluefin boards & accessories are designed to last which is why we are able to provide a 5-year warranty.

Responsive, expert customer support is always here to help choose a board or resolve any issues you might have