SUP Boards Brisbane River
SUP Boards Brisbane River

Brisbane is the 3rd most populous city in Australia and water sports are famous in the city.

As a new famous water sport, paddle boarding has definitely grabbed the focus of outdoor lovers in Brisbane.

Best Places in Brisbane for SUP Paddle Board

One factor that contributes to the rising popularity of paddle boarding in Brisbane is its resources.

It’s got different locations that are perfect for paddleboarding, either for advanced or newbies paddlers.

Here are the best places in Brisbane for you to go paddleboarding in.

Pumice Stone Passage, Donnybrook

If you are on the way to Moreton Bay, you should truly stop and pay a visit to Pumice stone passage.

It is not particularly near to the heart of the city so it is pretty quiet.

Also, the beach is very charming. So if you intend to spend the day alone peacefully, this is the location to be.

But the occasional look of jetskis might break the peace for you.

But if you are okay with then, then you should actually not miss it.

The Caboolture River SUP
The Caboolture River SUP

The Caboolture River

The Caboolture River is one of the quietest and calmest locations.

It permits you to get away from it all and paddle down some creeks with some amazing scenery.

Cotton tree

Cotton tree locates to the south and is a constant warm place for visitors and locals.

It is the best location for a fun session of paddleboarding.

You can just find information on the tides from the Bureau of Metrology site.

Since it is famous, you might also want to arrive early to save yourself a parking place.

The Brisbane River

When in search of paddleboarding locations, there is one location we should not forget:

The Brisbane River.

It is probably going to get crowded at some level, so if you favor having a quiet day, this might not be the top choice. But it is still a classic anyway.