VIDAXL Standup Paddle Board Review
VIDAXL Standup Paddle Board Review

This VIDAXL Standup Paddle Board is the perfect choice for learning, recovery paddling, and paddling on small waves with stability and comfort.

Equipped with a valve for unique extreme pressure waves, it is fast and straightforward to deflate and inflate. 2 preset slates and adjustable are stable and can withstand pressure.

A convenient carry bag is included for easy and fast transport.

Features VIDAXL Standup Paddle Board 

This VIDAXL Standup Paddle Board has been made with the perfect curve and boosts stiffness. It glides smoothly via the shallow water and runs efficiently while riding.

It’s puncture-resistant, UV-resistant, and can easily withstand high environmental conditions.

Vidaxl knows precisely how to make a paddleboard that provides complete control and, at a similar time, is accessible to beginners.

No matter your skill level, you’ll enjoy your summer vacation like never before using VIDAXL Standup Paddle Board.

The 330 long is solid enough and simple to control thanks to its fins, which add enough potential to the board’s overall performance. Furthermore, the board is 68cm wide, so I always kept a comfortable stance and never felt that my legs were crammed together.

When speaking about portability, the board knocks it out of the park. The collapsible shape fits ideally in a compact carry bag to only weigh around 17 lbs, making it among the lightest paddleboards on the market.

The VIDAXL Standup Paddle Board comes with all the essentials you need to get started, adding additional value t your product.

During our testing, it took me around 8-10 minutes to inflate the SUP with the included pump, so I did not have to wait very long before jumping into the action.

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The newly improved VIDAXL Standup Paddle Board is one of the most versatile packages on the market.

With enough space for overnight touring, excellent tracking and stability even in tricky conditions, and the ability to run on a dime, it is a perfect choice for a range of water adventures.

New and pro paddlers will love the performance and how simple it’s to set up and use.

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Due to the robust construction and high quality of workmanship, the VIDAXL products stand out from other cheaper boards.

An inflatable SUP is primarily made possible by a drop-stitch core. The bottom layer is interwoven with the top layer with a thousand threads at millimeter intervals. This gives the board the right thickness and shape when inflated.

According to the manufacturer, the VIDAXL Standup Paddle Board uses a tight drop stitch process with even more threads.

A PVC layer is then glued to this core, which creates the visible outer shell of a SUP. Again, VIDAXL uses a higher-quality double-layer construction.

This means not just one PVC layer, but two are glued together. In addition, the edges are reinforced with an additional layer. Due to the more material used, the board is heavier but more robust.

The maximum pressure, specified by the manufacturer VIDAXL Standup Paddle Board with 26psi, also speaks for the robustness of the board. Fortunately, in reality, it only needs to be pumped up 15-18psi.

Because most pumps would not even be able to build up such a high pressure, the 26psi is thus more of a marketing feature, with which VIDAXL wants to show how much confidence they have in the construction of their board.

The 5-year warranty that VIDAXL gives for the SUP also speaks for this confidence. Five years is a long time for such a product and indicates that you will enjoy your board for a very long time.

The VIDAXL Standup Paddle Board costs, compared to other SUPs, already a little more, but these cannot keep up in terms of quality. In contrast to the cheaper models, the VIDAXL Standup Paddle Boards usually do not have glue residues, bubbles, or other features of poor workmanship.

vidaXL Stand Up Paddle Board Set SUP Surfboard Inflatable Outdoor Recreation Water Sports Surf Kit Red and White

$180.99  in stock
as of June 23, 2024 3:28 pm

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Predictably, VIDAXL Standup Paddle Board’s ideal conditions are calm, flat waters on non-airy days where the paddleboard glides with ease and speed.

It tracks finely but is also highly responsive, needing only subtle SUP paddle adjustments to stay paddling on one side.


Regarding stability, the VIDAXL Standup Paddle Board performs as expected, although nothing is out of the ordinary.

It is slightly tippy when paddling on an unpredictable swell in the ocean. But in general, the 33″ width gives an excellent and stable platform to stand and swim confidently.

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Of course, air conditions prove to be a little more challenging. But I have been surprised at how well it stays on track. The pointed nose assists with this, particularly when paddling straight into the wind.

The nose cuts via the wind instead of battling against it. There’s less resistance against the air than a round-nosed paddleboard that I paddle on a similar day in the same conditions.


Probably my favorite thing when it comes to performance is how well the VIDAXL Standup Paddle Board turns. You can turn it on a dime with minimal effort. It is ultra-responsive. Coupled with its cruising ability, it is convenient when trying to surface the board on small waves.

As soon as a more extensive set comes, I can turn the paddleboard 180 degrees in a few strokes and power out toward the incoming waves with what feels like effectiveness and skill. Desperation and stress are usually also present. But either way, the outcome is the same. I can instantly get to where I want to be behind the breaking waves.


In most conditions, when inflated to around 15 PSI, the rigidity of the SUP is extremely good. However, extra inflation will pay off when tackling whitewater at sea or paddling in an unpredictable and unsafe swell.

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  • Well, the balanced and lightweight board
  • It comes with plenty of accessories
  • Bungee cords provide a great storage area


  • Not for the extreme water conditions

Special Features

  • This paddleboard has been made with suitable curve sand to increase stiffness. It glides smoothly through the shallow water and runs effortlessly while riding.
  • It is puncture resistant, ultra-violent, and can withstand environmental conditions.
  • The company knows how to make SUPs that provide complete control and, simultaneously be accessible to new paddlers.
  • Regardless of your skill, you will enjoy your summer times like never before using VIDAXL SUP.
  • The 330 lbs long is solid enough and easy to control thanks to its fins, which add enough power to the SUP’s overall performance. Moreover, the VIDAXL Standup Paddle Board is 68cm wide, so I kept a comfortable stance and never felt that y legs were crammed combined.
  • The VIDAXL Standup Paddle Board knocks it out of the park when speaking about portability. The collapsible shape fits rightly in a compact carry backpack, only weight around 17 pounds, making it among the lightweight SUPs on the market.
  • This SUP comes with all the essential gear you need to start, adding further value to your product.
  • During our review, it took me around 8 to 10 minutes to inflate the board with the included pump, so I didn’t have to wait much before jumping into the water.

Vevelux vidaXL Stand Up Paddle Board Set SUP Surfboard Inflatable Blue and White

$214.95  in stock
as of June 23, 2024 3:28 pm

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What I like

  • Very stable
  • Good durability
  • Excellent overall value
  • Well-built
  • Raised kicktail for added control
  • Kayak seat kit included
  • Center carrying handle twice as a paddle holder
  • Removable center fin
  • Top-shelf customer support

What I don’t like

  • Heavy

End words…

Whether you’re new to paddling or looking to upgrade to something more top-end performing model than your first SUP, the VIDAXL Standup Paddle Board is a great choice.

It’ll have almost all of your paddling requirements and wants catered for, from a quick blast to the river for a fitness workout to overnight camping fun.

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