Inflatable 9'10

In this Sudoo SUP review we will tell you facts about this great inflatable board.

If you’re looking for a portable board with a great design, Sudoo SUP may catch your eye. Many boards are plain, they include simple colors and minimalistic designs that are usually connected to waves and the sea, but this one is very eye-catching and different.

The beautiful red design on this premium board isn’t the only spectacular thing about it, though. The non-slip deck will keep you safe and sound, therefore it’s suitable for beginners as well.

Inflatable 9'10" Stand Up Paddle Board Sudoo

The bottom of the board has three fins which will keep you balanced. Professionals usually don’t need these, but it’s always good to have them, especially if there are more people on one board and if there is a pet with you.

The 9’10” long deck is 6″ thick and the paddle you get with it can be adjusted so it fits your height. The military-grade material this board is made of is perfect for those who spend a lot of time on the board since it’s very sturdy.

However, many people think that it’s not smart to leave these kinds of PVC boards in the sun because they can get „burns“, a part of them ends up being thinner.

Sudoo SUP is perfect for those who live to tour because there is a storage part where you can put your stuff, including food. The handling and steering are improved thanks to the fins, which means that the board is suitable for rivers as well.

The backpack you are getting with the board is made so you can bring it around and even travel with it, which makes it ideal for those who bring „adventure“ to their vacations.

Last updated on March 27, 2020 4:10 am


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