Zray Unisex X-Rider Deluxe Sup Table
Zray Unisex X-Rider Deluxe Sup Table

Take a look at this ten-foot ten inches long Zray Paddle Board as it is indeed a monument worthy of gratitude.

This right here is an upgraded edition of a little model when is enhanced with the objective of appeal to an even bigger range of paddlers.


Not just that but the length of this board will also drastically improve stability in messy waters and fast generate momentum on a steady surface.

As far width, this Zray Hejz SUP measures a poise thirty inches which is quite the deal for starters.

Zray Hejz Review
Zray Hejz Review

At thirty inches, it is going to be impossible to capsize this board under any circumstance.

Indeed, the wider the board the more stable it will be in the case of this Zray Hejz, it is as stable as your relationship with your pet.

Not only that but a platform this wide is going to offer you with sufficient room to move around and find a more relaxing place.

In terms of thickness, this legend measures six inches which are monumentally matched to other boards.

Indeed, boards that are four inches thick and under are prone to sink at the heart under a lot of weight which is why Zray opted for six inches instead.

Also, the thickness of the board will also make it much more fun for those of you who need a diving platform.

In terms of standard, this board can quite much speak for itself, if you take a closer look at this Zray Hejz, you would be capable to tell that is made to last.

Actually, this inflatable stand up paddleboard shelters 2 layers of military-grade PVC stuff which is enhanced through industrial drop stitch construction, making the ten-footer a war machine.

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