Atoll Foot Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board
Atoll Foot Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

The Atoll 11 inflatable paddle board is a SUP premium board.

It has become pretty famous among starters and skilled SUPers alike.

Ever since it was released, the Atoll 11 has gone via several changes.

And every version has been excellent than the previous one.

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Before the Atoll board firm made this latest model, they went out of their way to ask users what they would like.

They considered the answers and created the best solution for paddlers.

The company is based in California and was founded by water sports lovers.

While it is not an old firm, Atoll is already a general name among the SUP community.

They have verified themselves over and over with their standard products.


The Atoll 11 is made with twin-layer PVC.

While this is the top iSUP material, some producers only use 1 layer and that is barely enough.

That is why those paddleboards flex or bend when heavier paddlers try to ride. As you can guess, this makes the board less stable.

Atoll Foot Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board
Atoll Foot Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board


The Atoll is designed for any situation, any paddler, and almost any SUP variation.

So its dimension is best for just that.

The eleven-foot length is medium. Its responsiveness is commendable regardless of your size. You will like it, more so when making turns.

A little person will strain to make a right stroke with a paddleboard that is too wide for them. And an extremely long paddleboard is difficult to control.

Generally, a narrower and shorter paddleboard is more maneuverable.

That is why surf SUPs are very narrow and little.

Anyway, if a board is too little and too narrow it will be slow and unstable. So it is vital to find a balance.


The Atoll 11 tracks amazingly. This is perfect because you go where you want to and suffer less frustration, mainly as a start.

The tri-fin design and shape of the board permit to track well.

Just like a vehicle, you want your SUP to move in a straight line.

Otherwise, you will be all over. Tracking favors to the capability of a paddleboard to maintain a course.

And fins amazingly help with that. The big center fin reduces drag and is preferable for flatwater paddling.

Build standard

Almost every inflatable you come across will be produced using PVC.

Anyway, the standard of the PVC and the number of PVC layers matter.

The Atoll 11 is built using Korean Drop stitch technology and machine-laminated twin layer PVC.

With 2 layers, you know the paddleboard is going to last it would not flex.

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