Streakboard Inflatable Stand Up Paddle
Streakboard Inflatable Stand Up Paddle

This Streakboard inflates stand up paddle range is made of three models to provide you a product rightly tailored to your size, practice, level, and needs for highest enjoyment on the water.

Once packed up in their bag, they can be very merely transported and stored.

It is an inflatable SUP designed for all-round riders.

Matched to other SUP boards, our product is thicker and broader, which makes it the best but maneuverable board.

Skreakboard iSUP is the best board for beginners; it delivers the best experience for more improved riders too.

Features Streakboard Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Surfing

Upgrade durable material

Streakboard inflatable technology specs improved drop-stitch stuff 0.9mm military PVC make sure the SUP board can inflate to 15 PSI and offers a stable platform for paddlers up to 230 Lbs.

Our SUPs can manage the abrasion and abuse of an adventurous lifestyle.

Relax and safe design

Five mm EVA deck pad provides durable traction underfoot and a soft grip for relaxation while riding the board, six inches thickness inflatable paddleboard significantly raises stiffness and improves full performance.

Removable eight inches center fit works combine with two permanent side-bites to offer best tracking and maneuverability, enjoying your day on the water.

Convenience and portable

ISUP board is so simple to be folded that you can take to or store it anywhere as you want.

The top standard deflation/inflation valve offers fantastic reliability, only about five times to deflate or inflate the board with a top-force pump.

4 D-rings on the nose for custom rigging using the added bungee cord plus three extra D-rings for leash, water bottle, and tie-downs.

Streakboard Inflatable Stand Up Paddle
Streakboard Inflatable Stand Up Paddle

Full ISUP package

The Steakboard inflatable boards provide you all the versatility and performances that you will require.

It contains a three-piece adjustable paddle, repair kit, backpack, coil leash, a shoulder strap, removable center fit, valve wrench, and heavy-duty twin function pump with a force gauge.

Perfect for everyone

All-around SUP boards are built for recreational and use and offer newbies and seasoned standup paddleboard veterans with a top standard paddleboard that is best for any occasion on the water.

Best to enjoy the full world of stand up paddling quickly and correctly.


  • Store your board out of open sunlight with the deck pad facing down. Sunlight over time will start to fade slightly.
  • Please pay focus to the force when using a power pump to inflate
  • Only when you force reaches a certain level with the force level will be detected and the pointer will rotate/move, generally at five PSI.
Last updated on January 8, 2021 3:27 pm