Sol Paddle Boards SOLtrain SUP
Sol Paddle Boards SOLtrain SUP

Inflatable SUPs are simple to use. They’re not that bulky but provide supreme performance that makes sure that you can enjoy your paddling expiring without any issue.

The only bit of problem you’ll find is that there are too many inflatable SUP available these days.

Features SOL Paddle Boards Reviews

Every brand provides multiple SUPs, which makes choosing a paddleboard pretty confounding. That’s why it’s essential to conduct your due diligence before selecting the inflatable paddleboard.

Today, we’ll highlight one such board, which goes by the name Sol Paddle Boards SOLtrain SUP. It has been around for some time and has got excellent feedback from the paddlers.

We’ll today decipher its supreme performance and assist you in understanding whether it’s worth buying or not.


The build quality of the paddleboard is up to the mark. On the positive side, it consists of a customized traction pad. Just below that layer is the yellow PVC material layer. On the sides, there’s a PVC wall followed by one more.

As you can see, it has a double-layer design. The double-layered formation significantly decreases the wear and improves durability significantly.

When you look at the design of the core, it consists of the drop stitch layer. It comprises tons of polyester threads that become fully rigid at the correct air pressure.

You’ll feel as if you are standing in a solid space rather than an inflatable. It also means that the amount of weight that the Sol Paddle Boards SOLtrain SUP can handle is on the higher side.

The drop stitch build method has become a top standard. The paddleboard, which we are speaking about how doesn’t disappoint either. It uses this build method.

Sol Paddle Boards SOLtrain SUP 10'7" Inflatable

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The SUP, which we’re speaking about now, takes portability to an entirely new level. It comes along with a rolling backpack. The main advantage is that it can house each component of the SUP. The backpack is padded, so your board will be safe.

While the other SUPs might come along with a small travel bag, this model comes with a complete-sized backpack that allows you to carry your other stuff.

If you are looking to transport it after inflating, there’re handles in the middle and on the front and back of the paddleboard. It permits you to carry the paddleboard.

Since many people can hold it, the load gets smoothly distributed, making it simple for you to take it to the beach. If you want to move it in a deflated or inflated form, it’s pretty simple.

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The design of the paddleboard is quite vibrant. It has a super cool retro design that makes it visible from a considerable space. The unique look helps you stand out in the water.

When it comes to its aesthetics, very few options are as fine as this one. It becomes simple for you to purchase this unique Sol Paddle Boards SOLtrain paddleboard.

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Look at the measurement of the board and the volume before going further. The sizes are 10’.7″ by 34″ by 6″. One pretty sure thing is that you’ll get a lot of room when you’re on this SUP. Despite its vast dimensions, the weight is just 27 pounds.

The volume of the paddleboard is 300liter. Any SUP which is above 200ltr can provide you with adequate stability. It’s the key reason why this board is simple to master. Even when you’re new to paddleboarding, you can utilize this SUP via a minimal learning curve.

The high stability means that you use your paddleboard for public paddling and yoga. It’s simple for you to enjoy paddling with little to no effort.

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Accessories include the package.

The paddleboards come along with the necessary gears. There’re three pedals which consist of fiberglass. The fiberglass is not only light but highly durable. You can be sure that these paddles will last for a long. Along with it, you get a bag which we spoke about above.

You do not need to worry about purchasing the air pump separately. It includes an extreme pressure pump. You can aerate the paddle boat quickly using this air pump. There’s a repair kit included for an emergency at a similar moment. If there’s a puncture or leakage of air, you can instantly deal with it using a repair kit.

The adventure of the SUP is that it comes along with all of these essentials necessary for paddling. You’ll not have to buy them separately.

SOL Soltrain 10'7" Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard

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Storage options

There’s a tie-down mesh that comes along with a paddleboard. The tie-down is suitable to store some of the accessories.

This mesh storage backpack comes with it. You do not need to purchase it separately. You can keep some food packets and drinks tins you want to carry along with you out in the water.

Further, there are front and rear d-rings. It helps you to hold the pedals. If you prefer fishing with a paddleboard’s assistance, it can also have a fishing rod. The heavy-duty d-rings are ideal when transporting the board also.

What I like

  • It comes along with accessories
  • Inflatable
  • Vibrant design
  • Customizable fin design
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Highly stable
  • Portable

What I don’t like

  • Not suitable for racing

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End words…

So, if you want to enjoy your paddling experience, this inflatable Sol Paddle Boards SOLtrain SUP is the right option for you. The better construction makes it last for a long time. You’ll not have to shell out money on any other SUP anytime soon.

It becomes a better option when you couple that with super stability, which it has no offer. It doesn’t matter whether you use it for paddling or yoga. It’s ideal for most applications.

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SOL Soltrain 10'7" Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard

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Sol Paddle Boards SOLtrain SUP 10'7" Inflatable

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