SUP Fishing
SUP Fishing

Fishing from a SUP is not as difficult as it might seem. If you have been itching to combine two hobbies into 1 – then paddleboard might be for you!

If you have never fished from SUP, you are missing out on another level of fun.

Fishing from a paddleboard lets you sneak into hidden coves quietly, enjoy relaxing, outdoors and provide you the height of benefit to spotting good habits.

Why Fish form a Stand UP Paddleboard?

Why Fish from SUP when I have got a boat with a motor or fishing kayak?

There’re pros and cons of Fishing on a SUP and reasons you want to ditch the motor.

Pros and cons of Fishing on a Paddleboard

A paddleboard is lightweight and more accessible to transport than a boat, and they’re not several boats you can store simply as it hangs on your garage wall.

When fishing from a SUP, you have a height benefit for a more incredible view of the water and fishing habit.

A SUP provides you wide open freedom and space to cast your line and store your gear. You’re not confined by the kayak’s cockpit and can stretch your legs. You will spot the Fish with polarized sunglasses before they take your bait.

You get remarkable experience and fresh air, and you can quality slip into your favorite hole unnoticed without a noisy motor alerting the Fish to your presence.

The bottom line is that Fishing on SUP is much fun.

Paddle Board Fishing Setup

I try to keep my paddleboard as uncluttered as possible, taking all I need for the day. So, here’s a list of what I take:

  • 2 rods
  • Milk Crate (with 2-rod holders attached)
  • Small cooler
  • Small tackle box

I take these extras, standard gear, leash, paddle, phone, and life jacket. I attach my milk crate to utilizing the front die-downs. I use a bungee to secure the rod holders to the trunk.

I keep my life vest and tackle box (I also wear a tackle belt with the most-used essentials). I connect my cooler to using bungee and the rear tie-downs.

Typically, I only take a small six-pack cooler with drinks and snacks. Occasionally, though, I’ll take a large cooler that can double as a seat.

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SUP Fishing Tips

If it’s your 1st time trying out this activity, below are the best tips to follow to make your paddleboard fishing experience more convenient and productive.

Watch the elements

The flow, breeze, and tides will significantly impact your anglings experience since SUPs are not heavy.

Before you get out go fishing o a paddleboard, bear in mind to check the weather, wind direction, current, and tied down to ensure they would not stand in your way of paddleboard fishing.

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Look for a license

One must get allowed to fish since different areas might have strict rules, and you’ll even need to receive a special permit for a specific type of Fish.

Carry out some research and never forget to get the vital documents. The fines for unlicensed angling are generally steep, and they’ll leave your financial balance truly gouged.

Bring only what you need.

A fishing SUP has constrained space, and it can’t hold much weight. It’s alright to be energized initially, and you might need to bring all. But having excess gear on that small vessel will put a limit on how quickly you can move on the water.

It’ll slow you down and make the trip to your right fishing area unnecessarily long. Moreover, you might end up losing a fantastic deal of apparatus, some of which might be expensive.

Bring only the needed gears, like obviously, your tackle sack and angling rod. If you notice that you’ve no room to move around, it is probably because you have brought too much for the adventure.

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Have a clear plan

If this is your 1st-time paddleboard angling, make the Fishing short. Be aware of where you’re going to fish, how to arrive there, and how to get out. The water flow is erratic, so you’d always be prepared for accidents even if you’re an experienced paddler.

Take your time to understand and acclimate yourself with a fishing SUP. A SUP is not equivalent to a vessel, as you’ll come to figure it out. So it needs skills to paddle and Fish fish.

Changing over Stand up paddleboard for angling is very simple. For your 1st day, carry the essentials apparatus, and afterward, you can learn what else you want as you become more understanding with the activity.

Make sure you pick the right paddle board for Fishing that best suits you, and do not be in a rush. Apply the tips mentioned above to have a wonderful time for convenience and safety.

There are many advantages of paddle boarding you mightn’t know, and standup paddleboard fishing is just one way to use a paddleboard. If possible, it is always suggested you try other SUP activities also.

Before starting, note that an ideal fishing SUP would make the experience more enjoyable. So, remember to get your paddleboard from a reliable brand to have the best experience possible.

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End words…

Fishing from SUP can be a lot of fun. Just ensure you’ve all of your accessories organized. That way, you can access any lure at any time when needed.

And please, do not forget to follow each of your safety precautions.

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