Blackfin Flip Lock Side Fin
Blackfin Flip Lock Side Fin

A stand-up paddleboard fin has a massive impact on how the paddleboard handles the water while you paddle through the water.

That is why your paddleboard fin setup needs to consider before you begin your SUP board journey.

Your paddleboard is manufactured of mainly THREE parts. These parts are the paddleboard, the paddle, and the fins (although they’re the smallest) – these play a significant role in your board’s overall performance. As soon as you attach the fin, these tiny objects will help you immensely improve the board’s performance for whatever situations you’re paddling in.

As we all know, iRocker provides the best SUP board. Similarly, they make high-quality fins that are perfect for your paddleboard. One such great fin is offered by Blackfin, whose parent company is iRocker.

In this article below, let’s now know in detail about Blackfin flip-lock side fins and center fin in this article below…


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Founder(s): Steve Elder

When: 2013

Where: Jacksonville, Florida

iROCKER is the producer of all iRocker and BLACKFIN boards, as BLACKFIN is their premium line-up of inflatable stand-up paddleboards.

Being successful with the iRocker series of paddleboards, the team wanted to grow an even better iSUP than their primary line-up of products. Capitalizing on their possessions, they’re capable of developing a paddleboard that was one of the best boards in the market, releasing their new quality paddleboards as the BLACKFIN line-up.

With four different paddleboards suiting a range of water conditions and rider sizes, each BLACKFIN board is a highly durable, beautiful, and sleek SUP worth its more extensive price range.

The BLACKFIN line-up consists of the BLACKFIN Model X, BLACKFIN Model XL, BLACKFIN Model V, and their primary hardboard with the Model SX. Skilled riders and those looking to capitalize long-term in the iSUP industry will cherish each of the boards from BLACKFIN and their fins.

Today, we will have an in-depth discussion about the Blackfin flip-lock side fins and its center fin. Let’s have a look…

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More About Blackfin Flip Lock Side Fin + Center Fin

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Most individuals know that paddleboard fins are vital on paddleboards and surfboards, but few do not understand why. The fins help the board go in a straight line and give control during surfing.

But everybody has a vague notion about fins and how is it work. So, we have put this content together to help you understand the fins better that the Blackfin company offers…

The Significance of Fins Set Up

Without fins, your paddleboard pivots from side to side as well as it becomes challenging to paddle through the water in a straight line.

This is because the fins act to stop the board’s tail from slipping sideways when you pressure the board to go through your stroke.

More About Fin Box Arrangements

The fin box arrangement replicates what the paddleboard will be utilized for. The following are the most common ones:

2+1 Fins (2 Side Fins And A Center Fin)

Blackfin Flip Lock Side Fin
Blackfin Flip Lock Side Fin

The stand-up paddleboard’s most shared detachable three-fin setup is 2 PLUS 1. This means two similarly sized front fins (also known as side fins) and a larger fin on the center of the board’s nose.

For supreme flexibility, the side fins must be a Fin Control System compatible box (the utmost common across all inflatable and rigid boards), letting you purchase extra aftermarket fins & different shapes of fins cheaply and easily.

You will get the perfect Fin Control System compatible box from Blackfin company.

The determination of the side fins is to canal water through the shape in that way, compressing it and speeding up the current. This offers the paddleboard other power vital for riding wavy water where you need more speed to go through your bottom turn and hold the rail tight against the wave when you move across.

Alternatively, additional fins create further drag in the water. This will reduce your speed if you aren’t traveling on a wave that generally supplies you with power.

However, designed and made for surfing on a stand-up paddleboard, this 3-fin setup is similarly suitable for low water. In case you are on shallow water, you’ll need a shorter center fin than the larger one to prevent the paddleboard from stalling as soon as the fin hits any rock.

But that shorter center fin often leaves you with little fin surface space to keep your straight-line stalking. Professionals can handle this with quality forward paddle strokes, but beginners need a little additional help. And a pair of short fins on the sides offers that extra help to the beginners.

The location of the back fin can be twisted. Forward for further slide and back for better tracking! To complicate this fin setup, you can decrease the size of your center fin to somewhat approaching a pusher size to make a traditional 2+1 fin surf setup.

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Twin Fin

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You can change the 3-fin setup to the 2-fin design by taking the center fin from the board.

This will leave you with the two-side fins only, or “side bites” only, and truly loosens up the board’s tail and makes things active once in the surf.

This’s similarly an excellent choice for river running where a center fin keeps rubbing along the river bed or trying to discard you!

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Single Fin

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The single fin alters your stand-up paddleboard to a longboard setup perfect for nose riding or long-drawn-out power turns in the surf. A single big fin creates a particular pivot point for the turn and tends to be chosen by fans of drawing far-reaching lines.

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Fin placement drastically affects the maneuverability of the Stand-up paddleboard, the chasing of your race stand-up paddleboard, and the steadiness of your flatwater stand-up paddleboard.

Even though these are ideas, we commend that you test the dissimilar fin placements for your unique location as it differs by rider and board.

Various paddleboard models such as Blackfin model X, Blackfin model XL, and other iRocker SUP come with 2 Flip Lock Side Fin and a sturdy board Center Fin box, carbon shaft paddle, blackfin fishing rack, triple-layer composite PVC material to provide you every support you need on the water.

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Q. How do I know what fin or fin set combination to buy?

A. For calm or flatwater paddleboarding, you’ll need one center fin. Look at 2+1 (2 side fins+1 center fin).

Q. What should I wear for paddleboarding?

A. Wear something that you’re most comfortable with! Clothing that lets you move freely is the best, and clothing that will not be too heavy once wet.

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