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How to Best Navigate Waters: The Key to Maneuvering a SUP Board on the Wave Face

The paddleboarding world is diverse, and there are many opportunities to explore. For instance, learning to paddle your board on the wave face can be both thrilling and challenging.

With that in mind, many factors go into maneuvering a SUP board on the wave face. After all, learning how to navigate such waters takes some time and practice.

Therefore, to simplify the process, we have rounded up the key factors to help you paddle your board on the glassy clean waves.

At a glance, the key to paddling a SUP on the wave face involves,

  • Understanding Your SUP Board
  • Preparing The Supplies
  • Proper SUP Stance For Maneuvering On The Wave Face
  • Efficient Paddle Strokes To Navigate The Waters
  • SUP Safety Measures

Understanding Your SUP Board

Not all SUPs are the same. Thus, if you wish to have better control over it on the waves, it’s crucial to know and understand the parts of your board and how they function.

First, a board with a pointy nose will cut through waves with little effort, but it will be less stable.

In contrast, a board with a rounded nose will be more stable but won’t be as smooth when facing waves.

A longer and narrower board will have more speed in the water, but it will be hard to make turns with it.

On the other hand, a shorter and broader board will be slower, but you will find it easier to maneuver the SUP.

In addition, if you go with a single-fin setup, you may enjoy better tracking and speed, but it will be less stable against waves.

However, a tri-fin or double fin setup will be more stable, but it may not be easy to paddle the board straight.

Besides these, you may also consider the durability of the SUP before you try to paddle the waves. After all, the ocean is unpredictable, and you will appreciate a sturdy board out there.

To learn more about which paddleboard would suit you better, check out the Best Paddle Boards For The Ocean.

Preparing The Supplies

To effectively maneuver your SUP on the wave face, you must prepare some supplies.

For instance, you will need to bring,

  • An adjustable, lightweight and sturdy SUP paddle
  • Efficient SUP pump if you are using an iSUP
  • Enough drinking water to combat dehydration
  • Snacks or protein bars for replenishing energy

Once you have your SUP gear and these basic supplies, you will be ready to face the waves.

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Ideal SUP Stance For Maneuvering On The Wave Face

Maneuvering your SUP on the wave face differs from standard paddleboarding. So, you may need to adjust your SUP stance.

You may find it better to place your feet on the front and back rather than keeping them parallel. 

This way, you will be able to push down or pull up the board’s nose and tail to maneuver more precisely.

Usually, you would paddle with a ninety-degree angle for better efficiency, but while riding the waves, you may have to improvise for balance.

While paddling on the wave face, a more lowered core will offer you better control and reduce the chances of a wave knocking you off your board.

Riding your SUP in the waves will develop muscle memory quickly, and mistakes can be costly. So, try to use the correct stance from the beginning.

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Efficient Paddle Strokes To Navigate The Waters

You can use a few paddle strokes to navigate the waters. The most efficient paddle strokes will help you maneuver better on the waves.

You can use J-strokes to propel your board forward. The slight curving at the end of the stroke will allow you to correct the board’s tracking.

Simple reverse strokes are the best for reducing speed and gaining more control when turning.

The sweep stroke and c-stroke will also work well for turning your board. But, this requires a bit more experience in SUPing.

Aside from these, you can also use draw-stroke and reverse in the ocean to gain balance and move your Sup to a better position to catch waves.

While using these strokes, remember to reach as far as possible with your paddle without breaking your balance. This way, you will catch more water and gain better momentum.

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SUP Safety Measures

Safety is paramount if you want to go SUPing in the waves. A few precautions may end up saving your life out in the water.

Therefore, remember to wear a Coast-Guard-approved PFD when you paddleboard in the ocean. It will not only help you when you fall in the water, but it will also make your SUPing legal outside of swimming and bathing areas.

Moreover, a safety leash will go a long way to keep you connected with your board. This way, your SUP board won’t float away from you with the currents.

Plus, with a SUP leash, you can pull the board to you instead of swimming.

While a PFD and SUP leash is essential for paddle boarding safety, you can also bring a SUP anchor and an emergency whistle as add-ons. It will offer you peace of mind when you SUP in rough waters. 

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A Few Tips & Tricks To Maneuver Your Paddle Board on the Wave Face

If there’s a way to maneuver your SUP on the wave face, there are also ways to improve it. As such, slight adjustments to your techniques and knowledge can save you a lot of hassle.

Let’s take a look,

  • You can quickly determine the durability of a SUP from the construction materials and technology or by simply checking the supported PSI level.
  • A board with a higher PSI limit should be sturdy and rigid.
  • Usually, the more weight a board can carry, the more stable it will be in the water.
  • You can paddle while kneeling for better stability if you want to get past the whitecaps.
  • The extra oxygen will strengthen your paddle strokes when you take deep breaths.
  • You can use a SUP anchor to secure your board in an emergency, and wearing bright color PFD will help others spot you quickly.

When paddling the ocean waves, keep an eye out for the weather and stay alert. Otherwise, you will most likely be hitting the waters often.

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Bottom Line

Whether an expert super or a beginner, navigating the wave face is not as easy as it may seem. It takes practice and patience to master the art of balancing on the board while paddling your way through waves or chops.

But with some time and effort, we’re sure you could become an expert at maneuvering your SUP board on the wave face.

Therefore, put these strategies to use today, and you’ll soon be SUPing like a pro!

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