Vilano Journey Inflatable Paddle Board
Vilano Journey Inflatable Paddle Board

Vilano Journey Inflatable Paddle Board is built from the highest grade material (PVC) for it be to be further durable.

It’s an inflatable board that was built for max speed when it’s utilized on flat water.

Its kit is composed of the solid backpack to make it simpler for you to carry it around when it’s delated, a pump that’s integrated with a pressure gauge, a 3 piece paddle that’s made of aluminum and an adjustable fit.

Aside from its pocket-friendly price, the board also comes with 2 years warranty.

Measurements Vilano Journey Inflatable Paddle Board

I would say that the board is 10ft long though the description says it is 9ft and 9”; I mean an inch is not going to make it huge of a difference when speaking length.

This Vilano Journey Inflatable Paddle Board is ideal for entry to intermediate level users.

One more aspect of the Vilano Journey Inflatable Paddle Board is its width, this SUP does pretty well those 30” keeping the board manageable and very stable.

The paddleboard is 5” dense which is actually fine for a 10ft long iSUP.


For all brand standards looks the durability of their SUP, PVC is not something to miss.

The board is built using the best quality PVGC that’ll stand against human and natural damage for the long term.

Also, the similar material ensures the board is solid once completely inflated which is something essential for any inflatable item to maintain its form and performance throughout the times.


There’re a few aspects to discuss when it comes to any SUP’s performance, but the clear ones are balance and speed.

The Vilano Journey Inflatable Paddle Board is not necessarily a speedy SUP given its round nose, rather; it is a remarkable recreational inflatable paddleboard.

A few paddlers would even try to play yoga on Vilano Journey Inflatable Paddle Board given its width.

This board is quite very responsive; I have encountered no hurdles making may route through the water utilizing the feature paddle.

Also, the navigation option, though it consists of 1 fin only.


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Affordable
  • Comes in complete package (a 3-piece aluminum paddle, board pump, changeable fin, and a backpack carry bag)
  • Portable


  • Inflating the board is a bit dull

Final words

As long as you know what you are getting into with this, it is going to be a fine purchase for you, Vilano succeeded in making a SUP that appeals to as wide a base as possible.

In particular, learners and those that just need an additional board as a gift will be pleased.

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