Peak Inflatable Paddle Board

This is a perfect board for those who like to enjoy all waters: oceans, lakes, pools, rivers, seas… It’s a board for all kinds of activities as well since the dimensions make it pretty much perfect for most of the things people enjoy doing: surfing, fishing, relaxing, exercise, kayaking, fitness, yoga…
The wideness of this board is what makes is so stable. You’ll have enough space to move around without rotating the board. This is a great thing for beginners as well.
With the board, you are getting a whole set of useful things to use with it. It’s a great choice for those who are not that into boards and don’t want to buy everything individually. You’re getting the board, the bungee cord, the paddle, the coil leash, the high pressure pump, the fin (which will increase your balance and help you a lot if you’re just starting out), a waterproof phone case (for those perfect selfies without the fear that your phone will get damaged) and a bag.
The best thing about the set is that everything fits into the bag. You can easily put it all in without any issues. The bungee cord is something many people like because they can bring around various stuff: food if they are touring, fishing accessories, yoga accessories, even a book or something to have fun with.
In this Peak Inflatable Paddle Board review we will tell you about that this board is slightly smaller than the average one: it’s 9’9“ and 5“ thick. The design is pretty simple and many people find it attractive.
The board itself is not too expensive, which makes it a great gift, as well as a choice for a teenager. You can get it in orange and blue, and the paddle is always orange, so you can find it easily even if you drop it. This particular board has 270 positive reviews too! What are you waiting for?

Author: Tom Leithner

Hello, Im Tom Leithner, a truly enthusiasts in SUP boards. Im writing this blog to help you with selection of paddle board and give you important information that you might miss in the sea of boards.

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