Guide to Buying Your First Stand Up Paddleboard
Guide to Buying Your First Stand Up Paddleboard

Are you thinking about purchasing your very first iSUP (or inflatable stand-up paddleboard)? If yes, then let us guide you here.

You must have noticed plenty of options on the market that come with different quality assurances and price ranges.

But do not get puzzled seeing the flood of options as we will guide you here with the right board for you. This quick, simple guide is specially designed to provide you with an outline of things you need to consider while deciding on buying your very first paddleboard!

As you already have decided to try your hand in paddleboarding and want to buy one, let us tell you that you will never regret this decision as you will have endless enjoyment with the best paddleboard for beginners.

When purchasing your first SUP, many factors affect your decision. By knowing a few general statistics regarding paddleboards and combining those statistics with your goals for paddleboarding – you will be able to find the perfect match for you.

And we are here to help you out! After reviewing the rudimentary paddleboard choices and then defining the paddleboard details that fit your requirements, you will be on the water to have fun in just no time! Let’s findLet’sthe valuable detail below…

Review contents

What Is A SUP, And Why You Should Go For It?

inflatable paddle boards

SUP stands for Stand-Up Paddleboard. These boards help the users have fun on the water by paddling through rivers, lakes, or the ocean while standing.

Now the question is, why would anybody want to have a stand-up paddleboard (SUP in short)? Let us tell you why it is a water sport: you can have fun on numerous levels.

Paddleboarding requires you to stand on the board and continue to paddle to move through the water. However, paddleboarding is not just about standing and paddling. It is also about much more fun than merely standing and paddling.

You can easily enjoy fishing, yoga, touring, racing, and even surfing on your paddleboard while enjoying nature’s nature ‘using a SUP. You can paddle through nearly any type of water body easily.

In case you need further reasons to buy a paddleboard, then consider the following:

Paddleboarding Is Exceptional Exercise

With paddleboarding, you can forget your 5-mile jog. Stand-up paddleboarding is an exceptional whole-body exercise.

You can strengthen your core to balance, and also you have to use your legs, back, and arms to paddle the board. So, it is a low-impact workout!

Great For Stress Relieving

When combining sunshine, nature, fun, and exercise with friends and family, you can have peace of mind. Stand-up paddleboarding helps you to connect all these to help you overcome stress.

Anybody can SUP

This water sport isn’t only isn’t bleach blonde physically fit surfer-types since anybody can paddleboard.

From Grandmothers to grandkids can float with SUP, teenagers can use paddleboard with friends, and one can even go for an expedition in the shoreline with their kid or dog. It’s a spoIt’selished at any age.

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Benefits Of Stand Up Paddle Boarding

inflatable paddle board sup board
Advantages Of Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Before purchasing your first SUP, let’s know let’s benefits of having a SUP below…

Great Mental Health

Paddleboarding is considered to be one of the best practices for mental satisfaction.

You get fresh open air when you go paddleboarding, an excellent mood booster. With paddleboarding, you can get a natural method to elevate your self-confidence.

Improve Balance

There’re sThere’reifferent and difficult situations in life where having a decent balance truly comes in handy. As soon as you start paddling, you will notice a noteworthy upgrade in your balance.

This is because the attention on your core helps to make it an ideal way to advance your balance. However, it can help you strengthen your steadiness by training your joints and ankles.

Low-Impact Exercise

Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) is observed as a low-impact workout, which in brief, means it will not put your ligaments or tendons at risk as compared to plenty of other exercises.

SUP boarding is great for retrieval and specific for those who have knee, shin, or hip pain. This low-impact exercise means you can’t only love from wounds but also upsurge your general strength without taking a significant risk.

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Improves Your Posture

Nowadays, the way we work in the office has changed, which has harmed the posture. Combined with improved smartphone usage and putting them all together, you tend to develop back pain and poor posture.

Among the tremendous long-term benefits of frequent paddleboarding is that this helps to keep you very erect and reinforces a wide range of muscles that maintain good posture. Standing up and paddling on the perfect paddleboard properly will have a mass of aids for your posture.

What Are The Different Types of SUP To Choose From?

There are several types of stand-up paddleboards available to choose from. Perhaps you wish to surf the waves, or maybe you want to discover a local lake. Knowing the different kinds of paddleboards will help narrow down the list and also help you to find the perfect fit for you.

All-Around Stand-Up Paddle Boards

All-around SUPs are suitable for beginner paddlers because they are wide and thus more stable. This is because the all-around boards are versatile to adapt to nearly any activity, for example, yoga, fishing, or surfing.

Surfing Board

Paddleboards mainly designed for surfing are narrower and smaller, so the paddleboard can maneuver easily in & out of waves. You can also use an all-around paddleboard for surfing.

Touring Board

Long voyages down the coastline can be an all-day fun excursion on your stand-up paddleboard. Touring boards are narrow and longer boards with a pointy nose to easily cut through the water. These typically come with longer center fins for better glide and improved speed.

Racing High-Performance Board

A Stand-up racing paddleboard generally comes with a narrow-pointed nose and narrow body. This type of board displaces the water and increases speed.

Hybrid SUP Boards

A hybrid stand-up paddleboard is a board that combines the benefits of an all-around board’s starboard, however, with a few editions.

The hybrid SUP’s noseSUP’s be rounded and slightly pointed to increase the total speed, as well as it might be wider to some extent than the all-around SUP.

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Different Hull Types Of The Stand-up Paddle Boards

narrower board paddle board stand

There are mainly two different types of hulls when it comes to SUPs. These two types are

Displacement Hull Type &

Planning Hull Type

Let’s now Let’s quick glimpse at both of these hulls types and have an outline of each one.

Displacement Hull Type

The displacement SUP hull type on the inflatable board is a V-shape at the nose or front of the paddleboard. They nearly look like the surfboard crisscrossed with the kayak board with this sharp nose.

As the term implies, this hull type helps displace water by cutting through the water as contrasting to resting on top. Thus, this stand-up paddleboard hull works well for speed and provides extra steadiness for bigger paddlers.

Displacement Hull types are fantastic for fitness paddling, SUP touring, racing, intermediate riders, and long-distance paddleboarding.

Planing Hull Type

Many persons mistake SUPs with planning hulls for a surfboard. This is because they look pretty similar, over and beyond the paddle.

Planning stand-up hull paddleboards are much flatter and broader than displacement hulls. With this hull type, you can rest on top of the water, contrasting to cutting through the water like the displacement hull.

Planning hulls work very well for novices as they’re trthey’really more comfortable and more stable to control. Do not mistake the planning hull type as super slow choices either. The speed is received by factors such as the water conditions, the wind, and your paddle strength.

The planning Hull types are great for yoga, surfing, Whitewater paddling, recreational paddling, and beginner paddlers.

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Features to Look For Before Buying Your First SUP

It would help if you considered a few factors before buying your first SUP board. Following these features, you will be able to get the best SUP board for you. So, let’s dig let’s know more about those features below.

Construction Of The Board

longer board center fin
Construction Of The Board

If you purchase an inflatable or epoxy/hard/solid SUP board, you must ensure it’s constituted with sturdy materials to endure several years of use. Also, consider how easily you can carry them and the probability of damage when they’re mistakes.

A high-quality inflatable stand-up paddleboard will be intended with numerous layers of military-grade PVC material with a drop-stitched method core. And if there are side rails, it will increase the board’s rigidity yet more.

On the other hand, an epoxy/hard/solid stand-up paddleboard is made using an EPS foam core wrapped in resin coatings or fiberglass. A rugged SUP can easily ding, but these boards are made for a rough landing if you fall. The board will not get damaged.

Thickness Of The Paddleboard

touring paddle boards longer board
Thickness Of The Paddleboard

This relies on a few aspects, for example, rider weight, size, board length, and materials used in the board. However, anything from 4 inches to 6 inches thick is quite common and recommended for beginners or first-time purchasers.

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Deck Pads

paddle board experience Deck Pads
paddleboard experience Deck Pads

Irrespective of how you will be using the stand-up paddleboard, you need to make sure you have a deck pad that is comfortable to your feet, as you will be kneeling or standing on it for a long time. They did not just provide ease but also excellent grip, so you should look for a high-quality deck pad.

Paddle Material & Style

sup boards paddle
Paddle Material & Style

A stand-up paddleboard paddle board’soks more like a stretched-out canoe paddle with a tear-drop-shape blade and angles forward for supreme paddling proficiency.

As an initial point for determining the length of your paddle, Laird Hamilton (who is the innovator of paddleboarding) recommends making the length of the paddle 3inches to 4 inches above the paddler’s paddlers.

The most vital feature you will need is the leash leashless to keep you attached to the board. So, if you fall off and need help to keep you secure in the water, then a leash is the only gear.

Carry Handle Of The Board

wider board right board
Carry Handle Of The Board

Having an easy paddleboard that carries and is easy to transport must be at the top of your list.

Not having any carry handle on the board is a silly mistake — that is why most paddleboard brands make sure to include one for ease.

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Complete Package

touring boards
touring boards

Maximum paddleboards nowadays come with a “comprehend” live package” so that “you can get started with paddling just after unpacking your gear. These packages of paddleboards can differ in their materials and quality.

An excellent stand-up paddleboard package must include a board, paddle, pump, fins, and an ankle leash. Complete inflatable stand-up paddleboard packages, including the gears mentioned above, a SUP backpack, and a repair kit.

The variance in the item’s quiet essay varies based on the brand you are getting. The paddles might be made of high-quality carbon fiber or cheap aluminum.

A double-chamber inflation hand pump will fill the inflatable SUP quicker than the single chamber hand pump. It would help if you looked closely at the comprised package to get a better inclusive value.

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Action Mounts Of The Board

Action Mounts Of The Board
Action Mounts Of The Board

Action mounts of the board are a bizarre addition. These will help you attach your GoPro, a cup holder, or a fishing rod holder to the action mount. These mounts heighten your paddleboarding experience by letting you carry the extra fun equipment.


All-around stand-up paddleboards are the ideal launching point, especially for beginner paddlers. When you start your paddling journey, it is best to travel flatwater ponds and lakes to find your capacity.

When you have mastered the stand-up paddleboard technique and balance, you will be able to use that experience to paddleboarding in rivers and oceans.

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By this time, you must know a lot about stand-up paddleboards. You know the different accessories, the types, and what is best for a beginner.

When purchasing your first SUP, use this comprehensive guide to buying your first stand-up paddleboard, which will immensely help you out and save you from hassle.

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