Cascadia Whitecap SUP
Cascadia Whitecap SUP

The Cascade Series inflatable SUP boards are the perfect SUP for the apartment dweller or someone limited in the area.

Ideally matched for travel or tight storage needs, these boards are strong enough for you to take on a whitewater adventure and compact enough to roll up and fit in little areas.

Features Cascadia Whitecap SUP

The Cascade is perfect for families and boaters.

Made from top standard drop-stitch stuff with extra Powership reinforcements, this inflatable SUP inflates to 14-81 psi, making them amazingly stiff for the most successful paddling experience.

The fin system has been improved with the stiffest interface on the market, with fast and simple-tool mounting for easy use.

Cascade technology

The inflatable technology used in the cascade series begins with high standard, high-density drop stitch stuff rated for pressure up to eighteen psi. High pressure is key to making these boards perform as efficiently as hard-shell boards.

It is then reinforced with PVC layers for extra durability and stiffness and packed with a diamond groove EVA deck pad.

The cascade series also spec a US FIN box, which betters interchangeability and stiffness, permitting it to accept the most famous replacement fins.

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In terms of performance, one thing is for sure. This is a strong rival for an entry-level board.

Hence, if you are looking for a real competitive or racing board, you are steered far away from your trajectory. The board at hand is initially a leisure, all-around board.

Anyway, the sup board is still a perfect performance which will prove to be capable of cutting through water steadily thanks to its round nose and vast body.

Also, the navigation system will make it even more fun to try this board out in different atmospheres.

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CASCADIA board builds paddleboards and surfboards on the west coast of Canada. Founded in the surf off Vancouver Island, their wood grain SUPs speak to tall trees in CASCADIA or the specific northwest.

CASCADIA has recently branched out into inflatable paddle boards or SUPs as a handy way to get out on the calm water and still have space to store a paddleboard at home.

This summer, I spent weeks with one of their inflatable boards, the CASCADIA Whitecap 10’, to take it for a test driver, paddle, and err.

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CASCADIA Whitecap SUP Specs 

The CASCADIA Whitecap SUP is an ultra-flexible all-rounder that can tour, glide over flat water, or hit the white water. I was mostly on flat water and in-shore ocean chop for any testing.

  • Board size – 10 feet by 33 inches wide by 6 inches thick
  • Weight – 19 pounds
  • Volume – 200ltr
  • Fins – Thruster and removable
  • Recommended weight for rider – up to 190 pounds.

What do you get?

  • Backpack bag
  • SUP
  • Two-piece paddle
  • Repair kit
  • Dual-phase pump

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Inflating and setting up

The double-action pump is lovely for filling up the CASCADIA Whitecap SUP quickly. Set up is super easy and takes about 10 – 15 minutes of pumping—a switch on the pump from pumping air on the push and pull to just on the motivation.

For the last3-5, PSI gets harder to push, and switching to only pumping airs on the push of the air pump takes less effort. A pin in the valve has two positions, open and closed.

Ensure it is in the closed position before the air is pumping much. I made a big mistake of leaving it open and pumping for ten minutes, but the whole air comes out as soon as you eliminate the pump hose. You can check it by taking off the air pump host when it is about halfway complete and confirming the air stays in the paddleboard. It’d be in the up to stay closed.

I deflate my boards each time to take them home, so they are simpler to store, but if you have the space, you can leave them inflated and take them straight to the beach. Using an additional valve attachment, you can link a vehicle tire pump straight to the paddleboard and inflate that way.

The CASCADIA Whitecap SUP has two permanent stiff rubber fins and an adjustable nylon fin. I’ll be acquiring one of those as soon as I can. I pump up the paddleboards a couple of times for testing, but it is tedious if you’re going out a lot after that.

This makes for an excellent combo for doing anything you want. I usually pumped up the SUP in my vehicle and connected the fin to the water. The fin attaches quickly without tools.

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The ride

The CASCADIA Whitecap SUP is very buoyant at 6” thick and has a volume of 200ltrs. The 1st thing I noticed with this paddleboard in water was the stability. It simply held me far out of the water at 190lbs. M son would sit on it for another 30lbs for 220lbs with no issue.

I tested the adjustable paddle from CASCADIA with the SUP. It is not a very light option, but it’s highly durable and lightweight enough for paddling around.

It is adjusted for height with a small clip at the top. The clip pulls off, and then the SUP paddle slides out longer. It expands from 180mm to up to 210mm. The SUP paddle is relatively rigid with little flex and has foam inside to float in case it goes in.

The deck is padded with super comfortable foam that is simple on the feet and gives some grip. I found it super comfortable to stand on with or without shoes. The white foam gets slightly dirty standing on it with muddy shoes, but it washed off simply with the hose.

The CASCADIA Whitecap SUP comes with three fins. Two are permanent, and one nine-inch is removable. The two permanent fins are hard rubber and are incredibly difficult to break.

These work in a pinch also if you forget the giant fin. They also work if you are in a rocky area or stream and do not have the depth for a big fin.

The CASCADIA Whitecap SUP comes with their all-around fin flex, but the reinforced version is slightly stiffer. I forgot the big fin once and was surprised by its significant difference.

Both the stability and tracking are considerably better with a big fin. Like a keel on a sailboat, the fin looks to decrease the rocking left to right.

Two permanent and removable fins are a good setup on an inflatable board. Though some SUPs are coming with three fins which could be suitable for being able to alter all your fins out or just for storage!

Storage on the SUP is one set of bungees on the front. Most boards come with a single set. 2 sets would make it a bit more versatile, but this is more of daily use and play paddleboard, so it works well.

The CASCADIA Whitecap SUP is a longboard, more suited to touring, and would benefit from 2 sets of gear bungee. And two oversized d-rings on the bow and stern make it easy to lash down.

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Pacifica Paddle Cascadia iSUP

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