FunWater Inflatable Ultra-Light
FunWater Inflatable Ultra-Light Review

The innovators are Fun Water is keen on bringing new and amazing products with the new technology, so they created the FunWater inflatable Ultra-Light Paddle Board to provide customers a top-standard product.

Made with ultra-light construction twin layer PVC, this paddleboard is ultra-durable without being too heavy.

Features of the FunWater inflatable board

The best package

The FunWater inflatable Ultra-light paddleboard contains the board, a 3 piece adjustable paddle, a travel backpack, a high-pressure pump, three removable fins, a waterproof bag, a repair kit, and a waterproof phone case.

With all these in the package, you have everything you need ready to tackle streams, rivers, oceans and lakes.

And its risk-free thirty-day return window provides you time to try out the product without any issues. A 1-year promise also backs it, so you know they will forever have your back.

FunWater Inflatable Ultra-Light Review

Ultra-light construction

The FunWater inflatable Ultra-light paddle board is made with an additional PVC layer of board rails that has very strengthened the board’s durability.

This also makes the board thirty-five percent lighter than the other models.

Once inflated, it has a complete size of 10 6 long, 33 wide, and six thick with a weight capacity up to 300lbs, making it perfect and stable for all expertise levels and situations.


Speaking of standard, FunWater is not actually largely recognized.

Primarily, the brand at hand is mainly famous for this right board and so far.

Further, the FunWater 10 ‘6″ inflatable board has got a great number of positive reviews concerning its standard despite being a budget board.

Anyway, in order to reach a conclusion on that verdict, we have to inspect 2 main components. Built process and build materials itself.

Simple to store and carry

These paddleboards deflate and pack down into the added backpack.

You can also take the board all over the world for simple transportation on buses, trains, and planes.

It is perfect for all expertise levels, and its size can accommodate activities like cruising, fitness, fishing, and exploring.


Actually, this board is going to prove very reliable in all types of atmospheres, except for surfing, this is not a surfing board.

Other than that, FunWater at hand is a strong all-around board for open lakes and solid rivers as it will cut perfectly through the water thanks to its triple fin navigation structure.

Speaking of which, this is one of the top systems for entry-level paddle boards because it is designed to track perfectly and respond fast to command.