Aztron Titan All Around Inflatable SUP Board
Aztron Titan All Around Inflatable SUP Board

The most famous shape air SUP globally, the TITAN 11’11’ defines a style that many riders aspire to.

With the most significant size in the range and 32 extra widths, this is amazingly simple to ride an all-around board that is right for bigger or ambitious size riders.

Features Aztron Titan All-Around Inflatable SUP Board

Looking for a mixture of performance and relaxation, TITAN is the best one to go.

The Double chamber construction promises the board fifty percent safety buoyancy if any chamber leaks and provides more durability with thirty percent increased stiffness.

The diamond grooved footpad covers nearly two-thirds of the top deck and can deliver a superior grip and absolute controlled paddling.

Aztron Titan All Around Inflatable SUP Board
Aztron Titan All-Around Inflatable SUP Board


  • Twin chamber construction for safety and extra strongest
  • Twin drop-stitch core material
  • Complete deck printing with cube pattern graphic and rail graphic for highest visual impact
  • Premium standard towing D-rings and safety leash ring
  • 4mm diamond grooving EVA footpad for best comfort and grip
  • Integrated front bungee structure for simple gear access
  • Center grab handle in nylon with rubber pad offers relaxation and simple transport
  • Simple removable center fin design
  • Ready-to-go accessory pack: adding SUP gear backpack, Aztron twin action pump, safety leash, and style adjustable aluminum paddle


With the twin-chamber technology, Aztron redefines the safety standards of the inflatable stand-up paddleboard industry.

Two specs mark the difference: the separate inner chamber makes sure fifty percent buoyancy of the entire board flotation, promising the rider safety if anything occurs on the water.

The included chamber is an integrated construction with extra air pillars and sidewalls located in the standing place, which is the most important to an iSUP and provides thirty percent more stiffness to the board.

The Aztron Double Chamber construction makes the rider feel like just paddling on a solid board.

Aztron applies the twin-chamber technology n all of their air boards.


Double chamber

The double chamber construction is a signature Aztron technology, and it applies to all the air board items.

The second air chamber provides at least a hundred liters of safety buoyancy, ensuring the rider’s safety is suitable.

The different inner chamber with extra air pillars and sidewalls in the standing place provides the board thirty percent more stiffness.

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Center grab handle

Integrated center grab handles for simple lift and non-stress transport.

All Aztron handle specs neoprene with rubber pad design offer the power and provide the user with a strong grab and relax carrying experience.

Integrated bungee cords

The adjustable and expandable front bungee system lets riders grab and go with safe and straightforward gear access.

Attach extra like loose gear or dry bag, water bottle, and snacks.

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Diamond grooving footpad

One-piece soft brushed EVA footpad featuring 4mm diamond grooving offers the best relaxation and traction.

This model’s longer board length provides a slight speed benefit over the little all-rounders while still providing fantastic stability.

The Aztron TITAN is also the best choice if you plan to handle it around your dog or little kids.

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Aztron Titan All Around Inflatable SUP Board 11'11" incl. Adjustable Aluminum Paddle and Leash

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as of June 18, 2024 5:57 am

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2 used from $312.96
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