Aqua Plus Inflatable SUP
Aqua Plus Inflatable SUP

If you love to have fun on the waves of water without any fear and also want to keep yourself healthy and fit, then this inflatable Sup board is the perfect solution for you.

It will give you maximum fun over the waves of the water and you can take it with you anywhere with ease.

With this inflatable water, sup board explores the waterways from the backyard to the Gulf from Greek lakes to the lazy springs.

Key Features Aqua Plus Inflatable SUP for All Skill Levels Boat

This sup board along with its rigid and firm counterparts has an extra advantage of the lightweight properties and extra portability will make sure that you travel with it with ease and comfort.

You just need to roll up this sup board and pack it in your bag along with all its accessories, and here you go!

All set for you full of fun surfing experience.

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Aqua Plus Inflatable SUP for All Skill Levels Boat
Aqua Plus Inflatable SUP for All Skill Levels Boat

It has one year of warranty.

Weight: 30.3 pounds



When it is deflated it is only 1 foot in measure of a diameter that is equivalent to 3.7”.

When it is in the state of inflated it is 10.6 inches in length, 33 inches in width, and thickness is 6 inches whereas it weighs 330lbs.

This sup board is stable and great for all levels of skills and for all supers from beginner level to the advanced level.

The Aqua plus sup board offers an excellent glide for fitness, cruising, exploring and fishing.

Rigid Design

Although it feels very similar to the hardboard, it is a plus point of the Aqua sup board, as the sup board must be rigid and hard.

The fabric used in the manufacturing of this board is Military Ultralightweight PVC Drop stitch, additionally, the construction of extra PVC layers on the board rails strengthens the board much.


A fine pic to start our reviewing list with.

An outclass sup board with lots of amazing features and valuable to spend money on it is highly lightweight and portable, this quality is liked by many customers.

Aqua Plus Inflatable SUP has many thumbs up review as well that shows the positive response of the audience moong this product.

But the only flaw related to this product is that it is dangerous sometimes, a customer complained that during his surfing, it popped and sank, luckily, he remained safe in this accident.

But we think that accidents can happen to anyone it’s not concerned with the product.

  • CONS:
  • Stable enough for heavyweight people also.
  • The material used is of good quality
  • Inflate and deflate with ease
  • Portable and easily fits in the traveling bag
  • It would be able to get till 12 PSI but the instruction manual said it can be getting between 10-15 PSI
  • Sometimes it popped and sank
Aqua Plus Inflatable SUP for All Skill Levels Boat
Aqua Plus Inflatable SUP for All Skill Levels Boat


The board is great so far if you are lucky enough and don’t meet with an accident.

It has prop-stability and complete accessories.

Its rigid design is its strength. Worth buying sup board if you are a surfing lover.

Last updated on February 27, 2021 6:20 pm