Xspec Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

The Xspec inflatable stand up paddleboard offers the ultimate riding experience, whether you are fishing, surfing, doing yoga, or just cruising around.

The big 10′ x 32″ x 6″ board can grip up to 275 lbs with no issue, making the remarkable SUP for most riders.

Features Xspec Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

The Xspec inflatable stands up paddleboard is produced with the rider in mind.

The durable twin layered, drop stitched PVC offers superior stiffness.

While the broad anti-slip surface offers security and relaxation.

This SUP specs a state of the art leak-proof valve, holding force for days.

The detachable eight fits can be secured and located with ease, no tools are needed and compatible with many aftermarket fins.

This full set comes with a lighting quick twin action pump, providing the freedom to fast inflate anywhere, and extendable paddle.

It also comes with a twin carrying bag for simple storage and transportation.

Xspec Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board
Xspec Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board


  • Wide anti-slip surface offers security and comfort
  • The twin double-layered, drop-stitched PVC
  • Detachable eight fin
  • Contains lighting quick twin action pump
  • State of the art leak-proof valve holds force for days
  • Contains durable carrying bag


Detachable eight Fin

The detachable eight fins can be secured and replaced with ease, no tools need and it is compatible with many after-market fins.

The fin is extra durable and made not to break, even under the best stress.

Wide non-slip for a deck with handle

The non-slip foam pad offers the best stability, traction, and relaxation so that you have the top experience possible paddling.

The handle makes it simple to transport and carry.

Twin layered, drop stitched PVC

Paddleboards are made with the highest stuff to make sure it withstands the utmost stress. The strong double-layered, drop-stitched military-grade PVC offers superior stiffness and durability.

State of the art leak-proof valve

The leak-proof valve grips force for days. You can simply deflate the paddleboard so it can be saved in a safe place.

Paddling essentials

Paddleboard comes with paddling essentials, adding a coiled ankle cuff safety leash and a waterproof case to save your house.

Durable OARs

Oars can be adjusted based on your height.

For the right length, take your height and include eight for surfing length and ten for touring length.

Durable carrying bag

Take your paddleboard with you wherever you go with the right storage bag.

It fast deflates or inflates for simple storage, making it perfect for the river, lake or ocean.

Twin action air pump

This full set comes with a lighting quick twin fast-action pump, providing you the freedom to fast inflate anywhere.

Because of the size and shape, this board is right for all kinds of water (river, sea, lake, pool), and you can go cruising, fishing, fitness and all type of things.

In the set, you are getting a backpack, board, an adjustable paddle, a pump, a fin, and a repair kit.

This makes the price even excellent.

Those who are new to paddleboarding will be extremely happy with the standard vs price ratio.

Paddle Away Into your Next Adventure!

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