SUP Boards Port Phillip Bay
SUP Boards Port Phillip Bay

Port Philip is the entrance to Australia’s busiest port and is one of Victoria’s most famous recreational places.

Although Port Philip is generally referred to as the Bay or Port Philip Bay, Port Philip is actually not a bay.

It is a domestic port area that is actually made up of over sixteen bays.

Every year millions of people enjoy its big coastline, world-class swimming beaches, and coastal parks.

A fully different perspective anyway is accessible to those who Explore Port Philip by boat.

Inland, marine reserves and shipwrecks dot Port Philip, while fishing and Scuba diving with SUP boards reveal the colorful diversity of marine life in port Philips.

Over 3.2 million people live around its shore, making Australia port Philip the most densely populated catchment.

Port Philip is a big expanse of water that is shockingly shallow in many locations.

Here are the things to do:

Kayak with the kids

Get near to the creatures of Port Philip Bay and view the diversity of the coastline under your own steam.

On a 3-hour sea kayak adventure with BayPlay tours from Portsea, you will view dolphins, penguins, and fur seals as you paddle across to Point Nepean National Park.

Unique one hour kayak trips are also accessible for parents with young children in kayaks designed for the highest safety.

Try a tour with a bite.

Book a trip from Sorrento Pier, taking in the coastline around Point Nepean and Portsea, and then go beyond the heads and into the Bass Strait, where you will view shark cruise the Berly trail.

Try the pull in a mako shark, thresher, bronze whaler, or blue shark, o, just watch the shark now in the water.