Inflatable Paddle Board REI
Inflatable Paddle Board REI

Stand up. Paddleboarding provides an exciting way to play on the water, with the included advantage of a full-body workout.

And, since you stand at full height on your board, it provides you a unique vantage point for viewing what is down under the water and out on the horizon.

Paddleboarding is rapidly becoming one of the most well-known water sports. Thanks to the emergence of inflating SUPs, it is an activity that’s accessible to a massive range of people. The industry is booming, and inflatable paddle boards are like hotcakes.

If you are new to the paddle boarding world or do not know much about these, it can be overwhelming to the device on a paddleboard.

But fear not – we have created a good guide for you to pick out the best Inflatable paddleboard REI, along with all the specs you will need to consider before making your final decision.

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Features Inflatable Paddle Board REI

  • Does this sound familiar? Travel costs are on the increase. The last time you found your board at baggage claim, it was dinged, and strapping a solid delegation to your roof is a hassle.
  • Enter the iSUP: it packs into a full portaging backpack and contains a high force, two-way air pump with a gauge.
  • 1000s of drop-stitch fibers work in conjunction with the high force construction to achieve an inflation pressure of ten psi.
  • A high air force makes a rigid hull without frame parts; the performance is matched to surf, whitewater, and flatwater applications.
  • Ten ft. six in. length turns responsively, making wave cruising simple, 29.75 in, which provides high control and stability
  • EVA deck pad decreases food fatigue and offers a soft surface when kneeling on board
  • Center fin with two side bite fins promotes stability.
  • Contains nylon carrying handle and D-rings in the tail and nose

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How to Stand Up on Your SUP

  • Stand alongside the board in about knee-deep water.
  • Grip the board by the edges and work your way onto the board in a kneeling place, just behind the board’s center point (you can quickly locate the board’s center by finding the carry handle).
  • Please keep your hands on the sides of the board to stabilize it and move 1 foot at a time to locate your feet on your knees were.

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What to look for in an inflatable paddleboard?

All inflatable paddle boards are made equal! Everyone has their preferences and goals when it comes to paddleboarding, and a sound board will be a combination of fine quality materials and a shape that fits your requirements.

Before you invest in the board, be sure of the following feature because the right inflatable paddleboard could last you a lifetime.

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Inflatable paddleboards are great for a range of activities. Whether you are hoping to fish, practice yoga, take on some waves, or enjoy a relaxing cruise, you will have a SUP that can live up to entire of your expectations.

We have outlined the three main types of inflatable paddle board REIs below to assist you in narrowing down which board is right for you.

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A touring board is the best option if you are padding far and hoping to get there fast. Inflatable paddle board REIs in the category usually are longer and narrower but slightly less stable.

They also have more storage room to accommodate any additional gear or supplies you might be carrying.

If you are a master paddler border, these are best, but if you are a newbie and just learning the ropes, you might wish to go for a more solid option.


These are the most common inflatable paddle board REI type, likely because they’re the most versatile.

They are built for casual cursing but can take a bit of chop and are the best choice for new paddlers who’re just starting, as they’re generally the most stable paddleboards.


Surfing, yoga, and fishing, oh my! Who knew you’d accomplish so much with an inflatable paddle board REI!

Sport paddleboards usually are explicitly made for one of these activities and come decked with the entire features you will need. From fishing rod holders to full-length pads, these paddleboards are best if you are committed to a specific sport.

Some recreational paddle boards will do just good with these activities, but if you are hoping to go complete about it, look for an inflatable paddle board that is made specifically for your favorite pastime.

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Size has a lot to do with board stability regarding inflatable paddle boards. Most paddleboards range from 10 to 14 feet in length, though as a rule of thumb, you would not want to maneuverability you will experience. You will also want to consider width.

Most of the SUPs offer at least 30″ in width, and the wide the paddle board, the more stability you will have.

When choosing an inflatable paddle board, thickness is also a significant factor. Something less than 6″ is not a viable choice for the newbie or bigger paddler. Smaller or master paddlers can get away with 5″ of thickness, but you do not want to get any thinner than that.


You know that wide paddleboards are more stable, and narrow boards are suitable for touring, but before investing, you’d also consider the hull shape for an inflatable paddle board. Most paddleboards have a planning hull, meaning they’re flatter, more comprehensive, and rounder.

These inflatable paddle boards do well on either choppy or flat water and give more stability and maneuverability for the paddler. Most recreational and sort paddleboards have this hull type, and if you are a newbie, this is the shape you’d consider.

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Fin Setup

All inflatable paddle boards will have a fin setup, the most common being a tri-fin configuration. Three fins will make your paddleboard maneuverable and stable, and on most inflatable paddle boards, the big central fin is adjustable. This makes for an easy storage option once you deflate your inflatable paddle board.

Some paddle boards let you eliminate the side fins also, which means you can paddle with only one fin or no fins if you want.


When you purchase an inflatable paddle board, you can expect an accessory pack to come with the package. Most packages come with all the accessories you need, including a fin, air pump, and travel backpack.

Some boards provide more than just the necessities, though look deeply at what is being offered because you might be able to score a paddle, repair kit, leash, or dry bag in addition to the essential accessories.


As mentioned before, your inflatable paddle board REI will come with a carrying bag.

The best bags are those that’ll help ease your transportation of the paddle board. Nowadays, several inflatable paddle boards come with a carrying backpack which can come in handy if you are hiking or have to walk a long way from your car to the water.

One more feature factor of portability you will need to consider is the inflatable paddle board’s weight. Most boards are anywhere between 16 to 30lbs, which is pretty lightweight compared to a hardboard.

Is our inflatable Paddle Board REI worth it?

Inflatable paddle boards are certainly a viable choice, and some master paddlers even prefer them to stiff boards. They’re less costly and more durable, but they are also simple to transport and generally more stable.

Now that you know what separates the best inflatable paddle boards from the mediocre ones, you can make a wise decision about which board is ideal for you.

No matter where you are paddling or how much experience you’ve, a sound board can make the real difference. Good Luck!

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Hyperlite Admiral Inflatable SUP
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