BPS Adjustable 2-Piece SUP/ Stand Up Paddleboard Paddle Review
BPS Adjustable 2-Piece SUP Stand Up Paddleboard Paddle

Stand up paddling is a fun way to spend your day on the water, mainly if you have the top SUP paddle.

They are made of top standard materials that make them strong and durable to sustain punishment from regular use.

Features BPS Adjustable 2-Piece SUP

Most of them are lightweight to decrease fatigue so you can paddle for longer.

These paddles are simple to use since they come in a two-piece or three pieces of style that are simple to set up and to separate.

Thus, they permit for compact storage and portability so you can carry them wherever you go for international or local adventures.

Stand Up Paddleboard Paddle Review

BPS Adjustable SUP paddles

The BPS SUP paddles are top at tough waves owing to their perfect strokes and wonderful rowing power. They are comfortable and lightweight to row.

The adjustability, durability, and versatility make it a perfect paddle for choice for canoeing.

The high-performance paddle has a charming construction, they are quick and simple to adjust. It is possible to separate them into 2 pieces for perfect storage and transport.

The parts are simple to fix while rowing. The paddles also have shoulder straps for relaxing rowing.

Three types of paddles are accessible with BPS, the Fiberglass composite paddle contains a fiberglass shaft and nylon blade whereas the carbon fiber paddle is made of carbon fiber shaft with Nylon blade.

The shaft, blade and the handle of a hundred percent fiber paddle are carbon fiber made.

All the 3 products have 100% manufacturer promise for 12 months.

The angled blade helps in amazing propulsion with minimal strain on the muscles. Heat reflecting coat on the paddles reduce damage from the sun.

Fiberglass made

The Fiberglass composite paddle is made of nylon blade and fiberglass shaft that weighs 1.7 lbs and spreads from 1800 to 2130 mm.

The carbon fiber composite paddle is made of carbon fiber shaft and nylon blade which weights 1.7 lbs, too and manages from 1800 to 2130mm.

New logo colors are accessible

Get the top-performance BPS SUP paddle that is sought after by SUP rental firms all over the planet for its best construction.

These paddles have an instant and safe adjustment mechanism that floats when parts are combined and separate into 2 pieces for perfect storage/transport.

Full paddle bag

Appear with full paddle bag which fits BPS paddle at any length.

Featuring its warm reflective lining that stops sun damage -prolonging the best standard of the bag as time goes by.

Designed with Velcro strap that ties and tights the paddle to stop wiggling.

Comes with full paddle bag

  • Standard material
  • Fits the BPS paddle at any length
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Heat reflective lining prevents sun damage
  • Features Velcro ties for a second paddle on the outside
  • Makes paddle storage and transport from and to the water fast and problem-free

You will get an email, containing the photographic e-guide that was made by an experienced paddleboarder.

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