An Honest Red Paddle Sport SUP Review
An Honest Red Paddle Sport SUP Review

The Red Paddle Co is a brand that makes Inflatable Stand-up Paddleboards for all styles, levels, and types of paddlers out there.

Whether you are a beginner in paddleboarding or just looking for a board to take a challenge for stages in the race series, there’s a suitable Red Paddle inflatable SUP for your individual needs.

If you are looking for an inflatable paddleboard that is versatile and meets all your requirements, then you can go for the Red Paddle Co Sport 11’3″ Inflatable Paddle Board.

Red Paddle Company’s multi-award-winning board 11’3″ is our top pick today.

Our article below will review this Red Paddle Co Sport 11’3″ Inflatable Paddle Board.

Overview of Red Paddle Co Sport 11’3″ Inflatable Paddle Board

high quality materials paddle board reviews

The Red Paddle 11’3″ Sport SUP is a touring hybrid/all-around board, so anyone can use this for almost everything to have a great time paddleboarding. You’ll be particularly attracted to this paddleboard in case you are among the following group:

  • Beginner paddlers to intermediate levels who want a stable, durable, and easy-to-handle Stand-Up Paddleboard.
  • Experienced paddleboarders are searching for a brand that puts a lot of research & development into their paddleboards for the best performance.
  • Expert paddleboarders who wish to have a premium board with excellent performance.
  • Paddleboarders who wish to have a premium stand-up paddleboard that features top-notch accessories too.

For paddleboarders searching for the best speed & performance on a single board, the Red Paddle 11’3″ Sport iSUP package is perfect. This board offers a handful of advanced features and is available in many color options.

This board from Red Paddle offers excellent sturdiness and superior durability & stability so that it can endure even the waviest water adventures.

The board’s performance secret lies in its sleek shape. This has been created to cut through the water cleanly. It has been designed and made to offer more speed and dynamic performance (even though it isn’t a racing paddleboard).

The drawn-out section of the nose similarly provides more glide to the board across the water. Thus, you will be capable of reaching higher speeds.

And there are ergonomic tube-shaped handles featured on all paddleboards of Red Paddle Co to offer a comfy, cushioned grip when you carry the paddleboard.

SUP Board Specifications

red paddle co boards specifications

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Features of Red Paddle Sport Paddle Boards

Red Paddle Sport Paddle Boards
Red Paddle Sport Paddle Boards


Check out the pros of the Red Paddle 11’3″ Sports Stand-Up Paddleboard below…

Very Stable Yet Lightweight Board

The board weighs 22 lbs lighter than several similarly shaped stand-up paddleboards. Yet the board is stable and can carry up to 240 lbs weight, which beginners can also exceed.

Premium Touring Hybrid/All-Around Board

The board is beginner-friendly, yet it provides excellent performance to please expert paddlers.

Hybrid Deck Pad

The hybrid deck pad of this board is grippy yet comfortable and relaxing to stand on board. The new system for flat bungee cords lets you store additional cargo.

MSL/Tec-Air Build

This board is MSL/Tec-Air build, which is very hardy.

Great Speed

The board’s Speed Tail strikingly decreases the drag of the water that comes off the tail when you paddle. This makes an impact on your speed when paddling.

Titan II pump

This board’s New Titan II pump is one of the best hand pumps on the market.

Roller Backpack

The board comes with an overwhelming all-terrain RPC roller backpack.

Warranty Period:

Online registration provides the stand-up paddleboard with a 5-year warranty.


  • Costly paddleboard
  • No included paddle

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Red Paddle Sports SUP Review

rocker stiffening system for paddle boarding

The Red Paddle 11’3″ Sport iSUP is a touring hybrid/all-around board that provides an outstanding tracking experience while offering stability and good maneuverability. This board is exceptional for bringing your kids or pets along while paddling.

It is also a lightweight board that is easy to carry and transport for shorter and younger paddleboarders. The drawn-out nose of the board is coupled with a new speed tail that makes the latest version even faster than the previous version.

The 11’3″ Sports Paddleboard from Red Paddle continues to be the best paddleboard for the new add-ons and provides the very sturdy MSL construction and the Tec-Air procedure used in RPC paddleboards.

This board’s ‘Red’ hybrid deck pad is there to make it an outstanding board, providing a grippy but soft texture to stand on the board. The board pump has also been upgraded, as the new Titan II hand pump is one of the best pumps available on the market.

Everything about this board is stellar, although beginner paddlers must buy a paddle separately to complete the kit.

This 11’3″ Sport paddleboard is also among the most expensive stand-up paddleboard kits. Thus, we can say that the board is not the best beginner-friendly board in terms of its cost and accessory inclusion.

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Red Paddle 11’3″ Sport SUP is among the best paddleboards for speed, performance, stability, durability, and maneuverability.

It is perfect for those attracted to a premium stand-up paddleboarding experience.

We recommend you check out the Red Paddle 11’3″ RPC Sport paddleboard!

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Q. What PSI should a red paddleboard be?

A. Recommended PSI pressure of the Red paddleboard should be 16 – 22 PSI. A paddleboarder should follow the recommended pressure.

Q. Why are SUP inflatable paddle boards so expensive?

A. Not every iSUPs are expensive. There are many options available in the market that are cheap. But the fact is cheap paddleboards neither come with high-quality materials nor are included with accessories like a backpack and integrated wheels in the backpack, hand or electric pump, really cool features, etc. So, whether you want a comprehensive paddleboard or a cheap one is yours!

Q. How long does it take to inflate a red paddleboard?

A. A 12v pump can inflate a Red Inflatable Stand-up paddleboard within 10-15 minutes if you use high pressure.

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Red Paddle Co 2021 10'6 Ride | Durable Light Weight MSL Material | 18-25 PSI Rigidity | High Pressure Double Chambered Titan 2 Pump | Heavy Duty Wheeled Carry Bag | 5 Year Warranty

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