Scott Burke Surf Paddle Board
Scott Burke Surf Paddle Board

The Scott Burke Stand-Up paddleboard company is among the top-rated manufacturer for paddleboards. The Burke SUP board is a board from this Scott company, a versatile stand-up paddleboard.

This board comes together with a complete package of an adjustable SUP paddle, SUP leash, bungee deck straps, roof rack, and a durable paddling board.

So, as you can see, the board comes with everything you may need to hit the water land. It’s also an excellent paddleboard for beginners as the board offers great stability!

Below, we have put together everything you need to know about the product in our review article. This review will help you decide whether to buy this board or not!

Overview Of Scott Burke Paddle Board

Scott Burke Paddle Board
Scott Burke Paddle Board

The 10 feet 6 inches Atlantic Paddleboard, with a molded ABS composite deck, is an innovative Stand-up Paddleboard concept from the Scott Burke Surf brand, and it is about as sturdy as they come! Even though appropriate for flatwater settings, you can also use the Atlantic Paddleboard in calm surf settings.

It features an EPS core and two layers of fiberglass coating with the epoxy resin and then compressed into the hard-shell texture. Its lower deck has sleek contours and a lot of traction space for all skill levels of riders.

The rounded rails of the board make for even navigation, whereas the bungee straps let an area to attach your equipment while you do not use them. A center pull-out handle allows you have a comfortable area to grab onto the board while carrying to the river or beach.

A fusion carbon fiber paddle is similarly comprised with this pack and a custom paddleboard bag to store and carry your paddleboard in. So, the Atlantic paddleboard is you’re a FULL package Stand-up Paddleboard deal – where everything that you may need is included – as well as it is exclusively obtainable at all select Costco locations.

If you have a camera, then do not forget to take it with you while going paddling because this Atlantic board features a universal camera mount on the board’s nose so that you can click some pictures and relive your experience after reaching your home.

Stability Of The Board

It’s a solid, durable paddleboard! The Scott Burke SUP board features a reliable, durable panel that provides you ultimate comfort while you paddle with it. It’s a soft surface board manufactured of durable and robust materials.

This paddleboard features a total of 3 multi-coated wood stringers layered with a waterproof resin. It’s also manufactured of 100% EPS core (waterproof), which is heat coated. All these make the board more durable.

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Bungee Deck Straps Of The Board

The stand-up paddleboard comes with some suitable bungee deck straps. These straps help to hold your life jacket and other accessories you bring with you. This deck strap offers a simple, easy, and fast way to attach your necessary additions to the SUP board.

Scott Burke 10' Catalina Foam Stand Up Paddleboard

 out of stock

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SUP Leash Of The Board

The SUP leash of the board features a molded nylon leash plug and an ankle strap that is padded with Neoprene. This consists of double swivel, rail saver, and precision molded fittings.

The Scoot Burke Stand-up paddleboard package comprises a leash. So, no matter if you’re paddling in the lake, river, or ocean, you’ll not have to worry about drowning as you have the leash for your safety.

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Roof Rack Of The Board

Scott Burke local Costco paddleboard comes with a roof rack. The roof rack is there to help you strap the paddleboard on your vehicle. This makes the board easy to transport.

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Features Of The Scott Burke Surf Paddle Board

Scott Burke Surf Paddle Board
Scott Burke Surf Paddle Board
  • Full top and bottom graphic
  • Hybrid carbon fiberglass adjustable paddle
  • A Board bag is included to store and transport your paddleboard
  • Universal Camera Mount
  • The maximum weight capacity of this Stand-up Paddle Board is 285 lbs
  • Double-end bungee straps to attract your gear
  • Easy transport carry handle in the center of the paddleboard
  • Foam Core (EPS) Wrapped in Fiberglass
  • Sturdy Molded ABS Composite Shell


  • One 9” center tracking fin
  • Adjustable aluminum paddle
  • Leash with padded ankle strap and rail saver
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Easy & quick to maneuver
  • Easy to transport
  • Budget-friendly
  • Highly active to sharp turns
  • It comes with instant padded roof racks and an exclusive blade shield


  • It needs more energy to keep the paddleboard tracking straight
  • Less steady than the other models of this brand

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Review of Scott Burke Stand Up Paddleboard

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Review of Scott Burke Stand Up Paddleboard

The Scott Burke SUP board weighs around 26 lbs! It supports a max weight capacity of about 300 lbs. As soon as it comes to the board’s dimension, the stand-up paddleboard length is 10 feet 6 inches in length, and the width is 31 inches with a thickness of 6 inches.

Thanks to its high weight capacity, you can bring your pet or children or a company while paddling. Scott SUPs come with three multi-layered coated wood stringers skin, featuring waterproof resin.

This board also has a heat laminated IXPE/XPE deck along with a smooth polyethylene bottom. Such board materials make it one of the full sturdy SUP boards available in the market.

The paddleboard is adjustable, so you can easily adjust the board from 6 feet 8 inches to 8 feet 6 inches quickly. The paddle of the board is made of a fiberglass nylon blade. Thus, the board offers excellent handling, smooth paddling, and also lightweight exploring paddling experience.

The paddle blade is projected to reduce the noise and blade flutter in the water. The angle of the blade offers the balance and strength required to make paddling an easy experience. Additionally, the fiberglass nylon material of the paddle blade makes it super durable.

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To conclude, we must say that paddleboarding is a quickly growing water sport! Nowadays, many people choose to go paddling in their leisure time. SO, you too must join the club and engage yourself in this water sport. For this, you can blindly trust the Scott Burke SUP board.

The Scott Burke paddleboard is the most prevalent large-sized paddleboard for beginner riders, intermediate riders, and advanced riders. This paddleboard is perfect for individuals who weigh not more than 300 lbs.

Similar to any other paddleboard from the Scott group, this is durable too! The Stand-up paddleboard is lightweight and relatively transportable. You can comfortably carry this board anywhere you want.

The paddleboard can move quickly through the water with its three fins included (one central fin and two side fins). In case you’re looking for a durable and budget-friendly stand-up paddleboard, then this is precisely what you need!

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Scott Burke 10' Catalina Foam Stand Up Paddleboard

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SCOTT Burke 10'6 SUP/Yak Paddleboard Package

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Aqua Plus 10ft6inx33inx6in Inflatable SUP for All Skill Levels Stand Up Paddle Board, Adjustable Paddle,Double Action Pump,ISUP Backpack, Leash, Shoulder Strap,Youth,Adult Inflatable Paddle Board

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