Best SUP Carbon Fibre Paddle
Best SUP Carbon Fibre Paddle

Paddling is a water sport that has taken the world by storm. And why would it not?

Paddleboarding has some remarkable health advantages. It provides a great workout, an opportunity to connect with others, and a great chance to contribute to calm, fun activities like yoga and travel boarding.

When you want the top class to influence your water experience, check out these models for the Best SUP Paddle Carbon Fiber you can buy in 2023.

This is the ultimate buyer’s guide to the Best Sup Paddle Carbon Fiber.

We recommend using OCEAN ROAD SUP Paddle Board Carbon Fiber Standup Paddles Floating Portable Paddle Board Accessories, as it is our top pick.

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Sup Paddle Carbon Fiber is designed for the most serious of paddlers.

This paddle is made from carbon fiber, providing a lightweight but durable build that doesn’t compromise power or speed.

The blades are also patented to be stiffer and more efficient than typical plastic-bladed paddles so that you can get the maximum performance out of your stroke with less effort.

Using this sup paddle, you’ll have an unmatched experience in every way possible!

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The Best Sup Paddle Carbon Fiber

Sup Paddle is the leading manufacturer of high-quality carbon fiber paddles.

We are committed to designing and producing paddle blades that can withstand conditions with maximum durability, performance, and lightweight design.

NIXY Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle

This carbon fiber paddle by California-based NIXY is now elegant and functional. This high-performance SUP paddle has a dihedral blade to help eliminate fluttering and provide an ultra-smooth, powerful stroke. The paddle features a carbon fiber shaft with an ABS-reinforced edge to prevent chipping.

It is a three-piece paddle, providing you with the ultimate portability. When disassembled, it’s about three feet long, so you can take it anywhere and fit it in your car. The paddle has a massive range of adjustability, from 68-84″, and has a secure, simple-to-lock design.

After a few tries, I assembled and adjusted the carbon fiber paddle in about 15 seconds. Being lightweight, about 22oz, you’ll not get as tired with conventional aluminum/fiberglass paddlers, and of course, it floats, unlike several other paddles. This is for the boarder who wants a lightweight, top-quality paddle, and it is my top pick for carbon fiber paddles.

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South Bay Convertible Carbon SUP Paddle

Want to sit down on your SUP and use it as a kayak? This South Bay Convertible Carbon Fiber paddle is just what you need. This four-piece paddle converts from a SUP paddle to a two-bladed kayak paddle! The paddle is made with a carbon fiber shaft for durability and strength. The blade is designed from a strong nylon composite and is light.

The handle has been made ergonomically proper, providing maximum comfort for a long time of Paddling. The most extended piece is 31″, making it simple to carry to and from water or fit in the trunk of your car when taken apart. This Carbon Fiber Paddle has a massive range of adjustability from 65″ to 84″, letting you get the ideal length for most any paddler over 4’8″.

I like that the SUP paddle is guaranteed to float in salt or freshwater. It’s suitable for general use for beginners and the advanced SUP paddler for full-day Paddling. If you drop it, you’ll appreciate not driving into the water to find your sinking paddle.

I’d have liked to see it come with a protective cover, but they were not very expensive. The Carbon Fiber Paddle by South Bay is a good option from a company that makes paddles. In my opinion, the best convertible SUP carbon fiber paddle is under 100.

South Bay Board Co. - SUP Paddleboard Paddles - 4 Piece & 2 Piece Kayak/Paddle Board Paddle Options - Carbon Fiber or Aluminum Paddle Shafts - Heavy Duty Nylon Composite Handles & Blades

 out of stock
as of April 21, 2024 1:25 pm

NIXY Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle – 94 sq in Blade, Adjustable 3 Piece Pro Paddle with ABS Blade Edge for Stand Up Paddle Board – Durable, Lightweight Floating Paddle - 3K, 3K Bamboo, or 12K Finish

$229.00  in stock
as of April 21, 2024 1:25 pm

NIXY Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle – 88 sq in Blade, Adjustable 3 Piece Pro Paddle with ABS Blade Edge for Stand Up Paddle Board – Durable, Lightweight Floating Paddle - 3K, 3K Bamboo, or 12K Finish

$229.00  in stock
as of April 21, 2024 1:25 pm

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BPS Adjustable SUP Carbon Fiber Paddle

BulletProof Surf made this carbon fiber paddle in their top performance line, with a carbon shaft, nylon blade, composite fiberglass, and ultra-durable handle made with solid carbon fiber. The edge of the paddle face is 16.5″ in length and 8″ at the widest part. The paddle length is adjusted to the rider’s size and stays tightly locked into place.

Its most extended length reaches 85″, ideal for taller paddlers. It can be sized to 69″ for shorter riders. Unfortunately, this paddle doesn’t come apart for storage or traveling.

The composite blade is a bit more forgiving than carbon blades. It would not suffer chips or another damaged hand and has proven to be durable and more robust when coming in contact with a paddleboard or pushing of docks or even rocky areas.

The carbon fiber handle is ultra-smooth and easy on the hands. It has free storage and a travel backpack for the paddle to protect it from scratches, chips, or other damages.

The bag has a convenient heat-reflective lining to protect it from dangerous UV rays. It also has Velcro straps on the outside of the backpack, adding the ability to carry a 2nd paddle. Bulletproof Surf provides a one-year guarantee for refund/replacement if their paddle fails to perform as expected. In my opinion, it is the best paddle for the money.

BPS 2pc 100% Full Carbon Fiber Adjustable SUP Paddle - Easy to Adjust, for Kids and Adults - Comes with Travel Bag (Snorkel Blue Accent)

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as of April 21, 2024 1:25 pm

BPS Two Piece Carbon Fiber Shaft SUP Paddle - Durable Easy to Adjust for Paddlers - Lightweight Simple Assemble SUP Paddleboarding with Bag (Snorkel Blue Accent)

 out of stock
as of April 21, 2024 1:25 pm

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This paddleboard has a higher price tag but has several great features that make it valuable. This Carbon fiber paddle comes in 3 different parts, which allow it to be carried. Even though the parts are detachable, they snap together securely and efficiently.

It features a twelve-degree angle between the shaft and the blade and a dihedral blade, which concaves, giving you more strength with each stroke. The top of the post has a compact t-shape with a ball in the middle, which is ideal if you like a hybrid grip.

However, the paddle comes apart in 3 pieces. The size is still adjustable. It can be as short as 72″ and as long as 86″. This is the best choice for paddleboards who like to adjust the paddle for their water fun. However, it can be slightly more significant for people with smaller hands.

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Abahub Adjustable Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle

This carbon fiber paddle is one of the more colorful paddles on my list. Of course, that is not why you want to buy it. The Abahub Adjustable Carbon Fiber comes with a 3K carbon shaft and fiberglass blade that’s light and solid.

It is a three-piece paddle that adjusts from 67 to 86 inches and is ideal for riders from 5 feet to about 6.8 feet tall.

It is available in five models; all provide a carbon shaft with either a nylon blade or carbon fiber. Blade’s measurements range from 91 square inches to 98 square inches.

The double concave blade design provides an ultra smoother, more powerful stroke with less flutter than comparable SUP paddles.

Abahub 3-Piece Carbon SUP Paddles, Lightweight Stand-up Paddle Oars for Paddleboard, Adjustable Carbon Fiber Shaft 68" - 84", Black Plastic Blade + Paddle Bag

$69.99  in stock
as of April 21, 2024 1:25 pm

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Aqua-Bound Challenge 85 2-Piece Standup Paddle

Every Aqua-Bound Challenge paddle is hand-built by game lovers in their Wisconsin facility. They are assembled with two pieces and completely adjustable to suit several riders! The dedication shows as soon as you grasp this full carbon standup paddle.

The top-quality carbon construction continues into the handle to provide a comfortable and firm grip. This combination makes it extremely light and straightforward to pull via the water to get quick and powerful strokes.

This blade is made from years of experience, is carbon-reinforced, and boasts 85” of surface area. What separates this blade, although, is the aggressive dihedral. This function is located down the spine and provides an additional smooth forward stroke for extreme cadence paddlers.

This addition also adds ultra stability and prevents twisting while in the water. Finally, its sleek black construction seems significant for paddleboarding any place.

Werner Vibe 3-Piece Adjustable Standup Paddle

The first thing you’ll notice about this paddle is its cool color scheme. Not only a pretty face, though, but this SUP paddle is also equipped with a long and slender blade to provide more stability with such a big blade. The designers of the paddle have added a sizable dihedral.

This addition keeps the blade solid in the water, providing smooth control and lessening wobbly strokes. The designers have added a sizable dihedral. This addition keeps the edge fit in the water, offering you the best power and lessons in shaky strokes.

The fiberglass shaft of this paddle is top quality and can be fixed to any length between 68 inches and 84 inches. The post is also offset from the blade by ten degrees, increasing your speed by adding additional leverage for every stroke.

At the top, you’ll find a palm grip ideal for keeping a loose grip while not losing control. This paddle is handmade and comes with a year’s warranty.


The ISLE SUP paddles are among the finest standup paddleboard paddles for any skill level. Its telescopic shaft comes in two pieces and can be set at any length between 67 and 83 inches. It also has smooth markings to identify which length it is at. It is made from carbon fiber, the lightest stuff on the market. This makes it ideal for those long days on the water.

Its lightweight shaft and two-piece build make this a suitable paddle for riders looking to add force to their stroke. A significant contributing factor is the nylon blade that will prevent it from scratching your SUP should you come into contact with it.

Measuring 92.85” also helps to displace the maximum amount of water while conserving energy. This SUP paddle performs by attaching a carbon fiber shaft with a nylon blade and is also highly durable against wear and tear. Even if something happens to your paddle, it’s backed by a one-year manufacturer’s limited warranty. So, you’re protected and entirely free to paddle all you want.

Woo-Wave Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle

The flexible shaft on these paddles makes it simple for anybody over 5 feet. The three-piece design makes putting it together a breeze and just as simple to take apart for smooth travel. The paddle shaft also has stamped measurements using an essential easy clip cam lock. The standard grip adjusts in your hand, but it floats should it get away from you.

If a challenging paddle is what you are looking for, this Woo-Wave Carbon Fiber SUP Paddle is ideal. Constructed with solid carbon fiber, these paddles are made to last. This is popular with paddleboarding rental companies due to its durability in the shaft. Thus, the nylon blade protects your paddleboard from getting dinged and will last a long time.

Its size is also ideal for any level of paddler as it gives ample force to displace the water without twisting. These paddleboards also come with a lifetime quality warranty.

SUP Carbon Elite Paddle

It is rated as one of the finest standup paddles on the market. It is simple to see why. This carbon fiber paddle is light and incredibly durable, constructed from the finest material. The shaft is assembled with a three-piece and weighs only 25 ounces! That is roughly the weight of three decks of cards.

This adjustable paddle is made to suit several different riders. The shaft can extend from 71 inches to 87 inches simply with adjustable cranks. This provides maximum usage while not sacrificing the weight and maneuverability of the paddles.

It is not just for your SUP; it can be converted to a kayak paddle by attaching a 2nd blade to the end. The blade is a bit 85 square inches to provide max water displacement and a ten-degree offset to simplify paddling for the rider. The buckle and clip system also makes it simple to disassemble so you can take it anywhere there is water.

The added rid down the middle of the blade is there to avert it from twisting in the water. With its sleek design and styling, this paddle was made for an experienced and stylish board rider and will include more fun to an already fun activity.

Paddles For Paddle Boarding: The Buying Guide

Choosing the right SUP paddle is essential if you want the best from paddleboarding. There is an enormous difference between quality paddles and poor-quality paddles.

Pedalboards can do more than just paddle. Plenty of paddle-boarding boards are great to play with without a bad paddle-boarding experience.

The most comfortable SUP paddles are light, sturdy, and efficient, so they look like extensions to your body.

The paddles are generally made from fiberglass or carbon fiber and have a vast surface.

What should you look for when buying a paddle for paddle boarding?

When picking out an ideal paddle, it can be hard to find the wrong length. How do I find a perfect size?

Another key consideration should be the materials used to manufacture and install the paddle.

Aluminum alloys are functionally affordable but are less durable than fiberglass or carbon fibers.

Fiberglass has lighter strength but less strength than cellulose. Finally, carbon fibers are the most delicate, stiffest, and most expensive. Ensure the proper blades meet your requirements.

BPS 2pc 100% Full Carbon Fiber Adjustable SUP Paddle - Easy to Adjust, for Kids and Adults - Comes with Travel Bag (Snorkel Blue Accent)

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as of April 21, 2024 1:25 pm

BPS Two Piece Carbon Fiber Shaft SUP Paddle - Durable Easy to Adjust for Paddlers - Lightweight Simple Assemble SUP Paddleboarding with Bag (Snorkel Blue Accent)

 out of stock
as of April 21, 2024 1:25 pm
good carbon fiber paddle blade
What To Look For When Buying A Paddle For Paddle Boarding

You must consider many things while choosing the best SUP paddle for your memorable paddling experience! Here are the factors you need to consider while buying paddles.

Length Of The Paddle

When searching for the best SUP paddle, getting the correct length is essential, as a SUP paddle with an incorrect size will be challenging.

Take your height and add about 20-30cm (8-12 inches) to get the proper length.

Material Of The Paddle

Another key feature you need to consider is the paddle’s material. For instance, an aluminum paddle is affordable and functional but not as solid or lightweight as carbon fiber and fiberglass.

Fiberglass is stiff and lightweight but not like carbon fiber paddles.

Lastly, carbon fiber paddles are the stiffest and lightest material but are similarly the most expensive. These are the ones considered to be the best paddles for SUP surfing.

Right Blade

It’s essential to pick the right paddle blade for your requirements. A large paddle blade is more controlling as it shifts more water, but a small one is more effective as it’s easier to get over the water.

Blade Offset

The paddle blade’s offset means the degree of the edge in which the paddle blade is beyond the line with the channel and is reliant on the kind of action the paddle blade will be intended for.

A paddle blade for SUP paddling should have a blade offset of around 7 degrees.

However, the blade offset should be about 10 degrees for general-purpose boarding.

SUP Paddle Length

The paddle should be of the right length. A paddle that is too long will prove difficult, and it is also too short. How do you choose the best paddle for leisure travel?

SUP Surfers often select one paddle, slightly longer than the tour distance, while the racer usually takes longer.

Best Paddles for Paddle Boarding in 2023

The best paddleboarders come from the top paddleboard brands. This paddle is modern and will get the boat moving quickly.

We have the best aluminum alloy and carbon fiber paddles. Find the best 10 lists below.

Adjustable-Length vs. Fixed-Length Paddles

Adjustable-length paddles are known for their versatility. It lets you experiment and determine how long you can fine-tune your length for surfing, touring, and racing

. A great advantage for paddlers is sharing their paddles with more petite or tall friends. Some manufacturers offer similar paddles in different adjustment ranges, so choose the one that best suits you.

Fixed-length paddlers: Some people prefer non-adjustable, fixed-length paddlers due to their weight, stiffness, and non-adjusting mechanisms.

Several paddles are designed with a fixed-length cut to give you the precise length you require.

Werner Trance 95 Performance

Performance 8.0 Weight 0.0 Easy Adjustment 0.0 Lock Mechanism 0.0 Esther 8.0 Reason for Purchasing lightweight Simple Adjustment High-Performance Reason /

This paddle has been designed with great care, and every detail is intended using user-friendly materials.

It is the lightest paddle in our tests, with carbon fiber shafts, and this model is cut across the water. It makes adjusting your score easy with a simple paddle control system.

SUP Paddle Materials

The average person has to do thousands of strokes in two hours of Paddling. Lifting a long paddle often will quickly exhaust you. Most experienced paddlers will choose a lighter paddle if it lasts longer.

The weight of a SUP is largely determined by the material used for making this boat, which determines its rigidity.

A stiff paddle helps increase your stroke efficiency.

When considering materials, consider this point: This is a standard shaft or blade type: plastic: Used for the blade of a paddle for entry-level paddles, plastic is durable and economical.

BPS 2pc 100% Full Carbon Fiber Adjustable SUP Paddle - Easy to Adjust, for Kids and Adults - Comes with Travel Bag (Snorkel Blue Accent)

 out of stock
as of April 21, 2024 1:25 pm

BPS Two Piece Carbon Fiber Shaft SUP Paddle - Durable Easy to Adjust for Paddlers - Lightweight Simple Assemble SUP Paddleboarding with Bag (Snorkel Blue Accent)

 out of stock
as of April 21, 2024 1:25 pm

All the SUP Paddles We’ve tested.

Werner manufactures the finest paddleboard for kayak/paddle boarding in the world. It has a premium performance paddle designed to provide intense performance.

The hand grip is ABS with an offset of seven degrees, ensuring maximum propelling. A further feature is a slender blade whose strength is firm.

Blade Size, Shape, and Offset

The blade consists of the paddle portion, which you drop into the ocean during the paddle stroke. Its length, shape, and angle determine what it performs.

Blade Size

The exact size of the blades of paddles is impossible to find in any given situation. Over time, your body type can influence your preference for a blade type and other factors, such as weight.

However, a beginner can learn SUP by reading the following guidelines: The bigger the blade, the better. This is because bigger paddleboarders are typically strong at pulling large blades into water.

A quick way of checking blade thickness can be used with the blade surface measure available on the REI Product Page. Below is an approximate surface area recommendation based on a person’s body size.

Blade Shape

The shape of the blades affects how paddles are maneuvered and how robust their blades are. It may appear subtle, but as you gain experience, selecting suitable forms becomes easier.

Teardrop: This shape is wider at the bottom, meaning putting the blade into water immediately pushes water across the entire blade width.

Plenty of surface space results in strong strokes sometimes preferred among SUP surfers and paddlers with a slower pace and powerful strokes.

Are carbon fiber paddles worth it?

Do paddlers have life experience in the kayaking world? If so, carbon paddles would be a good option. The lighter swing weight guarantees hours of Paddling without physical effort and long durability.

Does a carbon fiber paddle make a difference?

Carbon fiber: These are the lightest, most rigid materials available, if not always the most expensive. Weight saving is worth the additional expense if you are a frequent paddler.

Its stiffness gives excellent power transmission from your muscles to the paddle.

Do carbon fiber paddles break?

Carbon fiber composite is highly elastic and can have high thermal expansion rates. Is there a reason for this?

Like fiberglass, plastic has no expansion in temperature or is less flexible than fiberglass. It also means your paddles will have minimal cracks, whereas fiberglass ones could.

Abahub 3-Piece Carbon SUP Paddles, Lightweight Stand-up Paddle Oars for Paddleboard, Adjustable Carbon Fiber Shaft 68" - 84", Black Plastic Blade + Paddle Bag

$69.99  in stock
as of April 21, 2024 1:25 pm

What are the best SUP paddles?

The seven most important Paddling Boards of 2023.

Overall, Werner session fiberglass.

Ergonomics: abahub carbon fiber.

Exceptionally durable – Isle Carbon hybrid.

Excellent Power: Thurso Surf Carbon Fibers. Excellent handling of abalone cellulose.

Lightweight: Water-boored Malta fiberglass.

Overall: Werner fiberglass session.

Ergonomics. Abhahu carbon fibres.

Excellent durable Isle Carbon Hybrid.

Incredible power: Thurston Surf Carbon Fiber.

Good handling: Crazy balloon Carbon fiber.

Lightweight: Aquabound Malta fiberglass.

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What is the best material for a SUP?

Flexible PVC is utilized for iSUPs (inflatable paddleboards) to be constructed. Plasticizers can be added to make PVC firmer and softer. When plasticizers are not used, they are called unplastic polyvinyl chloride (RPVC).

Is carbon SUP paddles worth it?

The lightest SUP paddles do not weigh the same as carbon SUP. The SUP paddle has the most lightweight design, meaning no paddle fatigue and the ability to paddle longer and harder. Carbon kayaks also provide incredible strength.

Are carbon fiber paddles good?

Carbon fibers are incredibly lightweight and robust, making the perfect kayak paddle material. Carbon fiber shafts and blades are lightweight, easy to use, have good stability, and have great weight.

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What is a carbon paddle?

Carbon fiber paddles can be considered “high-performance paddles.” Carbon fiber is lightweight, extremely strong, and ideal for kayak paddles.

Do carbon fiber paddles float?

And the paddleboards must be on the go. Even with no visible light, the foam in the paddle gives buoyancy. If you lose control of the paddle, it will not sink to the ocean surface and may not be recoverable.

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Do carbon SUP paddles float?

Yeah, paddleboards can move. Even though you cannot see foam on a paddle, it gives buoyancy. If your paddle is lost or damaged by slipping, it will not fall into the water and probably cannot recover.

Abahub 3-Piece Carbon SUP Paddles, Lightweight Stand-up Paddle Oars for Paddleboard, Adjustable Carbon Fiber Shaft 68" - 84", Black Plastic Blade + Paddle Bag

$69.99  in stock
as of April 21, 2024 1:25 pm

Are adjustable paddles good?

Adjustable long paddles are popular because of their flexibility. They fixed long paddlers. This lets you experiment with the times you need for surfing, tour, or race.

How do you adjust SUP paddle length?

Lift one arm in a pulling motion. Your hands should stand parallel, and the blade on your paddle should contact the floor. Place the floating paddle at the highest point on your head.

Last updated on April 21, 2024 1:25 pm

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Why Does Paddle Blade Size Matter?

fiberglass paddle board paddle length
Why Does Paddle Blade Size Matter?

Blade size, angle, and shape can differ, which means a lot. Generally, a medium-sized paddle blade, like a 90 sq. in. to 95 sq. in. paddle blade, will be suitable for the broadest range of paddleboarders.

On the other hand, a smaller paddle blade, like the 86 sq. in. size, will be suitable for a paddleboarder with a smaller height.

Let’s glimpse the paddle blade sizes below to select the correct paddle blade for your weight.

90 Square Inches Large Blade

Perfect for paddleboarders who weigh more than 190 lbs. This blade comes with a 28.5 mm shaft and weighs around 22 oz.

88 Square Inches Medium Blade

Perfect for paddleboarders who weigh between 140 lbs to 190 lbs. It is medium-range, has a 28.5 mm shaft, and weighs around 21 oz.

86 Square Inches Small Blade

Perfect paddleboarders who weigh 145 lbs and below. This is the lightest choice, weighing just 20.5 oz. It has a smaller 26 mm shaft, which is similar to the correct length for people with smaller hands.

Carbon Fiber Kayak Paddle – BEST MarineStand-Ups

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